The RESULT of Attack on Titan Popularity Vote, Vol 2!


Who Else Was Ranked in the TOP 3 along with Levi and Eren?! Here comes the RESULT of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Popularity Vote, Vol 2!






FINALLY!!! The time has come when we announce the RESULT of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Popularity Vote, Vol 2!

Thank you all for so many passionate comments as well!!The number of the votes which we received was the SECOND MOST one in Otaku Republic’s voting history! Plus the top three were split by a slim margin!Are you guys ready for the result? Number 1 went to that character who beautifully achieved the revenge this time!



●Comments from Voters●


・Because he's Levi....

・Of course, I was going to choose Levi ! My favorite because he is charismatic, strong and I like the seiyuu.

・He is cold but he is warm too

・He's nicer than his looks.

・Levi is a great man!!!

・I just really love anyone that Kamiya Hiroshi voices

・Because he's hot


・Cuz Levi is da bomb

・Karna tampan :v

・His fine ass personality

・He is daddy

・" He's the guy that makes people believe he's rude and stuff when he really does cause about all of them. (Even Eren!) ❤

・He's hot, daddy and powerful !!

・Because he is a brave soul that has gone through so much and deserves more appreciation, also he is hot

・Cause he lit asf man

・I chose him because of many reasons, which I can type, and cry but who cares. The reason why I chose him is because, I love him, I ship him with jaeger and Mr. Clean (lol), and cause I feel bad for him. Why? I mean he has lost many loved ones. Especially in the manga 😩👌. Partially, the anime only shows his squad but, the manga is sadder.


・Tragic backstory but still an overall strong character with lots of hidden dimensions

・He's awesome

・He is awesome

・He's a strong-willed soldier that had struggled through a lot of miseries. He looks as if he doesn't give two shit about others but in reality, he cares deeply of his fellow comrades and it pains him to see others suffer. I salute those qualities in him.


・Straight forward attitude

・I loved his character and his back story killed me a little

・His straight to the point attitude gets things done and even though he hardly shows it, he cares for everyone of his comrades. He will forever be my favorite character because the way he looks, talks, and overall just  intrigues the viewer.

・shit idek i was gone from the moment i saw him

・Because he's a badass.

・Levi Ackerman兵長's past is as sad as it is beautiful. He is one of the grandious heroes even though he isn't the hero-like type. This makes him in my opinion even more sympathic. On top his obsession for cleaning came out as an unexpected part of his mostly calm and expressionless personality and even though I sometimes don't get what he's thinking I can somehow sympathize with him. Honestly said the OVA of his past made me cry (T - T) I think he has a good personality and a caring heart but pretends to be the opposite and tries so hard to be an asshole sometimes what makes him kind of cute in his own way. There are so many more reasons why I think he reserves the first place but that's just my opinion. The series has so many great characters so maybe Levi兵長 isn't the only one who deserves a first place. (^_^) For my part it's a close race between Levi兵長 and Hange Zoë団長 (because of her weird and great personality) but my heart tends to Levi兵長. ( ^ω^ )Overall I think he is one of the best developed manga/anime characters I know so far. Hoch lebe Levi兵長! \(^o^)/

・He has been my favorite since I started to read the manga.

・Top cutie

・His character is mysterious, intelligent, and very intriguing. I enjoy his personality, and his little quirks. And not to mention his backstory in ACWNR is great.

・He's awesome, badass and smart

・Levi is a unique character, his personality is different then the others he is also a strong fighter and should totally win.

・Because he is badass


・Because He's Hot

・My baby

・Because Levi is an awesome fighter who has no fear~

・Levi has been my favourite character since the first time I watched Shingeki no Kyojin. In fact, he's not just my favourite from Shingeki, but also my favourite ever! I love the way he faces tough decisions with a clear head, and also love how safe you feel when he turns up. And of course, he has a very strong heart too, which you can see from how he treats his comrades. Levi is incredibly dear to me, I hope he wins!

・I think he's cool.👌

・Keeps cool and has great moves

・Voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya and just a really well done dynamic character in general, he can be funny and serious at all the right moments

・He is class, handsome

・Levi is a very strong and handsome man that's here to fight off any threats that will so any harm to humanity. He's also my favorite character, and the beat of all the characters out there (my opinion). He's just really amazing in all his ways. I love him. *-*

・He's a total badass when it comes to killing Titans and cleaning.

・He's the cutest and most reliable guy. I liked Erwin too, but Levi wins because Erwin is a bit... 🐥

・top cool ^^

・Levi is the type of man ladies sought for in a boyfriend or husband: a handsome, brutish badass with class.

・He knows how to stay rational even when his personal feelings interfere with the objective.



●Comments from Voters●


・Symbolic character

・He's emotional

・I like Eren's personality. He's strong-willed and willing to face the impossible to achieve his goals.

・Eren is the absolute best!!! I relate to him so much and love him and I just want him to be happy

・With his power to turn into a Titan he can help save humanity plus Eren and Levi are perfect for each other #Ereri

・He's my son

・People often find Eren selfish and poorly developed, but i think Eren's selfishness makes him the most real feeling character in the series and it psycially pains me to see others hate him.

・He's an underapreaciated charectar with a lot of important conflicts relating to the plot while suffering to be seen as anything but a monster. He's humanity's savaiour and while he's not a lot without his friends and has a lot of doubt in his humanity he is strong willed and I could never ask for a better main charectar

・The anger


・He's the most beautiful and amazing boy in the world. His personality is sweet, determined, and just caring. He doesn't have strength like other characters, he's just human, and that makes him special and beautiful.  He deserves appreciation and love. He deserves happiness.

・Unlike many of the other characters, Eren isn't naturally gifted with many abilities. He's not incredibly strong like Mikasa or Levi. He's not smart like Armin. But, in spite of all of that, he prevails because he's determined and strong willed.

・DO I REALLY NEED TO EXPLAIN? Eren is honestly the most amazing character in Attack on titan. He's real, brave, beautiful, courageous, brilliant, awesome, cute, PASSIONATE. I love him with all my heart hes the fucking best he works so hard and fights for all his friends and cares so deeply for all of them. HE DESERVES FIRST PLACE AND HAPPINESS.

・He is my little bean

・He's determined and strong

・I love him with all my heart, he's precious

・he is amazing and has lots of motivation.... soldier material lol and he's attractive so that's a plus. I could go on and on but that's all I am going to write..

・Smexy green eyes and fluffy hair

・Because Eren isn't appreciated enough idk why coz he's such a lil green bean I love him so much

・Because he's cute af

・He is Badass and has the best eyes

・Because Eren is strong, badass, impulsive, beautiful, cute, intelligent(sometimes). I love Eren!

・He describes me so much. And he's such a precious little hot tempered brat.

Does it need a reason? Really?

・Because I love him. Eren has gone through so many arcs and development to his character, and has helped so many people while putting himself at risk that he deserves to have some of it recognized. He's so much more than some angry German kid people portray him as.

・He is strong in his own way, he may seem stubborn but he's just trying to get strong to avenge his mother.

・I like Eren because he's voiced by Yuki Kaji.

・I chose Eren, because he is a strong beautiful character that deserves to win the popularity poll because he's the protagonist of the series.

・Eren needs to be more appreciated other than the fact that he's angry "all the time" and that he's been through a lot.

・He gives the hot to Levi

・Eren makes me N U T

・He's a very complex character full of emotions and his story its just to sad I only want him to be happy with all of his friends; and for some reason I kinda identify with him.



●Comments from Voters●


・he's smart and loyal

・I love my son! Armin is so smart and brave! I'm gonna take him to see the ocean!

・He is such a sweet boy????? He tries so hard and is so smart????? He's doing his best!!!! He's so cute and sweet and precious I want him to achieve his dreams (^ω^)

・You can't forget that Erwin basically sacrificed himself for him, because he saw his potential. Plus he's a cinnamon rolls who needs to be protected at all costs!

・It would take forever to explain why but he is so smart brave and well developed! I smile every time I think about him

・I chose Armin due to how much he has grown as a character throughout the series. In the beginning, he was just the crying, little baby that everyone basically hated. However, Armin eventually toughened up and became an essential asset to the Survey Corps. This is apparent in the recent events of the manga.

・He needs more appreciation

・He is amazing and I love him

・I chose Armin because I feel like he's one of the most relatable and most well developed characters in the whole series. Seeing his character develop from this insecure boy who didn't believe in himself and felt like he was a burden on others to seeing him embrace how he can be a major asset to everyone with his brilliant ideas and become much more confident in himself just warmed my heart as I read the manga. I would give specific examples, but I don't want to spoil anything for the anime-only fans. Plus the fact he's an absolute cutie and such a precious boy makes him my favorite character since the start!


・lovable, intelligent, cute, too pure for that world.


and more!!


●Comments from Voters●


・she is strong and powerful! i want to be like mikasa one day ^^

・She is cool and reliable

・She's strong and capable and generally does what needs to be done.  I appreciate consistently capable female characters.  Also, she's stoic in the face of danger and disaster, but truly cares about Eren and some others.  I like characters who seem to be a bit cold but are kind and caring underneath.

・She is such a loyal, kind and strong character. Her love for Eren and her friends knows no bounds!

・She is a strong female character and she fights to protect her friends.

・Scarf charm-point d(・ω<)☆スカ~フだよぅ!

・she's my favorite character

・Shes so cool! Strong and powerful. I want to be like her when I grow up

・Mikasa is the only other character besides Levi who is very OP, she also wears a trade mark that is a scarf which is great in my book.


and more!!


●Comments from Voters●


・Hanji is the only person that's crazier than me.

・I relate to them so much and they're so funny, comical, smart and underloved. Need more love for Hanji ・

・Her personality and she's crazy, makes me laugh

・Because hanji is crazy af and she's so adorable and I love my crazy girl!


・She's really cool, the way she gets excited about learning more about the titans. It's good that there's someone in the shows who's so passionate about learning about them to make sure the research isn't being neglected.

・Strong, kicks ass and is now the only one important close to Levi left "spoiler" Levi who is my favorite character too.

・Hanji is underestimated a lot because they can sometimes be a comic relief character, but I love their strong, ruthless side! They haven't survived this long in the Survey Corps for nothing! Also Hanji's messy appearance is endearing. ♥

・I love Hanji because of her personality, she's just hilarious about how she's so obsessed with the titans! But, I think she's definitely one of the best characters in the series, along with others. ^ ^


and more!!


●Comments from Voters●


・Potato Queen!

・This it what I named my dog after she's so relatable to me like


・i like potatoes

・"Because she loves food and I love food and she never gets fat no matter how much food she eats and she is just so dorky and adorable"

・B Cuz she likes food !!!🍗🍖 And I like food too !! 😚


and more!!


●Comments from Voters●


・her titan is f●●king badassss

・She's just the funny savage lesbian ( • ̀ω•́ )✧ I love her and her freckles

・She is a cool and strong character. I enjoy watching her relation with Christa.


and more!!


●Comments from Voters●


・Because Erwin Smith is freaking bae and has sacrificed his own humanity in hopes of leading others to victory, and to honor those who have died under his command, or to assist him.

・Hes the bravest character in the entire series. He always knows the answer and protects everyone he cares about.Erwin has the best plans and knows how to solve conflicts. Even after his death it feels like he is still there to guide the others. He deserves more attention and he didn't deserve to die. Because of that, I think he is the best character in the entire series, also he is the bravest and has the best personality. I love him so much I could write over 1 million pages about him.

・He is an amazing person, very passionate in what he does and wants


and more!!


●Comments from Voters●


・I like his developement.



and more!!


●Comments from Voters●


・Double agents are so cool. Bertolt is so conflicted about his mission and relationship with the cadets. I love him!!!

・He is a sinammon roll


and more!!






●Comments from Voters●


・she bad asf

・she's a badass tbh

・she's a badass


and more!!


●Comments from Voters●


・She/he's funny, yet helpful at the same time. I admire her courage.



and more!!


12th place Titan



and more!!


●~After Counting the Votes~ Some Comments from Boss and Saori●



Boss(  'ω')  “I feel your maliciousness about choosing pictures of some characters.”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “I know, right~? I unexpectedly had a difficulty finding the best smiley faces’ pictures when it comes to characters in Shingeki no kyojin.”


Boss(  'ω')  “It couldn’t be helped, huh...? So the top 3 ended up being split by just a couple margins, huh?”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Yep. Thinking back the result of the last popularity vote, Armin tried so hard, don’t you think?”



★Attack on Titan character popularity ranking★



Boss(  'ω')  “Yeah! I wonder how she’s gonna act in anime... Don’t forget to watch Season 2, which has currently been aired every week!”



Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Where was your favorite character ranked in?! Alright now! We’ll see you at the next Popularity Vote!”



Bye for now~!!!!


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