Who will be in the brilliant center? Result of Love Live Vote!


Who will be in the brilliant center?  Result of Love Live Character Ranking!



★Commemoration for opening the questionnaire! Love Live!Champaign★

To commemorate the opening the questionnaire,

we’ll give a present to people who buy items of Love Live! by July 31

You’ll never see what you get until you get the item ,so look forward to it(^艸^)!



(・∀・) “Hello everyone!  It’s about time finally!  It’s Saori from Otaku Republic!”



(  'ω') “Hello everyone.  It’s about time finally.  I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss!”



(*`д´)σ=σ “Time for what?  Of course it’s this!  It’s time to announce the result of Love Live Character Popularity Vote, Vol.1!”





(  'ω') “That’s enough for the introduction!  Just start it!!  Come on!  Come on!  Come on!”



(・∀・) “Alright, let me begin then!  【Love Live! Character Popularity Vote, Commemorating the movie release, Vol.1】 A glorious first place goes to...!





Toujou Nozomi-Chan!

Congratulations!  Spiritual power!!!!!!



★The comments that she got from her fans★

・I like how she takes care of the group, especially Eri. She tries her best to make sure no one is left out and always thinks a way to help everyone. I think that makes her an inspiring character!
・She's beautiful, I love her calm and charming personality
・She is so so pretty and lovely, also i think she is the most intelligent in u's, i simply love her
・Porque Nozomi es Hermosa
・She is cute funny and I loved her voice and ocurrens 
・She`s the mother of muse and i like so much her personality plus washi washi
・The best singer
・Excuse me how do you not love Nozomi? She is literally the cutest thing have you heard her voice oh god im gay for her.
・She's just perfect!
・She's so cute.
・Her beautiful looks and spiritual power guide me!
・she literally has the same body type as me :3
・i like her interest in fortune telling and she's cute her card designs are always ace
・She reminds me so much of myself!!! Washi Washi !!
・Nozomi's cute voice puts me at ease. She is the mother of μ's and the glue that holds them together. Every time I see her fuwafuwa twin tails I get excited. I did not think i would like love love!, but after  watching it I fell in love with μ's, especially Nozomi. She reminds me of myself in a lot of ways and gives me strength to push forward and find happiness like she did. I hope to see μ's keep going and Nozomi and the others keep having fun together and making songs for all of us to enjoy. I also wish her and Eri happiness and many years together! Maybe they can finally get married and live in Shibuya together now that that sort of thing is legal there. Ericchi please treat Nozomi good!! 
・Best girl


(●´∀`)σ  “By the way, she has also brilliantly awarded the 1st place on the vote called <Who’s the girl who you want to go on a trip with? >, which was conducted all over the world

(The voting result was reflected by a card with a result of ‘I want to go on a trip with Toujou Nozomi-Chan!’)





(  'ω') “She was in the 1st place in the world already even before we conducted the Popularity Vote in Otaku Republic, huh.... (I have this card though, by the way.)”



(o'ω`σ)σ “Actually, she wasn’t getting that many votes at the beginning but as time went on, she gradually started getting the votes, ending up climbing to the top in the end!  (I have this card too.)”



(・∀・) “Yeah... I’ve come to like her since episode 8 of Season 2...”



“I’ve finally come here.”




(゜▽゜*) “She looked so happy at that time, didn’t she?  Personally, I had the image of her, smiling mischievously or maliciously.  That’s why when I saw her smiling that happily, my heart was beating a little fast. ❤”



(  'ω') “Yep, this was the moment when her goal, which she couldn’t achieve in
Season 1, was about to achieve.  The episode 8 in Season 2 was the great story which showed us clearly how much she loves the team μ's more than anybody else.”






(・∀・) “I bet there’s nobody who hasn’t come to like her even more by this story.  Especially... (I’m not going to expose the content but...) the scene where she talked to Eri-Chan for the first time...  I guess this scene is when the character ‘Toujou Nozomi’ started.”



(  'ω') “Yeah... and there was not a story about her past or herself in Season 1, since she joined the team only at the end of the Season.  I like this episode of course but my favorite one is...”



“That’s for sure... you never know in what kind of thought that I had when I named this (μ's)...”





(;つД`) “Yeah, this scene!  I almost cried too.  Aww... I feel pain even when I’m just remembering this scene...  This really hurts our hearts, doesn’t it?”



(  'ω') “Yeah... we can never see this scene without crying, right?  I was so moved that I went to this beach (It’s close from our office).”













ΣΣ(゚Д゚;) “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!”



(  'ω') “Yep, it was quite a nice trip.... I got moved even more, thinking that Nozomi-Chan actually cried on this beach, you know?  There were some other people who have watched LoveLive too and I saw them glancing over the sunset setting to the sea.”



ヽ(`д´;)/ “Mmmm....!  Anyways!  Non-Tan, who is a leader, a kind mother, and devoting her love to μ's more than anybody else, brilliantly got 1st place!  Congratulations!”





(`・v´・ )ノ “Now, let’s keep on going!  The girl who missed 1st place in such a close number votes but fought fair and got 2nd place is....  Let me announce it!  Her name is....”



(  'ω') “Nishikino Maki-Chan!!!!!!!!!  Congratulations!!!!!!!!”




★The comments that she got from her fans★

・Nani sore? Imi wakannai!

・cus maki is maki.
・I adore this character because I love the way she has a hard exterior but on the inside she`s really soft and kind also she's really cute when embarrassed ^_^
・I love tsunderes, I wanted to choose Pana too cause them 2 are my favourites but I choose Maki 
・Because she's perfect, she's smart, tsundere, cute, she knows how to play piano, her voice is awesome, I think she is the most complete character <3
・Is my waifu.
・Because is best girl
・Por que si e.e
・Tsundere :3 Shes just ultra cute and does play piano... What is more needed?
・Because she write the letters of someons songs and because is innocence and is rich and i am poor 
・Because i love her since many time , i have 5k pictures about her :D
・Is the BEST!!!
・Maki is has one of the strongest singing voices and her compositions are amazing
・Cause Maki is best girl
・She is so cute!! <3
・She's the prettiest and plays piano!
・Cute! And because Boss wants her to win. :3
・Her voice and design
・Super cute looking and personality wise
・She's just the best!
・She is diligent and does things to the best of her abilities!
・becauseshe's amazing after all it's maki-chan :)


o(`ω´*)o “Please do not show your favoritism in such an extremely explicit way, Boss!”



(  'ω') “Can’t be helped.  Because I love her.”



(。-`ω-) “Okay... then I accept it.  Let me ask you about something then.  Which is your favorite scene, Maki-Chan lover Boss?”



(  'ω') “Hmmm... it’s hard.  Maki-Chan is always cute, no matter what kind of expression she has, you know?  I love everything about Maki-Chan.”








(゜∇ ゜) “Such a deep love...”



(  'ω') “But if I still have to pick one, I would say it’s the scene where she and Honoka-Chan communicated with each other until the ‘START-DASH’ was completed as a song at the beginning of Season 1, I guess..”









(゜∇ ゜) “Maki-Chan wasn’t somehow honest from the beginning, right?”



(  'ω') “Nope, she was such a kind and honest girl.  She just couldn’t find the true friend that she should show her kindness.”




(  'ω') “I like Maki-chan so much in Season 2, but I like her in Season 1 so much too.  When she became honest and was able to tell someone about it, I feel so glad and heartwarming.”




“Hey, call me by my name on the way to take your glasses off.”





(●>艸<) “I bet there are so many Maki-chan lovers, who can’t be honest, in the world too!  Congratulations again, Maki-chan!!”



(  'ω') “Congratulations!!!!!”





(・∀・) “Okay now!  Let me announce the girl who’s got 3rd place!”



(  'ω') “I came to like her from Season 2!  She was such a good 12th grader (3rd year of high school in Japan) both in a good way and a bad way!”



☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆ “Now, let me announce it!  Splendid 3rd place goes to!  Even though she couldn’t get to the center of the group, her existence is No.1 in the universe!”



Nikko Nikko Ni~~!




(  'ω') “Yazawa Niko-Chan!”



★The comments that she got from her fans★

・Por que a pesar de todo lo que le paso siguio adelante... Es muy buena hermana, es buena amiga, amo su personalidad y es hermosa
・nico is love nico is life
・No Nico no Life
・Nico Is Nico,
・Because nico is nico
・She's adorable!
・she's unique!! she's definitely not what you expect when you first see her.
・Nico is the most dedicated when it comes to idol lifestyle and is a gem.
・Nico Nico Nii~
・Nico deserves better
・She is loli twinails
・Nico nico ni!



ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙ “Actually, Niko-Chan and the one who got 4th place were so close in the numbers of the vote, but she made it for 3rd place with one vote right before the voting was over!”





(  'ω') “That’s Niko-Chan I know...  She is the one who can get the good result in such an actual event.”



(・ω・) “She is such a wonderful character, which can make the story more interesting, being in charge of joking part, relaxing other people or even bringing some trouble...”





(  'ω') “Yeah... but she had the strongest special feeling to the ‘idol’ in any other members of the team.  That’s why she has experienced hard and sad things in her past, more than anybody else too.”





(  'ω') “But she never gave up.  Such a strong feeling is what I think is very wonderful part about her.”





“I’ll be one of the idols with all my friends here.  My dream is shining like a star as μ's which is No.1 unit in the universe.”





(・∀・) “She looks happy, doesn’t she?!”



(  'ω') “Of course she does.  She finally found the best friends who understand her (their) dreams and go on toward the future together.  It’s such a happy and wonderful thing, just like Maki-chan thinks too.”




O(≧∇≦)O “Niko-chan!!  Congratulations again on 3rd place!!!  Stay our Niko-chan, who has a wonderful smile!  Personally, I love the にこぷり 女子道, even though its full combo is hard!”





(  'ω') “Okay now, (since the number of the words are getting full) I’ll announce from 4th to 9th place at the same time!!!”



4th place Hoshizora Rin




★The comments that she got from her fans★

・I relate to her a lot. She feels like she's too sporty and boyish to properly enjoy feminine things, and she doesn't think she can be in the spotlight in the idol world because she isn't cute. But she doesn't realize her own appeal just as Hanayo didn't realize it until Rin and Maki helped her: it took Hanayo's determination to get Rin to realize she could still be a cute girl, and Love Wing Bell made me cry. Also her voice is the most appealing to me. I love her so much.
・Because it's similar to Saori !!
・Her open-minded attitude and kindness for everyone is lovely.
・Cause, Rin looks like a neko ~~
・Is Rin and is my waifu <3
・I chose her because I think she is the cutest of all the members in muse, she is funny and full of energy is a shame that almost nobody likes her and think that she isn't important
・she is my favorite, is so pretty, I don't know how the people don't like,she is perfect, she have a wonderful voice, she have a personality cute, have a design cute, i love the she color hair have, i love all she have, I really love.
I Know my commentary doesn't is partial, sorry :P
・its so cute
・She super cute and I just love that cheerful personality of her
・have you seen her
・"Why do I like ramen? Because it's hot, and it makes me happy... Just like you!"
・I love cat like girls
・She's easily the cutest, and I love her boyish nature!
・Because she's Nya-ntastic!
・Rin-chan is the cutest and sporty type <3 <3 <3


5th place Koizumi Hanayo




★The comments that she got from her fans★

・She is so kind and adorable. I love when she gets excited and her voice squeaks. 
・Although she's not very well written, she's a chubby character and very cute. I like that she actually loves idols before joining the group. 
・I'd grow an entire rice field just for her
・Kayo-chiiiiiin <33
・Because i love hanayo <333333333
・por que ue la que siempre apoyo a u's desde el inicio y por que es muy tierna 
・Because is my favourite, is so cute and shy, and her voice is so kawaii*w*
・She needs more love, she deserves it
・she is a beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure (literally too pure)
・Even though she's shy and insecure,  she always tries her best! I'm a shy person too, and I learnt from her to not give up even if I think I can't do something.
・I feel identified with her.She grows a lot and is the most kind and friendly.She's a pure soul www.She's that friend everyone wants to have.Also,her eyes and voice are very cute!
・Hanayo is adorable, amazing, cute, perfect, wonderful, irreplaceable, awesome, pretty, stylish, and loveable!!!!!!  I want to feed her lots of rice!!!!!!!!!!
・She's cute and inspiring
・She is rice God. I will sacrifice my life for her.
・I cosplay her and Shes so cute and loves rice and is wonderful!!! 
・Hanayo is waifu. She's adorable, sweet, and supportive. She also loves rice and is an idol expert. 


6th place Minami Kotori




★The comments that she got from her fans★

・Kotori is by far the cutest and although I like Maki and Umi and Nico's funny Kotori is by far the best and the cutest like she makes all there costumes and has such a cute voice how is she not amazing 
・She's an angel.
・She's adorable, sweet and has the best voice
・'cause Kotori is my waifu, the most cute, sweet and funny character, I just vote for one girl so... sorry Nozomi (my second best girl) 
・Kotori is so sweet and kind, the type of girl that is always smiling and makes me smile too :)
・pure cinnamon roll
・She's so cute!!! She's so cute. Oh my god. 
・Cute :3
・Just look at her. She's darling, determined, and has a great fashion sense.


7th place Kousaka Honoka




★The comments that she got from her fans★

・She has so much passion for the project and u's, nothing seems to hold her down. Without her, u's would never have happened She's the glue that holds the group together


8th place Sonoda Umi





★The comments that she got from her fans★

・Love this character when the first see!!!
・because, she is my waifu :3
・She's so cool
・"I really like Sonoda-san's voice! Aside from that, I think she's really pretty and cute. She's quiet but very calm and confident(but not as shy as Minami-san). I think she's the right balance overall. Also, I really love some of her costumes! Very pretty, and she tends to have costumes in colors I like (blue, purple..)Ah! I'm rambling! Uhm. I guess there are just a lot of reasons I like Umi? And a lot of reasons she's my favourite? ・^_^;)"

・She is the best.


9th place Ayase Eri




★The comments that she got from her fans★

・Best girl Eri.
・HARASHO! Dependable, smart, caring, great voice, elegant, and because she is HARASHO!!
・Because she is beautiful and intelligent I love it because it is the most mature character for me is just perfect <3
・how can you not?!
・She's a responsible person and reliable
・Cause she's our empress **
・Tbh I didn't really like her at first, but when I found out that she had a solid reasoning behind her actions, all my hatred melted away. She's really cool, dependable, but also a bit on the devilish side. GO KKE!!
・She's inspirational in every way! She's gorgeous, intelligent, and super responsible. Not to mention reliable and diligent. I love her so much. I want to marry her.


(  'ω') “Serious...?  Eri-chan...”



(・∀・) “Those girls’ (who I just showed you guys) rankings are frequently changing until the very end because of their narrow margins.”



(  'ω') “Right...  But even though Eri-Chan is ranked in the bottom of all the members, a stage of the movie is oversea (maybe), and she should be able to speak English (maybe).  Since she was in the center of the members when they were dancing in the preview (maybe), her ranking after the movie is released will be quite (maybe) different (maybe) from this one, right?








Σd(゜∀゜d) “Yep, it could be!  Her image is quite different if she lets her hair down, don’t you think?”



((((  'ω')))) “Awww....  Now, I really feel like watching the Love Live’s movie, as we’ve been talking about it too much....  Through the movie, the Love Live will have a pause....  I feel so sad but I gotta go watch it!”



ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙ “Okay now, this is all for the popularity vote!  Non-Tan who brilliantly awarded 1st place!!  Congratulations again!”





(  'ω') “Maybe we can tell you guys that we’ve watched the movie pretty soon?”



(。≧ω≦。)ノ “Thank you to all of you who voted and gave comments!  We really appreciate your help!”



(  'ω') “Well, we’ll see you at next popularity vote!”




:*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ(・∀・)人(・∀・)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:




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