Jean Kirschtein

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Jean Kirschtein is a man character of Eren's rival.

He graduated training school with an excellent record, the 6th record in the 104th graduating class. But he did not volunteered for warrior like Eren who volunteered to beat Titan. He volunteered to live in safety place, far away from Titan.

So that he often conflicted with Eren because of different opinion.

Actually, he has fallen in love with Mikasa so that he has held complex emotion against Eren, because Eren has been a special man for Mikasa.

So at first time, I felt, as my own impression, that he was a man of bad character.

But he will change his opinion by a case.

He could not become hero like Levi, but he taught us the meaning of "The terror to fight with Titan" and "Dead is always nearby us". Is a comic, he disappeared from that case for a while, but I found him alive in the last story!

Author loves him, so that I think he will play so excellent from now! I want to see his changed character as soon as possible.

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