Yuri!!! on Ice Popularity Vote!! Who’s gonna get the second Gold Medal?!


Yuri!!! on Ice Popularity Vote!! Who’s gonna get the second Gold Medal?!


Boss(  'ω') “Are you guys ready?! Here we go! It’s the result of Yuri!!! on Ice Popularity Vote, Vol.1! Who’s gonna come in No.1? I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss!”





Saori((((´Д))) “Eeeeveryyyone, hello... The time has come... I wonder in what place my lovely Makkachin is... It’s Saori who just cannot get it off my mind.”


Boss(  'ω') “Relax! Well, thank you all very much for joining us for the vote this time! The number of the people who voted this time was second most in record, among all the popularity votes that we have held in Otaku Republic! We also received so many passionate comments by many of you cheering us up! Thank you so much for voting, sharing information via Twitter or Facebook as well!”


Saoriヽ(´Д`;)ノ “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! This is not good! I’d throw up being too nervous!!! Just tell me who’s got No.1 place!!! PLEASE!!! Makkachin!!!Makkachin!!!





Boss(  'ω') “Oh well!!! I’m just gonna announce it before Saori does something wrong! He’s kept the first place far ahead of everybody else from the very beginning! He’s never gone down to 2nd place even one time!”





Boss(  'ω') “It’s Katsuki Yuuri-Kun! Congratulations!!!!”


1st Place Katsuki Yuuri


●Comments by his fans●


●Yuri è dolce e carino ma ha una trasformazione incredibile che stravolge il suo personaggio ed è stata sorprendente. Amo anche Victor ma voto Yuri perché è lui ad avermi colpito di più.


●I chose Yuuri, even though I love Viktor just as much, because Yuuri suffers from anxiety and yet is able to triumph with the support and love of his family, friends, and most of all his beloved Viktor.  It takes courage to keep on trying despite anxiety, so he is an extremely brave person.  He's not perfect either, being stubborn, but I am so happy that YOI had a complex and likable character as its main protagonist!


●I feel like my personality is closest to him.


●I could relate to Katsuki Yuri from the very first episode, my family dog had recently died (she was with our family for 15 years) and I was also going through stressful times similarly to Yuri. My heart went out to Yuri from the very first episode, and my heart will always stay with Yuri now!


●Pork cutlet bowls.


●Because he is so adorable. Also I relate deeply to his insecurities and fears. I cheered with him with every success he had! 




●The character development throughout YOI is amazing! I love how stong Yuri has become after gaining confidence and realizing that there's people there for him if he needs anything.


●The reason I choose Katsuki Yuuri becuase he kinda reminds me of myself. Example, easily to gain weight. Wanting to meet our idol and etc. 

●Because it's Yuuri~! He's so nice and cuute~ (+ sexy) ;v;


●My precious Katsudon boy. Very Eros :)


●He's the chara who I can relate with most. He even bagged the living legend Victor Nikiforov LOL


●Even though i love Victor, since he's attractive, i can relate to Yuuri more emotionally. Sorry Victor but Yuuri is my precious baby! (*´∇`*)


●Yuuri is super relatable in all of his anxiety, I just want him to be happy!! ;;


●I relate to him on a personal level with problems towards anxiety and he's an overall lovable character.


●he's relatable. but i also love Victor.




●I like how he develops throughout the series. His anxiety disorder is also portrayed accurately and handled well.


●I love everyone, but Yuuri is very special to me, maybe because I think we're similar. He's cute and smart! I love him so much!


●My son <3


●Very relatable anxiety, incredibly sweet, funny, sexy, and hardworking... what's not to like?




●He can be cute and shy one moment and flirty and confident the next! There is so much depth to his character and his development and growth is so realistic and beautiful. I am in love with Yuuri!!


●I love Yuuri because he is kind and hardworking and he is also cute!!


●He is such a amazing skater that doesn't realize how cute he is and how good a skater he is. A first place here should make him realize how loved he is!


●he's relatable :(


●Yuuri's character development was amazing, especially considering he was his own protagonist and antigonist. He'd deal with anxiety and self loathing but with the confidence given to him from Viktor and his family he overcame himself and the obstacles in his way. He also helped to change so many lives while changing his own.Yuuri Katsuki is amazing.


●Mainly being that I can relate so much on how easily he gains weight(I totally feel you -___-) Also the fact how much his character develops through out the series.


●I relate to him; I love all of his flaws, and especially enjoy him overcoming them on-screen.  So he is my favorite character! (PS: Special mention for his Eros which always captures my heart~)

●he's an angel!!!!!!!!!


●He's #relatable but at the same time #goals.


●His personality is really well portrayed and realistic, I love everything about him! 


●He is mentally weak, but he really pushes himself to do better.


●Because he is the best human being, I love him, and I want him to live a very happy life with his beautiful husband Viktor. ♥ HM : Makkachin, my boy ♥


precious child


●Yuuri's anxiety is often crippling, but it's got nothing on his tenacity. When he has a goal he'll do everything he can to reach it. He dreams big, and eventually finds the confidence to realize he CAN achieve his dream, and even more. 


…and more!!



Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Wowow! I knew it!! Look at all these comments! They are all full of loves!!”



Boss(  'ω') “Yep! The 30.9% of the people out of a whole votes, voted for Yuuri. That means one out of three voted for him, huh?”





Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Why is he that popular...? We’ll see why from all these comments, huh? What they say in their comments are the same reasons as ‘why I like Yuuri’!”


Boss(  'ω') “That’s true. We’ve watched everything about Yuuri, including his strengths and weaknesses through this anime, Yuri!!! on Ice. That’s why we cried together when we saw him won the championship at the competition. That’s why we were able to feel how and why he was struggled. Even though he wasn’t the perfect character that anybody would love, he’s indeed grown to be an attractive skater by the time we had the final episode.”





Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Yuuri was such a clumsy character, which made him even more attractive especially when he showed us his achievement or improvement. He was a little bit selfish, getting mad or crying.... but that was his charming! And we really hope! He will get the gold medal in Season 2!”





Boss(  'ω') “So! The honorable first place on Yuri!!! on Ice Popularity Vote, Vol.1 went to Katsuki Yuuri!!! Congrats!! Let’s do ‘Kanpai (cheers)’ with Katsudon tonight!!!!





Boss(  'ω') “Are you guys ready? Let me continue! The one who’s got the brilliant 2nd place and the one who’s got the 3rd place kept showing us such a close battle almost every day! They haven’t even been apart with more than three votes and they had such a severe battle until the very last moment! ...Now, let me announce him! The 2nd place goes too...”





Boss(  'ω') “Yuri Plisetsky! Congratulations!!!”


2nd Place Yuri Plisetsky


●Comments by his fans●


●His character growth is amazing! He is a believable teenaged character who had to learn to grow up fast, striving to keep up with adults but still obviously is a kid. A kid that learns to let people in. 


●He is really a cute character :)


●He was my favorite character. He had really great character development.


●Cat lover :3


●Yurio is a precious kid and I'm so glad he won the gold medal! Well done, Yurio!! o(^▽^)o


●I love my son!!!


●They're just like a cute cat with attitude 


●Beautiful androgynous tsundere who identifies with all types of cats!!  What's not to love about Yuri Plisetsky?!?


●HE IS A GOOD BOI. no actually it's because he is a hard worker and also extremely beautiful. and graceful. and perfect.


●This beautiful young man is trying is best, look at him. He even remembered Yuuri's birthday... and brought him a gift >___<. He is a soldier....a man among men.


●It has class! He dances like a radiant raven. It bursts the track by its dance. In addition, even his aggressive side, actually hides a boy with a big heart. It is beautiful and really seductive ^^


●I love you!! My angel!!!!!!


●Mello... Deidara... Kadaj... And many more. When it comes to anime, I just seem to have a type 


●smol salty kitten needs some love


●I love you my angel!!!


●He was inspirational in the series. He allowed himself to become vulnerable and move forward in a positive manner.


●He's super cute! 


●"ahhhhhhhhh!!!I love you!! my angel!!"


●This was hard...I love all of the characters. But Yuri ended up being such an angry sweetheart so I had to give him my vote.


●I love how strong he is even though he's only 15. He's a fighter even though he gets annoyed real easily ahhaha


●I vote for Yuri(o) because he's the coolest who ruined Victor's and Yuri's perfect ending by wining the gold medal!!


●He is still childish in many aspects and needs to grow more, but he is very talented and hardworking despite it all. His relationship both with Victor and Yuuri is very interesting too, he goes from being a rival to their adopted son wwwwwwwww XD he acts really tough and thinks he is a punk tiger, but he is really a fluffy kitten with big claws <333 T_T


●I love his angry tantrums, but also that he grows so much during the show. 


●It's my diva XD


●"I liked him since the first time I saw him. He has a strong personality but there were some scenes where one could tell that was just a facade to protect himself of others. I also think he has a hard story behind and I'd like to know more about it in the second season (which I hope it'll be confirmed soon). In short, he is my little baby (kitten) and I love him deeply."


●Beautiful and cool ^^ With an incredible grace. The Crow of the Dance ^^ Yuri Plisetsky (Yurio) Favorites ^^


●Cinnamon Roll


…and more!!



Saori(´∀`*) “So many people who sent us comments call him ‘Angel’, huh?”





Boss(  'ω') “That’s right. Actually, he’s the youngest of all the skaters in this story. He competed fairly even with other skaters who are senior to him with his extremely high combative spirit. He’s such a lovely character with a gap between a serious look on his face when he performs on the link and a pure look that can be seen in his daily life.”


Saori(´∀`*) “I used to think of him as ‘such an impudent Russian punk!!!’ at the very beginning but... as the story went by, I mean, after I found out how he actually behaved in his daily life, I realized that ‘he was pure but so competitive’...”





Saori(´∀`*) “And he’s a cat-lover, right? That’s so cute, isn’t it?♥ Of course I loved Makkachin but if the fluffy cat that he had appeared in anime, I might have been its fan...”


Boss(  'ω') “We were not able to know the detail about his cute cat after all, huh? I wish the cat appeared regularly just like Makkachin in Season 2... I know it stays in coach’s house, so I really want to see it there soon!”





Saori(´∀`*) “Anyway! Congrats on 2nd place! Yuuri did a great job but Yurio did it until the end too! What’s terrifying is... Yuri is still 15 years old...!!! I cannot wait to see him grow from now on! We look forward to Season 2! Let’s do kanpai (cheers!) with piroshky tonight!!





Boss(  'ω') “Now! Let me announce the 3rd place... The one who’s got the 3rd place after competing so hard with Yurio is...!!”





Boss(  'ω') “Victor Nikiforov that everybody loves!!!! You’ve got the bronze medal! Congrats!!!”


3rd Place Victor Nikiforov


●Comments by his fans●


●He's a great companion and a good teacher to Yuuri. He cares about the art of Ice Skating and takes it seriously. Plus, he is funny and adorable. (A rarity for a Russian character.)

●Victor is an amazing athlete, loves his dog, has nice fashion, and loves a good meal VKUSNO!!! (´♡`). The way he looks at his lover Yuuri always makes my heart skip a beat. Also, his ass is a masterpiece, and I have seen men I know go from "He's kinda good looking" to "YOOO this man just makes me feel things I've never felt for another male, I've even had dreams about Victor!!" Making men Victorsexual on and off the ice this man is truly my favorite!


●He's bae!


●So sexy! And for his smiles.




●"The character with the most grace and charisma when performing on the ice. Although he was introduced as the 'perfect gentlemen and figure skater' in the beginning. He has faults as well, can be both forgetful and carefree. A character that i could relate to; personality, love for classics and the undying need to seek for something exhilarating. "


●He is a pure maiden


●kind, cute, cheerful, beautiful and extremely talented. I love him :D


●Because he's a living legend, a dork, in love with Yuuri, enjoys good food, loves to drink alcohol, tries to understand Yuri & his anxiety,  he's an amazing figure skater and a drama queen and he has the cutest, most adorable dog ever - Makkachin. 


●Victor is the sexiest AND the cutest ♥


●Ice daddy


●He is beautiful, he is perfection


●Incredibly endearing character that makes you laugh and smile.  Also brings a lot of heart to the show at unexpected moments.


●Very talented and eccentric character. Went all the way to the other end of the world just to coach Yuri. He tried his utmost best to help Yuri (and even Yurio) when he was at his prime. A very lovable, funny and interesting character that makes pheromones go wild


●We have the same b-day and he's fabulous. We all need someone with Vitya's personality in our lives 😊😎


●He is amazing, funny, and makes everyone smile


●viktor is unexpectedly three dimensional


●Just seeing him makes me happy, he's so kind and cheerful!


●"Victor is very mysterious at the beginning of the series. As the story progresses, both Yuri and the viewer slowly get to know him. But it's a shock nonetheless when episode 10 arrives and reveals why Victor decided to coach Yuri.At that moment, he became my favorite character.
(Well, to be honest, Junichi Suwabe's deep, elegant voice definitely played a role too.)"


●Without him there's no series ;)


●Because he's always supportive of Yuuri no matter what happens and you can watch the elegant, perfect legend who is Victor the figure skater become a dorky, adorable, flawed normal guy that is in love with Yuuri Katsuki and his way of skating. Plus he is the owner of the most adorable dog, Makkachin, in anime history.


●He is just the coolest character and love his relationship with yuri 


●To be honest, I love all the characters in the series, specially Victor and Yuuri. But I chose Victor mostly because of his personality, which has many things in common with mine. And of course, because we are both Capricorns :D 


●Even though Victor and Yuri Katsuki are both my favorite characters, It was almost impossible to figure out who I loved more. - but after some difficult thinking and brain straining inner debates, I had settled on Victor. 


…and more!!



Saori( ´∀`) “I see some in the comments from everybody but his attraction is that ‘he is both funny and mysterious’, right?”





Boss(  'ω') “Right. I didn’t know why he wanted to be a Yuuri’s coach but the reason was actually so simple. We see that reason in the comment but we’ve grown fond of him even more, the moment we found the reason, right?”





Saori(゜∇ ゜) “I liked that scene but I really liked the words that he had when he saw Yuuri off at the last episode. The biggest attraction about Victor is that he’s an innocent, free and cute adult who we can’t sometimes understand!”





Boss(  'ω') “To me~, of course I like Victor who wouldn’t skate but I really want to see him who used to reign as an absolute skater’s king. You remember the living legend that people have once yearned. If we have Season 2, I want to see Victor, who came back as a skater, if we have Season 2.”





Saori(゜∇ ゜) “I think Season 2 will be like that but... I don’t know if Yuuri or Yurio can get the medal...”


Boss(  'ω') “Don’t change the subject! Anyway, Congratulations on 3rd place! Please show us his professional skating in Season 2!





Boss(  'ω') “So now! We’ll announce the characters who’ve got the fourth place and below! Everybody did a great job for sure!”



4th Place Phichit Chulanont



●Comments by his fans●




●He's just so cute and precious! x3


●He's the most adorable character!


●I love his fun personality! 


●Cute, perfect, a good friend!!! His hair is adorable


●I just love him so much. ;-; 


●He's the cutest!!! So sweet!!! So pure!!! So positive!!! I just love him so much <3


●He's cute and lively! 


●HE'S SO ADORABLE!  I mean props to the main couple but I want more PHICHIT!



5th Place Otabek Altin



●Comments by his fans●


●He's both a dark horse (meaning he showed up last minute) and the handsome prince that rides it, lol. He also got the most important monologue saying how the characters have all grown during the series and most importantly, even when he lost he still smiled and cheered for Yuri when he got gold. He's so mature~


●I could relate Otabek's background story (for a different sport though). Also, I love the songs he skates to!


●I like the man like him and I like when he stays with Yurio.


●Silent and serious type. Of course it makes him the coolest :)


●I love it. They character have a passion and I love he. I'm sorry for no vote for J.J Boss but Otabek it's mi character prefer.



6th Place (the same numbers of voting) Minami Kenjirou



●Comments by his fans●


●His spiky two colored hair and double(fang) teeth are too cute!


●He's so cute and energetic that it brings a smile to my face.  It's hard not to love him.


●His enthusiasm for others is too charming.


●"I find him cute . "


●He's so cute~ ;)



6th Place (the same numbers of voting) Makkachin



●Comments by his(?) fans●


●Makkachin is love, Makkachin is life


●Makkachin reminds me of my own dog! I can definitely relate to how Victor treats Makkachin as family and their irreplaceable bond (^ω^)


●He's a dogo!


●Makkachin is sooo cute!~


●Because I want the dog to win 





8th Place Jean Jack Leroy (J.J)



●Comments by his fans●


●He's a thrill to watch and he had an interesting downfall and managed to right himself and hang in there. He is my son."


●He is King and Canadian!"




●Because he deserves the gold medal because he's the best skater. And he's Canadian just like me. And he cosplayed as Eric Cartman when he was a smol bean."





9th Place Christophe Giacometti



●Comments by his fans●


●Unique in personality , original character, and funny.  


●He is very open about his sexuality, and i find that brave and alluring. I love and everything he is.




●Chris is pure adult sex appeal wwwww ( *  3 *) I hope we get to know more about his past, as wen he met Victor he was described as innocent... a boy from the countryside who became an ice skating sex symbol! And what is the name of his boyfriend?? The world wants to know!!! www



10th Place Georgi Popovich



●Comments by his fans●


●he's a good and pure boy i just want him to have love and happiness (~YoY)~ <3 i struggled to pick between him and minami, my chicken nugget son



11th Place Lee Seung-gil





12th Place Emil Nekola





13rh Place Michele Crispino





Boss(  'ω') “Guess what? Makkachin and Kenjirou-Kun have got exactly the same numbers of votes from the very beginning to the end. I cannot believe they got ranked, keeping that numbers... By the way, they’re so alike, no?”



Saori(゜∇ ゜) “That’s my Makkachin!!! Great work! Keep it up!!!”





Boss(  'ω') “If J.J... my vote was valid, he could have been ranked in... Next time we have this popularity vote, I’ll vote for you, okay?”



Saori(゜ ゜) “Play fair.”




Boss(  'ω') “Dang it! Well, everybody, how was the result? I realized that so many people really came to like this anime when I saw the comments sent to us! I just cannot wait to see its Second season! Let’s cheer them up so we have hold another popularity vote again!”



Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Alright then, we’ll see you at the next Popularity Vote~!!!”







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