Hanji Zoe

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Hanji Zoe is an experienced warrior who has an extreme passion for Titan.

The author does not make this character's gender clear, so it is unclear whether or not Hanji is a man or a woman. So let’s say "he/she" to describe this character. It’s awkward…

He/She is an experienced warrior fighting against Titan more than 5 years, he/she meanwhile researches various things to discover the biogeocenosis of Titan.

But his/her passion is quite eccentric.

Explains the appeals of Titan all night,
runs up to the discussion about Titan with disheveled hair and slaver at the mouth,
benames and observes the captured Titan (and has nearly been eaten many times by approaching them too close),
delightedly talks to Titan while fighting,
fights in tears when he/she injures them, etc…

Levi appreciably resigns himself to his/her act.

But lively Hanji with a twinkle in his/her eyes is really cute... No matter whether man or woman, I believe Hanji and Levi would be good together! (It’s my personal opinion.)

He/she hasn't appeared on the animation yet, so there're few items of his/hers. But he/she is loved by fans because of the unique character, and I often see him/her in magazines published by fans.

In the story where he/she makes a disturbance involving Eren and Mikasa, Jean, besides Levi, his/her unpredictable action is very exciting! If you buy magazines published by fans, I recommend a comedy story although a serious story is also good.

I want to watch the scene where He/She runs forward slavering with disheveled hair as soon as he/she hear a topic of Titan on the animation soon. I can't wait!

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