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by E.W Female / United States April 17, 2017
Customer service is great and they respond really quick! I'll always buy doujinshi here coz everythin is easy and they communicate very well. Good job guys!
by G.F Male / United States April 15, 2017
Prices are a bit high but the service itself and the shipping policy are very good.
by M.P Other / United States April 15, 2017
Very quick and orderly with incredibly friendly staff! I loved doing business here and loved all the little updates so I will definitely recommend and shop again.
by K.S Female / United States April 14, 2017
I was honestly surprised when my order came. And only one week.
by B Other / United States April 14, 2017
by K Female / United States April 14, 2017
The services is great and fast!
by B Other / United States April 13, 2017
by L.C Female / Italy April 12, 2017
excellent service perfect packaging products have arrived in perfect condition surely I will make other purchases
by A.W Female / United States April 12, 2017
Impressed that a five-year-old doujinshi was indeed in excellent condition just as described. It looks new.
by S.N Female / Canada April 12, 2017
This is my go to place for doujinshi! Very customer friendly and the items arrive on time and in perfect shape very carefully packaged!
by J Female / Canada April 11, 2017
The book came in safe with very well packaging:) also thanks for the sweet little gift!
by J.B Female / Italy April 11, 2017
The staff is always friendly and willing to give information. quick and clear answers
by L.B Female / United States April 11, 2017
I absolutely loved my purchases! Everything came together and was in wonderful condition! I also enjoyed receiving a free gift for my first purchase; I wish that they did that all the time! Thank you all so much!
by F.Z Female / Germany April 10, 2017
by J Female / United States April 10, 2017
Thank you for the note and the packet of A5 book covers! They don't sell them at my local Daiso stores so they were much appreciated. The doujinshi safely arrived without issue--thank you again! :D
by S Male / Australia April 10, 2017
Communication and customer service was very good
by R.S Male / United States April 9, 2017
Everything was great. Package arrived in a timely manner and was sufficient wrapped.
by C.M Female / Singapore April 6, 2017
Very reliable and efficient service. Also has a good variety of items and doujinshi in store. Priority shipping and handling of the parcel is also always in good condition.
by M.A.F.P Female / Brazil April 6, 2017
by H.P Female / United States April 6, 2017
My order arrived in perfect condition along with a cute gift! I also received a letter commemorating how many purchases I had made so far and thought that was a sweet personal touch. I would definitely recommend shopping here!
by S.P Female / USA April 5, 2017
The service is AMAZING. I am so glad to have found a way to purchase some of my favorite items through your site. The staff is so friendly and helpful. I'm really grateful for the quality of service you provide. The packaging was amazing as well - my items arrived in perfect condition.
by N.L Other / United States April 4, 2017
The books were wonderfully packed and very secure. All the items had arrived in excellent condition and arrived at a decent time! Thank you for the extra gift too!
by H.A.S Female / United Arab Emirates April 4, 2017
by E.F.B Female / United States April 3, 2017
Ordered both standard and expedited shipping and both items have arrived safely and I couldnt be happier
by C.L Female / Malaysia April 3, 2017
Love the new figure just purchased. The paint job is even better than expected. Delivery was very fast and the admins took a lot of care in packaging my figurin to make sure it doesn't get damaged.
by P Other / Finland April 3, 2017
Perfect! The buying experience is always so smooth you always get your items in great condition carefully packed and quickly delivered.
by P.H Female / Germany April 1, 2017
The delivery was much faster than expected! Packing and condition of the doujinshis couldn't have been better and the staff members are so sweet you even get a little present for your first buy and they choose something matching to your bought items. That made me really happy thank you so much! ( ; ▽ ; )ノ I love you guys and this site and I'm looking forward for your great service at future shoppings. (๑´▿`๑)
by A.C Female / Italy April 1, 2017
An amazing service! All was perfect thank u very much I loved my djs and manga!!! U'r the best I'll continue to buy from here for sure.
by E.B Male / Russia March 31, 2017
The packaging was very tidy and nice contents were in really good condition. Everything arrived fast and the shipping was free!
by F.S Male / Germany March 31, 2017
by L Female / Mexico March 31, 2017
by H.P Female / United States March 31, 2017
My package came in perfect condition along with a gift!
by D.M Female / United States March 31, 2017
by G Female / France March 30, 2017
Great as usual. Thanks for the gift!
by S Female / United States March 30, 2017
Wonderful work as usual guys!
by J.B Female / Italy March 29, 2017
The staff is always friendly and willing to give information. quick and clear answer The item is perfect. Very thanks
by J Female / United States March 29, 2017
I enjoy the search features and pinning abilities. I've been very happy with the orders and quality. It's been very nice finding this site
by J.D Male / USA March 28, 2017
Everything was fine. Thanks for the gift/
by D.B Female / Belgium March 28, 2017
Awesome service fast delivery and great packaging
by D.M Female / United States Of America March 27, 2017
I am grateful for the on par communication to ensure the item is received. Sweet packaging too!
by K.N Female / Lithuania March 26, 2017
i was super happy with my order. there were no problems with the products or the service the shipping was surprisingly super fast and accurate the packaging was neat and the tiny first purchase gift instantly made my day <3 overall i'm super happy and this is definitely my new fave site for ordering anime goods! thank you so much for your hard work and the service you provide!
by E.A Female / Mexico March 26, 2017
Again it's agreat experience buying with OtakuRepublic. The items arrived in perfect condition and I was surprised with the gift and the personal attention with the letter <3 Thank you so much!
by A.M Female / United Kingdom March 25, 2017
A wonderful service. Everything is well packed and delivered well with in the said time. The site is easy to use and making payment via paypal is great.
by S.C Female / United States March 25, 2017
by J.S Female / USA March 25, 2017
by J.K Female / Republic Of Korea March 24, 2017
by A.S Female / Canada March 24, 2017
You guys are the best.
by L Male / Italy March 24, 2017
The service is really nice. The person I spoke to was really gentle and professional even when the package delayed due to postal issues. He even contacted me when the package arrived to be sure that I knew it.
by B.L Female / Switzerland March 23, 2017
i've been a customer at otaku republic for a while and always made great experiences and love the great customer support they have. they also package everything in a way that not only are the items well protected during shipping but the packages are extremely easy to open and of course the items are great quality and they ship with EMS. it was my first time pre-ordering at otaku republic and i've noticed that the items came in stock and were shipped almost a month after it's release date. not that i really mind having to wait 20days longer than expected but there was nowhere stated that the items would come in stock this much later or anything the only date was the release date. due to that information being missing i cant give 5 stars this time but otaku republic is one of if not the best online shop for anime related stuff thanks to its nice staff :)
by C.W Female / United States March 23, 2017
I got the package back very fast and it was true to it delivery date. It was my own fault for having the first delay but i loved having them.