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by H.P Female / United States Feb. 14, 2017
by K Female / Philippines Feb. 14, 2017
Items arrive in good condition because of proper packaging :) Sometimes surprise freebies are given together with the ordered item. I'm very satisfied with the service which is why I keep coming back to order ^^
by E.P Female / United States Feb. 14, 2017
I was completely satisfied with every single aspect of the service from the ordering the prices on the doujinshis and the smooth delivery process! Please continue the great work!
by S Female / United States Feb. 14, 2017
Excellent as always!
by E.D Female / United States Feb. 14, 2017
Everything was packed securely and arrived unharmed! My order arrived quickly and safely and all of the items are in perfect condition. I loved the gift for making my first purchase too!
by L.H Female / Netherlands Feb. 12, 2017
as usual i love the items
by E Female / United States Feb. 12, 2017
Everything was excellent. My order came in perfect condition and on time.
by M.L Female / France Feb. 11, 2017
Fast and excellent packaging with a lot of care ! And I loved the little "welcome" present ~
by L Female / Spain Feb. 11, 2017
Fast and good service. Thanks :)
by J.D Female / United States Feb. 10, 2017
I have been so happy with the items I have ordered so far! I have been really impressed with how well things are packaged and will definitely be ordering again!
by S.S Female / United States Feb. 10, 2017
Packed perfectly not a single scuff dent or tear and I really love how the special gift was tailored to what I ordered! Great touch. Also your shipping time is amazing! I ordered from you and from the official USA yugioh store on the same day and the stuff from you guys got here first!
by J.K Male / Canada Feb. 10, 2017
Super fast and reasonable :)!! Thank you for the fast replies with regards to restocking too really appreciate it.
by L Female / United States Feb. 9, 2017
Awesome thanks
by J.L Female / United States Feb. 8, 2017
Quick and in perfect condition.
by B.S Female / France Feb. 8, 2017
Super service ! Thank again !
by S.V Female / United States Feb. 7, 2017
My products came in quickly so no complaints there. The packing of my products were also packed very well. Overall I enjoyed the experience with this site and will continue to buy from here.
by C.P Female / United States Feb. 7, 2017
Very good packaging and a reasonable time to process and ship. My item is in perfect condition. Thank you!
by M.M Female / Spain Feb. 7, 2017
by D.H.A Female / Philippines Feb. 7, 2017
i just received the doujinshi it took a while but its because of the main postoffice didn't forward it in our postoffice right away which is not your fault. it was well pack the doujinshi is good as new thanks will be back to buy again soon.
by J.R.B Male / Canada Feb. 7, 2017
Perfect service as always
by A.D Female / United States Feb. 7, 2017
The store offers a large variety of products the staff is very friendly and helpful. It's a pleasure shopping here. :3
by Y.F Female / Italy Feb. 4, 2017
Really nice and kind staff and super quick delivery! I recommend this site to everyone who would like to buy doujin items (and not only) online.
by A.G Female / United States Feb. 4, 2017
Great anime shopping website great customer service very friendly staff trustworthy and very reliable. I have never had any problems with Otaku Republic and my orders always arrive in great condition well packaged no damages or tears. I would definitely recommend this website to any anime fans who are looking to buy doujinshi or other anime goods from Japan.
by C.A. Female / United States Feb. 4, 2017
Otaku Republic is a great website! Their customer service is amazing. My product was delayed by a day and they contacted me to make sure that it arrived intact and on time.
by S.K Female / Sweden Feb. 4, 2017
by F.S Female / Mexico Feb. 3, 2017
Perfect! thank you so much!!
by J.C Female / United States Feb. 3, 2017
I requested an item and they got it immediately! And when I received the package the book was perfectly wrapped under a couple of layers of bubble wrap. Otaku Republic always does a good job!
by H.S Male / Canada Feb. 2, 2017
Excellent communication and very friendly customer service. Would definitely make a purchase again sometime. :)
by L.M.S.B Female / Brazil Feb. 2, 2017
The service is great as always! The products came perfectly well packaged and are in perfect condition. Otaku Republic's team are very kind and give an excellent service and treatment.
by E Female / Spain Feb. 2, 2017
Great service as always. Thanks
by R.E Female / Germany Feb. 2, 2017
Everything perfect like always :) Thanks!
by T Female / Finland Feb. 1, 2017
Excellent service!
by C.T Female / United Kingdom Feb. 1, 2017
Always well packed and am always happy with the service.
by M.M Female / Portugal Feb. 1, 2017
Quick and fine service.
by I.C Female / Portugal Jan. 31, 2017
Excelent packing
by D Female / Philippines Jan. 31, 2017
well packaged and im very satisfy with the doujinshi's condition and the freebie is so cute i loved it! will be back to buy more stuffs again
by F Female / Russia Jan. 31, 2017
by S.S Female / United States Jan. 31, 2017
Items are a little expensive but the care put into shipping and packaging as well as the customer service from the team at Otaku Republic are worth it!
by S Female / United States Jan. 30, 2017
Everything was great thank you so much.
by M.P Female / France Jan. 30, 2017
I was blown away when my command arrived only five days after shipping that's so impressive and the package was so well protect ! I'm really impress with otaku republik and I will buy again!
by C Female / Canada Jan. 30, 2017
Service is very fast and I appreciated that the staff followed up on packages that had been shipped to see if they arrived.
by M.T Female / United States Jan. 30, 2017
It was my first time ordering from OtakuRepublic and I'd heard very good things about the secureness of the packaging and quality of the products but it still surpassed all of my expectations. The thoroughness of the process and followup makes me confident in ordering from OR again.
by S.G Female / United States Jan. 30, 2017
Excellent I greatly appreciate being able to purchase items that would otherwise be impossible to find at reasonable prices the time from purchasing the item to shipping is also accurate I couldn't ask for anything more.
by B.W Female / United States Jan. 30, 2017
The service was great and my book was packaged very well and arrived in great condition. Will order from again.
by E.S Female / Russia Jan. 30, 2017
Fast and accurate as usual.
by P / Finland Jan. 30, 2017
As always the items are in perfect condition and arrived very quickly. In this particular order though one of the books was said to come with a postcard but there was no postcard. Still I feel it’s a 5 star transaction because everything else was perfect and the quality and care has never dropped down during my plentiful orders. I can recommend Otaku Republic (and its sister sites) to everyone!
by C Female / England Jan. 29, 2017
Packaging is always perfect and the note enclosed gives the service a personal feel. Definitely my go-to shop for doujins!
by D Male / United States Jan. 29, 2017
Im very happy how it was packaged and delivered. Very well cared for and handled properly. Very satisfied.
by J.B Female / Italy Jan. 29, 2017
The staff is always friendly and willing to give information. quick and clear answers
by H.P Female / United States Jan. 29, 2017