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by A Female / United Kingdom July 20, 2017
I always love shopping here as everything is always amazingly done and there's always such a good choice to pick from. My package arrived quickly and in such good condition as always. The gift that came with it was very thoughtful and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.
by S Female / Portugal July 19, 2017
Approachable staff a fast and safe delivery with very detailed shipping information.
by D Male / Russian Federation July 19, 2017
The package arrived safely and very swiftly. I am entirely satisfied with the service provided.
by K.H Female / United States July 18, 2017
A+++ would buy from again!
by R Male / United States July 18, 2017
Happy to have the doujinshi promptly delivered and without damages.
by L.C Female / Italy July 17, 2017
You thank me for the purchases made but I thank you for the speed of shipment the products always in good condition have ever really stitched fantastic and will definitely make other purchases
by P Other / Finland July 17, 2017
Once again superb services! The items are in great condition and packed very well and they arrive to you quickly. The staff members truly are amazing. Everything's just perfect!
by A.H Female / Finland July 15, 2017
good response and packaging
by W / United States July 15, 2017
by S.F Female / Germany July 14, 2017
I really appreciate your services. Its fast and save and also the package is always taken good care of.
by A.R Female / United States July 14, 2017
everything always arrives safely and pretty quick. its hard not to keep buying things its so easy ^w^;;
by A.T.C Female / France July 14, 2017
I want to thank you for your quality of the services which is very good.
by M.Y Female / United States July 13, 2017
by A Other / Czech Republic July 13, 2017
Loved it very much! Loved the packaging and the gift made me very happy since Choromatsu is my fave~ The doujins are super hot. Can't be more happy. Everyone was very kind amazing costumer service. Thanks a bunch!
by M.F Female / United States July 13, 2017
That was so quick! I didn't expect my order to get here so fast! I'm so excited- everything was in perfect condition and safely wrapped. I can't wait to order more <3
by L.H Female / Netherlands July 12, 2017
jet another batch of lovely doujinshi
by E Other / United States July 12, 2017
Really great!
by M.F Female / United States July 12, 2017
by W Male / United States July 12, 2017
The packaging was excellent and my order arrived in wonderful condition! The extra gift was great too!
by F Female / United States July 12, 2017
I had a wonderful experience with Otaku Republic. I really love that Otaku Republic takes requests. I was able to acquire a few very hard-to-find items even though I don't live in Japan. My items are always packaged nicely and shipped out quickly.
by A Female / United States July 12, 2017
The doujinshi was very well-protected and arrived quickly. I also liked the clear book covers I received as a gift. Thank you!
by V.S Female / Australia July 11, 2017
Very co operative fast and easy service. Easy to use browse website. Friendly staff.
by M.F Female / United States July 11, 2017
by K.M Female / United States July 11, 2017
Really quick delivery even after having a large order. Well packed and all in good condition.
by M.F Female / United States July 11, 2017
Great as always! Always arrived fast and in perfect condition with the safest packaging. I can always tell OtakuRepublic staff cares a lot!
by J.B.R Other / Brazil July 11, 2017
Great. No complaints.
by E Female / Mexico July 10, 2017
As always the communication packaging and items where excellent but because there where hollidays in my country for some reason my package took and incredible amount of time to arrive more than 30 days D: But I know this was not fault of the store.
by T.S Female / Finland July 10, 2017
Good customer service nice packaging and items were in good condition
by J.L Male / United States July 10, 2017
Item was delivered in very good condition and the packaging done to keep it safe was excellent! It makes me feel that the items sold are being handled carefully and not recklessly.
by M.M Female / United Kingdom July 9, 2017
Excellent value and easy to use website. Order arrived far quicker than I expected and I have already ordered again!
by C.B Female / United States July 9, 2017
Prompt and helpful! Recommended.
by C Female / United States July 8, 2017
Another awesome experience with OtakuRepublic! My books were packaged beautifully and even came with a little gift! I love them so much I'll definitely keep coming back for more!
by T Female / Malaysia July 8, 2017
Item received in excellent condition. Fast reply to any questions. Cannot expect received fast even within Asia but still within range of estimated time. My case handling: 10 days. Priority shipping 13 days (include retention). Total 23 days.
by E.G.P Female / United States July 8, 2017
Quality service! This company never lets me down and requesting the item was super easy.
by A.L Female / United States July 7, 2017
First time customer- Love the packaging and the items were in tip-top shape thank you for a great shopping experience
by H.M Female / United States July 6, 2017
Yet another great service from Otaku Republic! Outstanding packaging to which you guys are putting your strength into and great service. Thank you Mr.T!
by G Female / France July 5, 2017
by A / Spain July 4, 2017
Your services are great. Thanks for your quickly send.
by O.S Female / Korea July 4, 2017
by H Female / Belgium July 4, 2017
It's generally really expensive aside of other web services but the staff is great and understanding. Furthermore the choice is large and we can get easily even goods that aren't on the website as long it's still available. Last add: Thank you for the gift :>
by K Female / United States July 3, 2017
Excellent packaging shipping and communication! They are nice enough to throw in free gifts and the items are always in great condition!
by V Female / United States July 2, 2017
Kept me updated on status of shipping items packed wonderfully products in perfect condition!
by L.H Female / Netherlands July 2, 2017
lovely items and great service
by M Female / Hungary June 30, 2017
Everything arrived fast in excellent condition and I loved the gifts too. Thank you so much for your kindness and excellence!
by O Female / Korea June 30, 2017
by P.S Female / United States June 30, 2017
Packaging is very thorough and the doujinshi I ordered was in very good condition.
by A.G Female / United States June 30, 2017
Awesome! Fast shipping and great service. Big selection! Decent prices.
by L.B Female / Brasil June 29, 2017
Everything perfect as always!!! Thank you very much for the gift and the wonderful doujinshis!
by O Male / Germany June 29, 2017
Everything was very good again! Item arrived safe and faster than i expected. And again you can't tell that this doujinshi is "used" it looks like freshly printed! Also thank you very much for the covers! Likely not the last time i bought something from here!
by E Female / Australia June 29, 2017
Great communication items in perfect conditon and came quickly!