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by B.U Other / United States Of America Jan. 18, 2017
Wonderful easy to use and my product shipped in perfect condition.
by N.P Male / United States Jan. 18, 2017
The time between order and receipt of the order was amazing! I received an order confirmation on Wednesday and the package had been delivered by Saturday! I don't often reply to surveys but the personal touch of adding a letter to the package made me happy
by J Female / United States Jan. 18, 2017
Great condition! No damage at all!
by P.A Female / United States Jan. 18, 2017
Fantastic. And always super friendly. Very well packaged items. Love shopping here.
by E Female / United States Jan. 17, 2017
Very friendly services throughout :D I'm really enjoying the newsletter & updates! And the cute gift that was included along with my first purchase was very thoughtful ;w; Plus the doujinshi selection is really nice * q * I have to resist the need to buy everything *lol*
by M.F Female / United States Jan. 17, 2017
by M.L Female / United States Jan. 17, 2017
Sounds silly but I loved the tape. Seemed super durable for shipping yet was. It a hassle to get into the package.
by V Female / United States Jan. 17, 2017
by A Female / United Kingdom Jan. 17, 2017
This is definitely my favourite place to shop. There's always so much choice everything arrives quickly and in great condition and whenever you have to talk everyone is really friendly and helpful. The free gifts that are given out are always really amazing and they've always been something that I adore.~ I've been recommending this site to all my friends because of just how great it is.~ I just want to thank everyone who works here cause you're all doing an amazing job.~
by A Female / Russia Jan. 17, 2017
My package arrived! I have received my order (Konoe from PS game Lamento) and I'm so happy and satisfied with this figure! I will purchase more. Thank you!
by V Female / United States Jan. 16, 2017
by D.M Female / United States Jan. 16, 2017
I have so many goals and one of them was buying a doujinshi OtakuRepublic came to me as a recommendation from a satisfied customer. I love this site! They are organized trustworthy and polite! My first time shopping with OtakuRepublic was amazing! Thank you so much for my two doujinshi! I will be a good customer for a very long time.
by D.C Female / United States Jan. 16, 2017
Packaging is excellent. Artbook arrived in great condition and pretty quickly. Any free gifts I've gotten with previous orders are very cute and I like they matched the series they came with.
by C Female / United States Jan. 16, 2017
Wonderful as always. Items are very carefully packed and shipped quickly. Employees are always quick to respond to requests and questions. I even received a small gift for being a return customer. Couldn't be happier with the service!
by C.W Male / Australia Jan. 16, 2017
Everything was perfect except prices for individual doujinshis are very expensive.
by M.L Female / Germany Jan. 16, 2017
It was so well packaged it took me a while to open the package! Thank you very much!!
by S Female / United States Jan. 15, 2017
Absolutely brilliant. While the prices are a little high (or incredibly for some things) I received wonderful service through my experience. I was informed that shipping would be delayed slightly due to comiket and while I was a little sad about that it was understandable and did not exceed the time I was told it would take. Once it did ship it arrived to me in less than a week and in perfect condition. The packaging was very well handled and the item was wrapped securely and with cardboard to ensure it wouldn't bend. Overall I am very satisfied with the company and will definitely be purchasing more in the future. The particular item I purchased I have been looking for for over almost a year and was SO happy to see that otaku republic had it. I do not regret clicking on the twitter ad
by C.W Female / France Jan. 15, 2017
As always great services! It makes me so happy to have a small gift with the purchase each time thank you so much! >w< Also it seems like the order arrived even faster than usual this time even though there was a pre-order item.
by E Female / Spain Jan. 15, 2017
Great service as always but this time one of the books I ordered is a bit bended I think due to the size difference with the other ones although it has been fixed putting weight on it ^^
by M.M Female / Malaysia Jan. 14, 2017
Superb service and whenever there's any questions your team is always there to make sure everything is in order. Well done!
by J.R.B Male / Canada Jan. 14, 2017
Perfect service as usual
by P.S Male / United States Jan. 14, 2017
Very friendly staff items were very well packed.
by Y.D / United Stated Jan. 14, 2017
Very good service high quality price might be a little bit high
by S.Y Female / Korea Jan. 13, 2017
really really really impressed with your package service!!!!!!! In my country the seller requires more money if I want safe package like you did! Thank you so much!
by G.O Male / Chile Jan. 13, 2017
by E / United States Jan. 13, 2017
by N.A / United States Jan. 12, 2017
The packaging is amazing!! Very secure and the item I ordered arrived in pristine condition. I also adore the gift phone charm that was included. It was a cute bonus! Thank you for always providing such quality service!
by B Female / United States Jan. 12, 2017
I think Otaku Republic is great! Being a first time buyer I have already made several more purchases from you all and I will continue to make more in the future. :)
by C.W Female / United States Jan. 12, 2017
Surprisingly personable service and very very nice accomodations and welcoming for a brand new customer
by A Female / Italy Jan. 12, 2017
The item arrived in a week by priority shipping it was well-packed and in perfect condition! I love OR's service!
by A Female / United States Jan. 11, 2017
Great as always! Thank you =]
by R.B Female / United States Jan. 11, 2017
Excellent service! Often includes omake gifts (tailored to your interests based on your purchase!) and the staff are all very friendly. I love shopping at Otaku Republic. Even when I can't shop I enjoy reading their emails and blogs.
by J.B Female / Italy Jan. 11, 2017
The staff is always friendly and willing to give information. quick and clear answers
by L.I Female / United States Jan. 11, 2017
Fast accurate shipping! Said my package would arrive in 2-3 weeks and it arrived in Exactly 2 weeks.
by C.L.G.A Female / Philippines Jan. 11, 2017
Very quick customer service response and quick delivery. I am very satisfied purchase. I look forward to future purchases here. Thank you for the gift I really appreciate it. ^_^
by B.C / United States Jan. 11, 2017
Thank you please keep up the good work!
by B Female / United States Jan. 11, 2017
The product I ordered came earlier than expected and was in excellent condition. I also loved the little free gift I got for it being my first order. I will definitely be purchasing more products from you in the future!
by T.H Male / United States Jan. 10, 2017
Excellent condition of products and great packing! I'm very pleased! Thank you!
by A Male / Canada Jan. 10, 2017
great customer service and fast shipping!
by S.H Male / United States Jan. 9, 2017
I've always had my orders shipped to me quickly and well-packaged. As of my last order a package of book protectors was also sent as thanks for my tenth order and I was very pleasantly surprised. Otaku/Doujin Republic is a great service for anyone interested in buying artbooks or doujinshi.
by C.L Female / Philippines Jan. 8, 2017
Very fast delivery service and customer service. I am really satisfied with the careful and undamaged packaging. I am looking forward to future purchases with Otaku Republic.
by H.L Male / United States Jan. 8, 2017
Honestly the freebies I yet with my orders are quite well thoughtout for example you guys seen I order alot of touhou stuff and I end up with touhou related gifts that totally makes my day. Also I revive orders from otakureplublic pretty fast I have shopped at other places and for example even at the same time as this company for simular products just difference in availability and yet somehow I receive this companies package far quicker than anyone elses. The magic you guys do keep it going! I already highly recommend this company to my friends and Co workers.
by D.M Female / United States Jan. 8, 2017
by S.M Female / United States Jan. 8, 2017
The shipping is fast and packaging is very secure. There was a very slight bend in one of my books but you can't really see it unless you look for it.
by S.L Female / United States Jan. 8, 2017
Easy fast and well packaged.
by C.W Male / United States Jan. 8, 2017
Your service was great! The products arrived as packaged as expected and I really appreciated the letter that was included it was very nice. I will shop at Otaku Republic again for sure!
by R.A Other / United States Jan. 8, 2017
Magnificently done. The box was a bit dented but it's all good.
by C Other / United States Jan. 7, 2017
Best experience I've had purchasing doujin goods in a long time. Faster cheaper and easier than scouting eBay or bidding on rinkya. My doujin came fast and was packaged extremely carefully. I could not be more satsified with the service!! C:
by L.M Female / Australia Jan. 7, 2017
Item was posted quickly and arrived faster than I expected. The inclusion of a charm from the same series as the item I bought was a happy surprise especially since it was my favourite character! Someone took a lot of care with the packaging the item was very well protected.
by J.R.B Male / Canada Jan. 6, 2017
Perfect service as always