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by M.R Female / United States March 21, 2017
My second time shopping and I have to say I was nervous at first but I was very happy when I received the first package. The secound package also. Very well packed and I'm super happy with it. I would continue to buy more from here. Thank you very much.
by P.M Female / Italy March 21, 2017
The goods arrived in perfect condition thanks to the packaging i would also like to thank the staff for the plastic cover included as a gift they have been very useful and much appreciated.
by H.P Female / United States March 19, 2017
I had a wonderful experience shopping at otaku republic. It is easy to navigate and they have a wide selection of goods for every fan. I definitely plan to shop here again.
by M.D Female / United States March 19, 2017
Amazing selection of doujinshis and items! Great and fast shipping!
by L.S.K Female / Brazil March 18, 2017
The services are very good!
by B.S Female / United States March 18, 2017
I was very pleased with the wonderful customer service as well as the careful packaging of my product. I really enjoyed the thoughtful free gift! :)
by B.L Female / United States March 18, 2017
I got it in a week and one day. You guys are amazing.
by T.W Male / United States March 17, 2017
The packaging was amazing and I really thought that it was so cool that I got the special gift for a first time order. Ordering a girls und panzer doujin and then getting a special gift that is from girls und panzer shows that you pay special attention to what your customers are ordering. I was very impressed.
by I.L Female / United States March 17, 2017
AMAZING!!!! The very best service always!!! I'm so thankful to have found Otaku Republic and so touched by how thoughtfully they treat their customers. Thank you!!! <3
by J.B Female / Italy March 17, 2017
The staff is always friendly and willing to give information. quick and clear answers
by C Female / England March 15, 2017
Always packaged securely and I love the bonus gifts which sometimes come packaged with the comics.
by A Female / Switzerland March 15, 2017
The second time I ordered two doujinshis from Otaku Republic was just as satisfying as the first time! They deliver so fast and the communication is very pleasant too. Thank you very much!
by G.V Female / United States March 15, 2017
My item came in perfect condition thanks to a great protection package. It came way faster than I expected so I'm happy for that. Also fast replies when requesting and contacting and they are really generous. I'll definitely come back for more shopping :3
by E.F.B Female / United States March 15, 2017
Everything arrived safely there were no torns in the product and no visible damage on the product itself. The website was easy to navigate and there was no problems with placing the order
by V Female / Italy March 14, 2017
by S.B Male / United States March 14, 2017
My order arrived in a timely fashion and was excellently packaged to protect the items it contained.
by V.C Female / United States March 14, 2017
Packaged very well so that no items were damaged.
by J Male / United States March 14, 2017
Great service!!! Shipping is very fast and packaging is well done!
by M.F Female / United States March 13, 2017
by M.F Female / United States March 13, 2017
Otakurepublic is my favorite doujinshi website and I love the fast shipping and perfect condition of package. I was just a little sad that maybe I purchased ID 1654075 too quickly since the same item was restocked but half the price. Other than that I'm always satisfied with the service.
by M.F Female / United States March 13, 2017
by E.A Female / Mexico March 13, 2017
Thanks again for the wonderful service you're the best!
by H.P Female / France March 12, 2017
Everything is perfect !
by L.M Other / United States March 12, 2017
I loved the packaging.
by D.M Female / United States March 11, 2017
by A Female / Mexico March 10, 2017
The package arrieved in perfect conditions.
by M.Z Female / United States March 10, 2017
What I ordered came a lot faster than I expected! No complaints.
by R.W Male / United States March 9, 2017
I appreciated the email updates on my order and felt that the package was wrapped well so that the products arrived safely without any damage. I also appreciated the first time buyer bonus and coupon. Wonderful communication and good prices on many items. Free shipping was a definite plus!
by P Other / Finland March 8, 2017
The service is as excellent as always. All the items are in great condition and are shipped out really quickly. Perfect!
by C.K Male / United States March 8, 2017
Excellent as always!
by S Female / United States March 7, 2017
I am so happy I really have no complaints at all. Shipping was so fast and so were replies from OtakuRepublic. Thank you for gift is it was really kind you guys even made effort for it to be theme matched with my purchases! Pricing for my items was a little more than I thought I was going to have to spend (I had the general pricing used for otakurepublic beforehand) but I was explained why that was and I am aware of how expensive shipping and things can be in Japan just domestically nevermind the efforts put in. Even though I was worried paying more for my items than thought and asking otaku republic to use a service I never bought from before I am super happy now that I received them and I still got them much cheaper than eBay or anywhere else. The fact you guys will order from anywhere is just the best (even though I have family in Japan and can order on some Japanese sites others are too complicated and family or friends are not willing to go hunting for an item at a convention...!) actually I am so happy I am placing another order after this response.
by A.N Female / Italy March 7, 2017
The Staff i s really kind and efficient the shipment is fast and the material is excellent.
by P.B Male / United States March 7, 2017
You guys provide excellent customer service and kept me updated on my order until it was safely delivered. I can't express how much I appreciate the efforts and work you put into your packages and orders.
by V Female / Mexico March 7, 2017
I loved your service. My order arrived fine a couple of extra days but fine :) Love how you took care of every detail with my package and I am sure that I will buy again with you. I recommend your page 100%
by R.C Male / United States March 7, 2017
The website is awesome and the selection is amazing.
by V.C Female / United States March 7, 2017
It came fast. Items in good quality
by F.S Male / Germany March 6, 2017
by L.H Female / Netherlands March 5, 2017
love the items
by H.T Female / United States March 5, 2017
Great job! Was informed about delay due to a con. Good communication and packing. Thank you so much for everything. It was perfect!!
by S.F.P Male / United States March 5, 2017
My first time purchasing from OtakuRepublic I am seriously happy! The shipping speed was about as much as you would expect for an overseas parcel to send but the amount of care that went into packaging was phenomenal. For first time purchasing I was even sent a small commemorative gift relating to my original items which I did not expect at all and I was very touched (LOL)! Not a lot of big shipping companies go out of their way to make sure the customer is happy as much as OtakuRepublic did for me and I mean that with all sincerity. I did not expect such intricate consideration/care to go into my items but they really went above and beyond. I hope to buy from here again! Thanks so much.
by K.T Female / United States March 5, 2017
Fantastic! Great deal on the shipping when spending so much!
by L.L Female / FRANCE March 5, 2017
Well I have nothing bad to say >v<)/ No problem as always Quick shipping Good communication Good articles &#9829;
by I.G Other / United Kingdom March 5, 2017
The item was a good price and arrived quickly! It came with a small gift which was a lovely surprise :D
by B.T Female / Mauritius March 4, 2017
Thank you so very much guys. Received all the items I ordered in perfect condition. Thank you again for the surprise gift which was attached to my parcel that made me very happy. Love the dedication with which you guys handle each and every order. This website provides excellent service I just love shopping from Otaku Republic. You guys are the best.
by E / United States March 4, 2017
I was very happy with my order. I wasn't sure what to expect but I've seen good reviews. Otaku Republic sent my order really fast as a first order special service and even gave me an unexpected extra which I really love. Thank you! The customer support is great really friendly and helpful.
by A.D Female / United States March 4, 2017
Wide selection very helpful quick to respond. I even received a gift that I was not expecting which was a pleasant surprise. Thank you very much!
by L.M.S.B Female / Brazil March 3, 2017
by C Female / Australia March 3, 2017
by H.P Female / United States March 3, 2017
The shipping was perfect and arrived on time! The parcel itself has bubble wrap lined up on the inside and the dj were double packed with bubble wrap and a piece of cardboard to make sure they did not bend! The dj themselves were in perfect condition even though they were used. I also received a charm with my order! OR has always exceeded expectation in shipping and customer service and I would definitely recommend buying from here!
by T Male / Taiwan March 3, 2017
Very Good