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Doujinshi - Jojo Part 3: Stardust Crusaders / Jyoutarou x Kakyouin (愛のあるところ) / K.rolin
Happy customer
It arrived safely to me! Excellent and amazing service! I was really when got it. Thank you so much!
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - My Hero Academia / Bakugou Katsuki x Kirishima Eijiro (十傑+1) / osoba
Cute Dragon Doujinshi!
Placed as preorder before Comiket 93, item arrived very quickly afterward Comiket and was well packaged!
Story is about dragon!Kirishima getting kidnapped and Bakugou has to rescue him..the art is very lovely and the story is very cute. :)
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Final Fantasy XV / Ignis & Gladiolus (グラディオラス君が色々経験する本) / あなぐら
I love Aoda-san's work and this is such a quality doujinshi. Definitely worth the purchase!
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - DRAMAtical Murder / Clear x Seragaki Aoba (passion love) / TeRIA
Medium trait
Interesting and hot script.
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - DRAMAtical Murder / Clear x Seragaki Aoba (The Last Days 1 -white notes-) / mo‐mo
I'm looking forward to the second volume.
Story focused on drama. Clear realizes that he lost the fight with the Alphas and was enslaved and led to do atrocities with Aoba. Clear is a very sweet person and want to know how the mang author thinks about making him react with the very crimes he committed with Aoba. I really liked it, shame it's a short manga for an interesting script.
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - DRAMAtical Murder / Clear x Seragaki Aoba (リプレッション) / Sweeping booM
very beutiful trait
Very beautiful trait
A little more sentimental story. Cover is made of a very nice textured paper to the touch.
(USED) Doujinshi - DRAMAtical Murder / Clear x Seragaki Aoba (α(1+2)とクリ蒼の本) / Methyl Orange
very beutiful trait
Very beautiful trait
Alphas being malicious with Aoba and Clear and end up catching up. The story hangs more to the comic side.
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - on the bed... / 米屋 (Komeya)
Definitely a must own
If you love the hidoku shinaide series, this is a must own for all fans!! Support the industry and artist
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Omnibus - Touken Ranbu / Kogitsunemaru x Mikazuki Munechika (狐月抄 -萩の章-) / Hyakushiki-R
Es el mejor de todos los doujinshi que e adquirido de mi actual colección KogiMika, lo adoro de cabo a rabo, porque tanto las ilustraciones y las tramas de cada historia son preciosas, si te gusta el KogiMika este es tu doujinshi y es R18 auténtico
Doujinshi - Tales of Zestiria / Sorey x Mikleo (いつか王子様が) / Pi
Aunque adoro la calidad de las ilustraciones, la historia en sí me pareció muy corta e inacabada, me gustaría que la o el autor se molestase en alargar más la trama, dibuja bien pero las historias son demasiado inconclusas y te dejan un poco mosqueada porque cómo dije adoras los dibujos pero odias que no tenga una mejor historia
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Manga&Novel - Anthology - Touken Ranbu / Kogitsunemaru x Mikazuki Munechika (狐月-弐-) / TEC
No esta mal
Tardo algo en llegar pero se me comunico antes así que no hubo problema, el doujinshi en general está bien, pero yo esperaba algo más, son historias muy cortas en algunos casos cortisimas y algunos con no muy buena calidad en las ilustraciones, aún así no quita que este interesante y que varias de las historias te resulten fascinantes, no es un mal doujinshi
(USED) Doujinshi - Anthology - Magi / Sinbad x Jafar (「留守中の国事はつつがなく」シンジャプチオンリーイベント開催記念アンソロジー) / 留守中の国事はつつがなく実行委員会
No esta mal
Aunque no me llegó en perfectas condiciones ya que estan algo dobladas los bordes, debo decir que llegó bien, aunque tampoco es lo que esperaba, creo que esperaba más historias largas, pero habían más minihistorias que bueno no están mal, pero, cómo dije no es lo que esperaba
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Touken Ranbu / Kogitsunemaru x Mikazuki Munechika (まやかし狐と偽りの月) / promenade
Adoro este doujinshi, pero no se cual es la segunda parte,cuando lo averigüe también lo conseguiré, me encanta este autor
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Seraph of the End / Yuichiro x Mikaela (ふしぎなクスリで優ちゃんが) / Reparashion
No hay mejor autor del YuuMika según mi opción mejor que este, nunca decepciona la calidad de su trabajo, y bueno es un R18 en toda regla ^\\^
Doujinshi - トランクスの好物がコンビニ弁当な理由 / 大岡
A very nice story
The artist is very talented the drawing are exceptionally good and the story is very sweet and well thought. It's a must buy for all truhan Gohan/Trunks fans. I really hope to find more doujinshi like this on Otaku Republic.
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Yuri!!! on Ice / Victor x Yuri Plisetsky (Focus) / Yuugekitai
Great doujinshi!!!
I love my new doujinshi!!! Fantastic one, I'm very pleased with it ♥
The best way to start a new year!!!
Fast shipping and excellent service.
Thank you so much, Otaku Republic.
I'll be back soon! ♥♥♥
Doujinshi - Danganronpa V3 / Akamatsu Kaede (スーパー赤松楓の生存戦略2) / Manimani.
Order Review
The package arrived safely and was very carefully packaged! The customer service was great as well, everyone was very friendly! Thank you so much for making my purchase a good experience!
(USED) Doujinshi - Ensemble Stars! / Akehoshi Subaru x Anzu (Protagonist) (君から離れられない) / confection
More Progress
I enjoyed the story more than the last one I read for this pairing. It had more progress than an Anzu and Subaru story would and makes me root for the pairing to have more progress with their friendship to become more of a lover's interaction. It shows my adoration for them to be an official couple.
Doujinshi - Ensemble Stars! / Akehoshi Subaru x Anzu (Protagonist) (sugar morning call) / confection
Cute but Needs More Shipping
I really ship Subaru and Anzu since they're the actual main protagonists of the game. They're cute together that I can't find any other place in my heart to ship Anzu with anyone else. I'd like to see and read more stories for this pair!
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Voltron / Keith x Shiro (LOST) / toshin.
Wonderful Product!!
Thank you so much as always! Packaged with care!
Wonderful book, can't wait to get my other Sheith books soon!
Doujinshi - TOS Knight of Ratatosk / Richter Abend (出来損ないランデヴー) / マピバラ
It came at such an awesome Time and I love it, it was so cute!
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Omnibus - Shingeki no Kyojin / Eren x Levi (UNAP!再録集) / UNAP!
Perfect as always!
This was my second purchase and I must say I was not disappointed, again. My item arrived in perfect conditions and even if it was labelled as "used", it looked like it was new. Perfectly packaged and arrived in time! Definitely will buy from here again! The doujinshi is beautiful, same as every work by UNAP.
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Anthology - Omnibus - Shingeki no Kyojin / Eren x Levi (UNAP!再録集2) / UNAP!
Perfect as always!
This was my second purchase and I must say I was not disappointed, again. My item arrived in perfect conditions and even if it was labelled as "used", it looked like it was new. Perfectly packaged and arrived in time! Definitely will buy from here again! The doujinshi is beautiful, same as every work by UNAP.
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - My Hero Academia / Bakugou Katsuki x Todoroki Shouto (俺が甘えた理由) / Chintara Futarigumi
Well... I was kind of disappointed...
The sex part (which is the biggest part of this story) was like a rape for me... Bakugo is too violent and there was too much "fluids" (like saliva ect...) which looked almost disgusting :/. For the ones who are looking for good relationships where there isn't things that look like rape or BDSM, I wouldn't recommend this story...

The only things that I liked were the drawings and the first pages and the last pages (the ones without sex) because the characters were with a personality like in the manga. The rest was sadly... disappointing.
Doujinshi - My Hero Academia / Todoroki Shouto x Bakugou Katsuki (君の人生は。) / ton_ton
Even if there was no "sex scenes", it was so good I'm so sad I don't read japanese! Will try to learn though it's pretty hard! The story is just so original, it has some funny moments, some sad moments, it's really cool! I won't spoil the story but damn ! It was worth to read it!
Doujinshi - My Hero Academia / Todoroki Shouto x Bakugou Katsuki (Highway star,speed star) / KS
Too perfect for me **
I loved it, story : perfect, drawings : perfect, characters' personality : perfect ! Everything amazing!
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - My Hero Academia / Bakugou Katsuki x Todoroki Shouto (恋人に「デートがしたい」と言われた) / Chintara Futarigumi
Nothing to say, story really cute, drawings are amazing, I loved it all along! Jut a little bit sad it's not bigger :)
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - My Hero Academia / Bakugou Katsuki x Todoroki Shouto (0.0) / acacia
Really cool
Amazing story -from what I could understand, bc I don't read japanese sadly XD- and drawings almost perfect -just two or three positions where Shoto looks like a girl with boobs instead a man having nipples... I personally find that this is so unrealistic and it's sad to see that kind of details when everything else is perfect...
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Berserk / Griffith & Guts (渇望) / バイオレットマーキュリー
A Novel and Douji
This is a lovely piece, I only wish I could read it since half of it is a book. The beginning is a douj, which I can figure out by looking over the detail. It's a nice style of art. But that same art does tease me a bit near the end when only small illustrations are used and the rest are paragraphs. I still love though!
(USED) Doujinshi - AMNESIA / Ukyo x Heroine (蛍灯トワイライト) / aniapietta
The art style is lovely, more leaning on the cute side of things. It's a short shot story of Ukyo just kind of being happy around the heroine, which he totally deserves! I love it!
(USED) Doujinshi - Persona5 / Akechi Gorou & Kitagawa Yusuke & All Characters (娯楽本) / 遠雷
A quick review!
Very light-hearted and fun story which will make you laugh and smile. I have to point out that the arrangement of the short stories is done well as they arrange the stories in a way that'll make you feel very warm on the inside.

Can I mention how gorgeous is the art for this Doujinshi? It's so beautiful to look at and read!

The quality of the printing makes this very worth it to purchase. The printing does not feel cheap at all. Definitely would recommend. It's worth the price! :)
(USED) Doujinshi - One-Punch Man / Genos x Saitama (ちきゅーってたのしいな) / RoomLeader
Marked as used but looked nothing like it!
(USED) Doujinshi - Novel - NARUTO / Sai x Ino Yamanaka (全て罪びとの最低な、トラジディ) / ヨルカゴ
The lowest of all, Tradition - Review
As I'm a big Ino X Sai fan, I thought that this novel was very good and I didn't want the novel to end.
(USED) Figure - Kodomo No Jikan / Kokonoe Rin (こどものじかん 『九重りん 体操服Ver.』 完成品フィギュア)
Really nice coustumer service n great packaging
:) really helpful staff fast replies etc :) little bit of mis haps but in the end i recieved the package safetly
(USED) Doujinshi - Omnibus - ONE PIECE / Sanji x Nami (SweetNess サンジ×ナミ再録集) / Orange Typhoon
arrived just in time, and the gift was super cute! I will definitely order again :)
Key Chain - Persona5 / Protagonist (Persona 5) & Morgana (ぺご主&モルガナアクリルキーホルダー)
This keychain is so cute! It is in a good state and so adorable. Perfect !
(USED) Key Chain - Persona5 / Akechi Gorou (【ペルソナ】アクリルキーホルダー 明智吾郎(あおいれびん) C91/万有)
cute prince
It's sooo cute, Akechi is my little prince and now I can see him every day.
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Persona5 / Akechi Gorou x Protagonist (Persona 5) (ハートコンダクションクロス) / Kimigurui
This manga stole my heart. I just love these two lovely birds and it's beautiful. Everything is perfect ! From the drawing to the story. I love how Goro is portrayed and it's so enjoyable to have an Akeshu doujinshi! I highly recommanded it !
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Persona5 / Protagonist (Persona 5) x Akechi Gorou (カワイイんだから抱かれてよ) / MTG
Like I expected it's perfect. It's hot as hell and I love it. Beautiful drawing. Joker well... Cool Joker!
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's / Yusei x Judai (ユッセとジュダーイ) / KBR
Happy Overall
This particular item was advertised as a new product but one of the corners was bent upon arrival. This is not a usual occurrence so I was a bit shocked since I’ve gad used items come in better condition before.
Thank You
The doujin was neatly packaged and arrived a day earlier than expected! Thank you very much for taking the time to make sure it was secure and well protected.
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Berserk (GIVE ME! BSK) / Killer Bambi
Very Cute!
These are like... one-shot like stories. Shorter then normal douji, but there's more then one. Its lovely! I love Griffith's cute expressions.
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Illustration book - Omnibus - Berserk (Killer Bambi グリガツ再録集2012 漫画編) / Killer Bambi
Biggest Douji I have!
I try and get these larger douji sets like this, since its basically getting a set of Doujis beyond just the one. Its Killer Bambi so its also stunning! I'm so happy with this! So in love!
(USED) Doujinshi - Illustration book - Omnibus - Berserk / Griffith x Guts (【単品】Killer Bambi グリガツ再録集 2 ノベルティイラスト集) / Killer Bambi
A Art Book
It should be known that this edition isn't truly a douji, but more of an art book. And a smaller one at that. With that said, what you do get is very stunning. Colors more then pop out at you, and the art, of course for Killer Bambi, is wonderful!
(USED) Doujinshi - Omnibus - Sherlock Hound (DKW MAGAZINE Select!) / 行雲流水
If it used it doesn't mean it's bad
I really like thissss
Tho there was a little scratch on one page but that's okay

Great quality and shipping UwU
[NL:R18] Doujinshi - NARUTO / Sasuke x Sakura (よいどれロマンチカ) / とぎじる
Came perfectly packaged. Fast shipping as always. Thank you!
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Omnibus - Fire Emblem if / Takumi x Hinata (賽勒) / osoba
This book is the size of a volume of manga and amazing. It works within conquest route canon to deliver delicious and painful angst. Though if you're buying it for smut you'll be disappointed
(USED) Doujinshi - Haikyuu!! / Iwaizumi x Oikawa (この街に住んでる彼らのこと) / Sashikizu
Fast shipping and beautiful products
Doujinshi Cover Set (B5 x24 sheets, A5 x12 sheets)
A Pro collectors dream!
Been buying these for years but finding them here is so much more affordable! I love how simple the instructions are for protecting your lovely Doujinshi comics and novels! But you can also protect more then Doujinshi! I use them on anything I want protected and fits inside the plastic lining! The small ones are great for note books and small memopads if you draw alot! You will need to rig them a tad but they work beautifully! I also protect my favorite manga too! Again a bit of rigging for some smaller books is in order to work correctly. The smooth film and thin lining of the protectors are great! The peel and stick finish to match the size of your doujin is very easy to apply and even fix if stuck incorrectly. Over all I love these plastic Protectors! Worth every penny!
(USED) Boys Love (Yaoi) Comics - Escape Journey (エスケープジャーニー / おげれつたなか) / Ogeretsu Tanaka
Great Purchase
Great prices and services! Manga came in great condition, thank you