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(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Tales of Vesperia / Flynn Scifo x Yuri Lowell (にばんぼし *再録※イタミ有) / 1key
worth it
Nice stories, beautiful artwork.
Super-fast shipping and safe packaging.
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Omnibus - Durarara!! / Shizuo x Izaya (SiZ*zler Collection hideaway) / SiZ*zler
worth it
Nice stories, beautiful artwork.
Super-fast shipping and safe packaging, which even survived the rough handling the post offices around my home have.
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Dragon Quest XI / Hendrik x Jasper (36歳女装熟女ディルドレビュー生配信) / アトリエDr.HEAD'S
(USED) Doujinshi - Illustration book - GRANBLUE FANTASY (夏!ゾーイと遊ぶ水着のあの子) / Kabotya Get
Top quality Doujin for one of my favorite franchises. ^^

Also, thanks Otaku Republic for the fitting little goodie I got as a first time customer! :D
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Jojo Part 5: Vento Aureo / Giorno x Mista (うちのボスのお戯れ) / Chikadoh
Amazing Art as Expected
I love buying new works from this creator . Her art is always cute and amazing.
(USED) Doujinshi - Anthology - Saint Seiya / Saga x Deathmask (すきすきだいすき*合同誌) / 電池で動く/JJO
i like it. it's good watch deathmask and saga in sexy funny story
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Saint Seiya / Manigoldo x Pisces Albafica (Trigger3 毒の夢) / Aoringo-ya
manigoldo x albafica
sweet story with my favourite gold saint. good drawings
(USED) Doujinshi - Shingeki no Kyojin / Eren x Levi (Keep a secret? 現パロ/巨中ネタ) / UNAP!
The package came quickly, the goods are funny and cute, my reverence to the author
(USED) Doujinshi - Tales of Zestiria / Sorey x Mikleo (instrumental) / Yuubin Basha
Thanks for goods
Fast delivery, good package design. I 'm happy. Oh, and thank you for the letter)
(USED) [NL:R18] Doujinshi - Blue Exorcist / Amaimon x Moriyama Shiemi (ボクのお嫁さん) / carillon
Great Service
I ordered this for a friend as her birthday was coming up.
I was surprised at how throughout Otaku Republic had gone through with packaging, it was layers of bubble wrap for only a book.
Very satisfied with the service and will definitely shop again!
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Omnibus - Persona5 / Kitagawa Yusuke x Protagonist (Persona 5) (ほしあつめ) / AUH
Great service!
I didn't expected it to be delivered so fast! Just one month (I'm from Brazil).
The package arrived in perfect condition! I'm so glad!
(USED) Boys Love (Yaoi) Comics - ihr HertZ Series (玉響 (H&C Comics CRAFT SERIES 62)) / ゆき 林檎
Came early and like previous reviews, it was carefully packaged. Love it.
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - BANANA FISH / Ash x Eiji (【特典付き】サマーアクシデンタル) / リバーサイドホテル
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - BANANA FISH / Ash x Eiji (ENDLESS ESCAPE) / orion
Doujinshi - Omnibus - Persona5 / Akechi Gorou x Protagonist (Persona 5) (ハートコンダクション再録集-ワルツ-) / Kimigurui
The book is amazing and it came to me in mint condition! I bought this as a birthday gift to myself and I couldn't be happier, it arrived so quickly~ Definitely one of my treasures now since it's so hard to find. Thank you so much for giving me the Joker standee ❤️
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - My Hero Academia / Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku (P.A.R.T.Y NIGHT) / bb
well received
[NL:R18] Doujinshi - NARUTO / Sasuke x Sakura (雷神様ノ贄乙女) / Amanojaku
well received
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Bungou Stray Dogs / Dazai Osamu x Nakahara Chuuya (reason) / HZK
Une belle commande très rapide et satisfaisante ! Merci
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Ookiku Furikabutte / Mihashi Ren x Abe Takaya (みっしりみはべまみれ) / SG
Excellent service. Thank you!!
(USED) Doujinshi - Ookiku Furikabutte / Abe Takaya x Mihashi Ren (kissable Honey’s lip!!きすあぶる はにぃず りっぷ (キスアブル ハニーズ リップ!)) / Aidikara
Excellent service. Thank you!!
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - ONE PIECE / Charlotte Katakuri (兄貴の処女をおれにくれ) / P波
Katakuri-chan <3
He is so cute, i love him so much in this douji.
Again a wonderful work.
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Kaiketsu Zorori (ゾロモグ 1) / Akai Muffler
Quality first purchase
I never done a review before, but I did get my book in short time. The book is in good shape too, so I'd say this is was a good buy. Also thank you for the extra book covers, that really helps.
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Anthology - My Hero Academia / Kirishima Eijiro x Bakugou Katsuki (IN THE BOX) / Hellenism
Nice stories
Three stories about TodoBaku, KatsuDeku and KiriBaku, a bit short but adorable!
Doujinshi - Promare / Galo x Lio (Waiting for the Sun) / mimosa
Good doujinshi
Good doujinshi. Came fast. It was in good shape.
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Anthology - Tales of Symphonia / Lloyd & Mitos & Zelos (恋のインディグネイション) / ちばショップ
Mon avis
Moitier doujin, moitier novel, avec juste image d'ilustration, mais c'est surtout du texte que de l'image.

un porte clef et un jolie sac Tales Of Symphonia en cadeau , pour une fan je suis happy, merci :D
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - My Hero Academia / Present Mic x Aizawa Shouta (ならくの底の) / 29 Q
My Hero Academia
Arrived very quickly, it was well packed. I have long been waiting for the appearance of this Doujinshi. Thank you so much
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Detroit: Become Human / Gavin Reed (セヴンナイツ) / love and hate
Thank you!
sexy and delicious piece, wonderfull story, I was happy to see my fav DBH couple~ very well drawn
(USED) Doujinshi - Detroit: Become Human / Connor (RK900) x Gavin Reed (あいのことば) / hapihapi
Thank you!
This is amazing art piece, I`d like skills of the artist and also a story, very sensitive and truly amazing!
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Shingeki no Kyojin / Levi x Eren (after FANSERVICE) / RODRING
In very good condition
Well it took around 2 weeks to arrive but when it arrived it was in excellent condition. Really enjoyed this DJ
(USED) Calendar 2017 - Haikyuu!! (【ハイキュー!!】2017刺傷カレンダー 岩泉一&及川徹(ぐさり) C91/刺傷)
So happy
great customer service, and very fast shipping, everything came safe and secure :) very happy will shop again!
(USED) Doujinshi - Illustration book - Omnibus - Haikyuu!! / Iwaizumi x Oikawa (【2冊組】刺傷再録集 傷痕 BtoE+フルカラーイラスト集) / Sashikizu
So happy
great customer service, and very fast shipping, everything came safe and secure :) very happy will shop again!
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - The Promised Neverland / Emma & Norman & Ray (Bon-appetit!) / さよなら来世
Perfect !!!
Fantastic sellers! Everything is absolutely perfect ! Highly recommended ! ^^
Calendar 2019 - Desk Calendar - Touhou Project / Reimu & Ran & Suwako (東方みにきゃらカレンダー2019(卓上ケース入り!))
Perefect, like always
I had been purchasing the same calendar (in their respective year) of the same guy since 3 or 4 years, but they are so cute, not that much expensive and with nice materials that I need to keep recomended it.
(USED) Doujinshi - My Hero Academia / Endeavor x Hawks (PROMISE) / SHIBA
One pretty book and beautiful history
The art is stunning, I'll definitely buy more from this artist. ♥
Excellent package and 1st class service from Otaku Republic. 100% trustworthy
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - My Hero Academia / Hawks x Endeavor (罪を憎んで人を憎まずにセクシー) / オミ屋
Loved it!!!
Perfectly packaged and the little gift is highly appreciated.
Is almost impossible to find these books so I was very happy to find it in this site. Thank you so much!
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - My Hero Academia / Endeavor x Hawks (待てない炎ホ) / 極太
It's on fire!!! ♥
I love it! I've followed the artist and fallen for the style. Despise being used, the flaws are almost nothing. One beautiful and perfect doujin.
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Omnibus - PSYCHO-PASS / Kougami x Ginoza (7men_Re_PP2) / 7 Men Zippo
I do not even know where to start......
Oh my badness......I discovered this circle back in April of this year (Akira Kamishima's Hypnosismic doujinshi are sexy as hell) and immediately knew I had found another great artist's doujinshi to collect.

Now, I am kind of a seasoned hardcore fan of all things Yaoi but I must admit this omnibus had me feeling like it was my first time reading Yaoi. For real. I was so surprised and delighted by my reaction. You know how you get when you are dying from all the sweetness, love and sex between your favorite characters. The only other time I felt this way was with my first experience with Yaoi (my beloved Hijikata and Gintoki).

I share this because the circle is amazing. They were able to make me feel so happy and relaxed. My life is hectic and very stressful. Yaoi is my wonderful escape from reality so I love when a doujinshi makes me forget everything and just feel happy. This one does.

I was delighted when I stumbled across 7 Men Zippo's decadent Psycho Pass doujinshi. I love Ginoza (my fav) and Kogami. Together, they are soooo hot! This circle has a very unique style of being naughty. This doujinshi is packed full of hot sex, naughty situations, more hot sex, and sexy situations leading to more hot sex. Some of the panels are to die for. I love the tension between the characters in certain panels. Only a great author/illustrator can pull you into a story. I love this circle and am now on a mission to collect even more from 7 Men Zippo.

If you are looking for a doujinshi with some tenderness, yummy sex and hot detailed illustrations, this is it. Buy it and be ready to read a doujinshi that will provide you with lots of fun and happiness. It's so sweet.
(USED) Doujinshi - Touken Ranbu / Hizamaru x Higekiri (【A5サイズ版】傾国) / BLACK LABEL
I love Black Label's covers and illustrations
This is the first doujinshi from this circle I have purchased. I actually ran across it (and the others by accident). I was scrolling through pictures on Pinterest and came across some of these beautiful Touken Ranbu images. A few days later, while shopping this site (my second home!!), I ran across this. I was so excited to purchase such a lovely book. My favorite of this pairing is Hizamaru and I loved how he was drawn. So beautiful.

This book is beyond my reading skills in Japanese due to Kanji. I am close to entering that level of learning Japanese. So close but it is so very far at the same time. If you have or are in the process of learning Japanese, you understand what I mean about Kanji. For me, this book is like a novel with illustrations. For someone learning to read and write Japanese, it's what I consider a stepping stone to master before moving onto doujin novels without illustrations. That being said, I am thrilled to have it and did my best, slowly taking in each page, one right after the other, not being intimidated by Kanji. This is what I experienced:

This book feels so peaceful and quiet to me. Each page is beautifully illustrated and dripping with raw emotion. The story itself pulls you along and into the complex bliss of each chapter, each situation. It is ever changing and moves forward to an end, almost like a whisper. I know this seems like a weird review but it is how I feel.

When you are learning Japanese, it takes each doujinsh you have to a whole new level. Rather than just buying books for illustrations (no judgement, I do it too!), you are able to understand the panels as a story, little by little.

Wow, this doujinshi was intriguing. Each moment mourned, celebrated, every tear and drop of blood shed quietly takes over your senses. If you are looking for doujinshi with hot sex scenes, this isn't for you. If you want to experience a story capable of drawing you in, this is for you. I really like the work of this circle and will be purchasing more in the future.
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Ryu ga Gotoku / Sagawa Tsukasa x Majima Goro (一九八八の亡霊) / ハッテン場-弐號館-
Thank you!
Book arrived in very good condition! Thank you!
Doujinshi - Maple Story (白ちゃんといっしょ!) / Benika's BOOTH
This make my day
This is pure art, and the expression. Gosh! i never knew that i need this in my life until i buy it. The papel is a bit weird, a difference with the other from benika but meh!
btw comes with a gift!!!!
Doujinshi - Maple Story (私は英雄になれない) / Benika's BOOTH
Let me die in peace
This is art, i love this even if i don't understand the japanese really good, i'm in true love with the expressions and gosh, phantom deserves more love!

A mexican girl aproved this <3
(USED) Doujinshi - My Hero Academia / Kaminari Denki x Bakugou Katsuki (水溜りのフェルマータ) / うまみ贅沢出汁
Nice and cute story
Also, glitter beautiful cover of item
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Persona5 / Protagonist (Persona 5) x Akechi Gorou (Trick or treat?) / Banyu
Beautiful artwork
I really enjoy the comic's art style and I had to bought 4 other Shuake fancomics from this circle too. I can read a little bit japanese so i had some idea of the 'story' too.
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Omnibus - Fullmetal Alchemist / Roy Mustang x Edward Elric (駄録ULTRA C) / Daen
Thank you so much for the package. It arrived quickly and in good condition.
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Omnibus - Togainu no Chi / Shiki x Akira (complete シキアキ再録) / Haruka Kano Uta
Hot and thought provoking, just like the visual novel *CONTAINS VISUAL NOVEL SPOILERS*
Togainu no Chi always makes me cry. This omnibus contains stories that continue on and compliment the visual novel. Also, I was so surprised to find two beautiful card like images of Shiki and Akira inside the doujinshi! They fell onto my desk when I opened the book for the first time. What a beautiful bonus present!

This doujinshi is excellent. The illustrations are excellent. I love the attention to all the details. The author has some serious subtle focus on Akira's piercing. I am so happy about it too. The piercing and it's meaning are one of my favorite parts of the BL visual novel. I love how it comes up in this doujinshi.

Seriously, I think Shiki is beyond scrumptious and whole Akira" belongs to him", his proof is the piercing and the mix of pleasure and pain it causes. Thinking about this dynamic of the character's relationship makes me love the story all the more.

You know when you watch Togainu no Chi you are in for a wild, violent, unapologetic ride with all rules thrown out the window. This doujinshi allows me to continue on with the joy, awe, and love I have for the whole visual novel.

I love this doujinshi. If you buy this, I promise you will not be disappointed. I am always on the lookout for doujinshi with Shiki as you are able to see more facial expressions than you do in the visual novel or the anime. This doujinshi generously provides this. Thank you Haruka Kano Uta.

*SPOILER INFO* What path does your ideal Shiki and Akira go down? I honestly like world dictator Shiki with his faithful secretary and companion Akira. I also like "gone away on business (killing)" Shiki and lonely, trampy Akira. They are the only options for me as I cannot accept wheelchair Shiki, NEVER! I literally cry whenever I think of a lifeless Shiki. I wish I could turn back time and never see this particular option in the visual novel. While the other two are not necessarily happy endings, they are so much palatable that wheelchair Shiki*END OF SPOILER INFO*
[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - My Hero Academia / Kirishima Eijiro x Bakugou Katsuki (俺の彼氏がこんなに可愛いわけがある) / Hellenism
Very satisfied
A cute and sexy story. Love the drawing!
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Haikyuu!! / Iwaizumi x Oikawa (性純同性交遊 ☆ハイキュー) / SUM‐LIE
10/10! I really enjoyed this one, and it arrived in perfect condition, as always. I love everything by this circle, honestly, and this is one of my favorites. I’ll definitely be buying more.
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Haikyuu!! / Iwaizumi x Oikawa (練習試合のあとは必ずセックスしたくなる) / サムライ
Great product
It arrived quickly and in great condition! Will definitely buy more in the future, especially from this artist!
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Touken Ranbu / Ookurikara x Shokudaikiri Mitsutada (みついろまんぞく) / アゴビカリばなな
This blew me away.....excellent illustrations and wicked sex, sex and sex!!!!
I do not even know where to start. I bought this because I loved the illustrations from the item page. Ookurikara has been captured perfectly. Ookurikara is one of my favorite characters. Honestly, he has never looked hotter. This circle has accomplished a level I have not seen too many doujinshi reach. It contains some of the most beautiful and naughtiest Ookurikara illustrations I have ever seen.

It is beyond good, excellent, and mind blowing. This doujinshi starts with some sex served up on a sexy platter. Not just any old sexy platter, the sexiest, I swear, platter I have ever seen. Then, it takes a turn into a sweet and very romantic view of their relationship. Then, it is back to sexy town, where is remains until the end. I cannot believe how amazing this doujinshi is.

Please, please buy this if you are a fan of this pairing. It is hands down, one of my top rated in my personal library. I have several circles I have fallen in love with and now collect their other doujinshi after reading just one book. This circle is excellent and I will be looking into buying more of their work.
(USED) [Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - K (K Project) / Saruhiko x Misaki (美咲くんのがんばれない!) / planet