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Have I kept you waiting?


:*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ(・∀・)人(・∀・)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:


Result Presentation of the second Otaku Republic questionnaire "Attack on Titan character popularity ranking”!


We carried out a questionnaire “Who is your most favorite character in Attack on Titan?” targeting the readers of News Letter!  There are many choices but as I imagined, votes were concentrated fiercely on popular characters...(∩ ゜ω゜)つ  Comments were filled with love.  Staffs saw those comments fully realized how much this anime is lived... .


Well, let’s go!  The character who won the prestigious first place is Mikasa Ackerman+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚:.。+゚!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Wow wow!!!  Congratulations!!  The number of votes obtained was just one more than the second place!!  Until part of the way, Mikasa lost the lead to the second but major reversal has happened at the last moment!  It was a fierce battle!  One vote!  Just a one vote!

And the second place is of course him!









Gee it was almost!  Levi came in a slamming 1st place right from the beginning of questionnaire, he couldn’t outrun from catch-up of Mikasa!  Just one vote difference!  It was really fierce!!  It was a battle between Mikasa and Levi!!  They are representative sadistic duo of Attack on Titan... ((( ;゜Д゜)))  They are sadistic not only against titans but also Eren, Jean, Armin and Hanji.  Comments from voters were filled with passion such as “Cool and awesome!”, “Too good looking!”, “Mikasa beats up Eren, nice!” and so on.  They were fascinated with such attitude.  Yes, the reason they are loved is distilled to one thing “Strong, beautiful and having an arch aspect!”  Then why Mikasa overtook Levi and took the first place...?  The reasons why Mikasa beat Levi were told in comment column. 



Half of voters said  “She is very lovely”. 



There were also comments saying “She is cool” as with Levi, but more people who said “Mikasa is cute” than we expected.  Mikasa was depicted as cool and good-looking woman who is calm in the midst of battle against titans and she is the most excellent in combat. 

But the scene she weeps bitterly when she knew Eren is alive in episode 8 of anime and her words to Eren in episode 50 of comics


“Thank you for looping scarf around my neck”


(I think I better not talk too much to avoid spoiler) reminded me she is still 15 years old girl.  I guess fans who feel drawn to the real face, that you can see for only a moment, of 15 years old girl, who is a warrior fights without being scared of dying, carried her to the top.  She is strong, bit lack flexibility and likes Eren very much.  Congratulations on taking first place!!  I give my blessing from my heart!!!!!!!



And Levi graced second place.  It was so close!  His appeals are the strongest human, a clean freak, bodily characteristics or there is no need to explain!  Currently, a comic which depicts the past of Levi is serialized.  The plot is told from when he joined scout regiment.  There are many feeling comments such as “Because he is strong, handsome and very charming!” for Levi who drives Titans out niftily! 



True!  His image was strong as devil and holding others at arm’s length at first but after he protected Eren with his team, there are any occasions where he is depicted more human and kind as much as Mikasa such as “he is a clean freak and he takes the initiative on cleaning”, “the way he drinks tea is very individualistic”, “he gives consideration to team members who attach themselves to him” and so on.  It is nice!  If I entered the world of “Attack on Titan”, I want to be his subordinate (*‘ω‘ *)!(I can see a possibility I will be eaten by Titan before that...)  I had very little doubt that he would take the first place...  Boy on boy, goodness knows what will happen!  I would like him to avenge a defeat if we have questionnaire again!



Well, the third place is of course the protagonist of “Attack on Titan” Eren Jaeger\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/!!!!!! 



He lost by an overwhelming margin but there are overwhelming margin to the fourth place!  It is strange...even he is a protagonist... (*´゚д゚)  Is that because he is often abducted and helped by Levi and Mikasa?  But he lives life to the extreme!  I cannot be a spoiler but he will be given full play soon!



By the way, the fourth place was Armin Arlelt and the fifth place was Ymir!  Even Titan didn’t take the fifth place but there are more voters who voted for Titan than I expected.  I was actually shaking I my shoes to worry if he takes the first place...ヾ(;´Д`●)ノ  It was scary.  If he took the first place, what I should have made...!



Well, “Attack on Titans character popularity ranking” was finished like this!  If we carry out questionnaire again, it will be around the second season of anime...I hope the time comes.  I will wait forever(●´∀`)!


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