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Mikasa is a heroin of “Shingeki no Kyojin” with height 170 cm and weight 68 kg. For your information, as a hero Eren is 170 cm tall and weighing 63 kg., this is one of the reasons that Eren is referred to as a heroin.
She has actually very unique blood race. As the matter of fact, she has a Japanese blood race with black hair and black eye that is very rare in this world of animation.
I don’t care even she is heavy or not, I do love her very much. Hoop, because of her beauty, she has been attracted by human-trafficking and even her parents were spared. But, Eren came to save her, since then, Mikasa has adored Eren. Whoop.

As you already catch up, Mikasa is splendidly beautiful girl. Due to the effect of her parents murder, she looks very cold minded but she is a affectionate person and when it aimed towards Ellen, just think of that. There seems to have something mental trouble, but never mind, I love her anyway.

She has inborn physical ability and high combat technique. She is referred to as single soldier equivalent to 100 soldiers. By the way, it is said that Levi is equivalent to 4,000 soldiers. How great Levi is.

Name of Mikasa is taken from the warship Mikasa which participated active battle during Russo-Japanese War. Reader of this page can imagine that there are many contents of Mikasa’s Dojinshi with Ellen.

"My special ability is to tip off the meat."

Hey Mikasa, I’m frightened. But, cute, son of a gun.

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