★Saori Press Vol.41★the result of KuroBasu Popularity RakingⅡ!


Who’s gonna be crowned with the second victory? 

Here comes the announcement of the result of Kuroko no Basuke Characters’ Popularity Vote ~PartⅡ~



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ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙ “Hello everybody!  Speaking of my favorite color, I would say ‘yellow’.  It’s Saori from Otaku Republic!”



(  'ω') “Hello everybody.  Speaking of my favorite color, I would say ‘orange’.  I’m a boss of Otaku Republic.”







(・ω・) “Now I know.  That’s why the theme color of Otaku Republic is orange.”



(  'ω') “Yep.  It’s like a warm color, isn’t it?  It makes us relieved somehow...”



ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ “Exactly!  You always want customers to feel free and come visit us, right?  I appreciate your thoughtfulness, our great boss!”



(  'ω')



(・ω・ ) “?”



(  'ω')



(・ω・ ) “I mean.., really....?  You just simply said your favorite color, didn’t you...?



(  'ω') “Well..., hey!!!!  What’s new for today’s Saori Press??”



ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ “All ready!  Here’s Saori Press for today!!”





(  'ω') “Yes!  The popularity vote for Kuroko no Basuke, right?”



m9(`・ω・´)っ “We’ve been accepting your vote for such a long time, but it’s finally time to finish and announce the result!!”





Who’s gonna be crowned with the second victory? 

Here comes the announcement of the result of Kuroko no Basuke Characters’ Popularity Vote ~PartⅡ~




m9(`・ω・´)っ “Oh, wait!!”



(  'ω') “C’mon!!  What is it?”



m9(`・ω・´)っ “Let’s go over the last ranking one more time!”


1st  Kuroko Tetsuya

2nd  Kise Ryouta

3rd  Kagami TaigaAomine DaikiAkashi Seijurou

6th  Kasamatsu Yukio

7th  Murasakibara Atsushi

8th  Takao Kazunari

9th  Izuki Shun

10th  Kiyoshi Teppei

11th  Midorima ShintarouTetsuya 2-gou



(  'ω') “Hmmm... wasn’t it was like almost half a year ago?”



(。・ω・。) “Yeah... even though there were not as many visitors as now, we surely had so many passionate comments then!”



(  'ω') “I wonder if Kuroko-Kun will keep No.1...?”



m9(`・ω・´)っ “Is somebody going to usurp the throne?  Or not?  Now, it’s time to make an announcement!  The glorious 1st place goes to....., it’s of course!!!!”



1st place Kuroko TetsuyaThe last 1st place)




ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ “He beautifully and desperately defended the throne, shaking off the other characters’ hot chase!  Kuroko-Kun, you won a series of victories!!!  Congratulations!!!!”



★Comments that we’ve got from his fans★

・I like his basketball style and he's such a cutie!
・Best waifu
・he's so cute
・In a tie with Kise but I choose Kuroko over him because he believes in his teammates and wants to defeat the Generation to prove that victory isnt all and stuff. He is so cute OwO
・As a basketball player he is a "shadow", but through his on and off court actions, he brings many of his friends and competitors into the light.
・I love his personality and his passes!
・He's so cute!!
・His cool and calm attitude really got my heart! The best main chara ever XD



(  'ω') “That’s like a main character!... even though it should be so hard to win a series of victories just because he is a main character.  But he actually did it.  There must be something more fascinating about him than just being a main character, I guess.  Congratulations!!!”



ヽ(・∀・*)ノ “Yes, I know it!  There are so many words, Cutein those comments.  I totally agree with them too, especially since he’s a little shorter and more modest, compared with other Kiseki no Sedai...!  Yes, Saori knows how you guys think he is Cute too!”













ヽ(・∀・*)ノ “See?  He’s so cute, right?”



(  'ω') (Is it just my imagination...?  He seems to be with Tetsuya 2-gou all the time...)



(・ω・) “So..., the ‘cuteness’ is just his charm then? ... Nope, that’s not correct.”






(  'ω') “I have to say.., his charm is having ‘a strong will’, and also ‘looking cool’.”



ヽ(・∀・*)ノ “He never gives in, even though the opponent players are taller than him, or their physical abilities are higher than him.  He never fails to lead his team, for the victory and his teammates, believing in the victory!”



 “We’re not done yet.  I will beat you!”




(*゜∀゜)=3 “Whoaaa!!! He’s so coooool!!!!”



(  'ω') “And you know what?  He never shares his strength only with his teammates.”







ヽ(・∀・*)ノ “In season 3, he even lead his team to the victory, comforting Kise-Kun, who is his rival, despite their fate in the past!!  (Oops, I can’t say this anymore.  Check out the anime which is now being televised, if you really know what this means!)”



(  'ω') “He is always quiet and polite..., but when it comes to the game, he can’t help but being passionate!  That’s Kuroko-Kun!”



o(´∀`o三o´v`)o “That’s him..., I mean, that is why!!!  He has two crowns!  And again, congratulations!!!!”



(  'ω') “Okay now..., will you tell us who’s got 2nd place?”



o(´∀`o三o´v`)o “Boss!  Be more patient!!!  I’ll announce it now!  Even though he was so close to Kuroko-Kun, he got 2nd place by many votes far ahead of 3rd place!”



(  'ω') “Okay, it’s time to make an announcement... The 2nd place of Kuroko no Basuke Characters’ Popularity Vote ~PartⅡ~ is...”










2nd place  Akashi Seijurou  (The last 3rd place)




(((( ;゜Д゜))) “Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m scared!!!!!!”



(  'ω') “I’m not.”





★Comments that we’ve got from his fans★

・Akashi-sama is so arrogant yet cool. He has this really intimidating aura despite being on the short side. And he knows how to intimidate others just by looking at them, that's a talent. It's the kind of person you want to know more about. 
・He's complex, and has a impressive prowess. However, he's also flawed.
・Akashi Seijurou is no doubt a mysterious character since the beginning of the series. The intimidating air around him makes me attracted to him and curious about his past. With tragic past of losing his mother, the way he was treat strictly since he was a child, as well as obligated to succeed in all areas which later on causes him to have split personalities only add more of my sympathy towards his character. However, It undeniable that because he's perfect in everything along with his sexy spiky red hair and charming heterochromatic eyes already make my heart melt. *squeals* His plays are elegant, flawless and majestic, not to mention that stunning use of Emperor Eye. He truly a genius and a tactician seeing that he possessed exceptional leadership skills with proficient plan. Besides, his cocky attitudes of orders are absolute' which demands respect from everyone is just too awesome with OPness. *lol*

I always see him as a kuudere person. You just got to admit that he unbearable cute and adorable behind that cool handsome face. *glomp him tightly* Although he always seem unapproachable, I believe he is a sweet person and will warm up once you get to know him. It possible that deep down inside he insecure and afraid of letting his father down so that maybe why he always keep others at arm-length by showing his confidence to cover up that fact. It actually sadden me to see that he was raised up that way and barely get enough love from his father. Sei-chan lacks so much love and he definitely deserves better! 

All in all, the fact that he appears to be perfect in everything but actually it was to cover up his inner weaknesses along with how he was still being a baby in the area of emotion, especially emotions like love makes me love him, adore him and addicted to him. Thus, it undoubtedly as to why he always have and always will be my favorite KnB character. \(>w<)/


(((( ;゜Д゜))) “Even though he got a lot more votes than he did the last time he got 3rd place, he lost a close game with Kuroko-Kun and got 2nd place...!”



(  'ω') “Although Kuroko-Kun got the most votes, Akashi-Sama got 1st place for the numbers of the comments he got.  Congratulations!”






(((( ;゜Д゜))) “....scary.”



(  'ω') “Excuse me.  Right now, the scene, where he plays the game real seriously, has been shown on TV.  That’s why he has this serious expression on his face.  He used to appear only in the memory but he started appearing as a real roll since Season 3.”






(((( ;゜Д゜))) “...scary.”



(  'ω') “That means, he’s that serious to win the game.  Actually most of his fans who voted for him say they like him because he has ‘the overwhelming charisma and perfection’.”



(・ω・)”That’s for sure... even though he has capability of playing basketball, it would usually be impossible for a student in a lower grade to lead the team, including teammates in a higher grades (not forcing them though..), right?”








(  'ω') “What he says or acts are a little violent (for example, in this scene↓), ...but that makes us think that he is completely serious.  I like the way he is though.  And he is so cool too!”






(((( ;゜Д゜))) “Wha..what is he saying in this scene...?”



(  'ω') “That’s a secret.❤  As the anime has just started, you can still catch up with it.  Make sure if you’re interested in it, watch it! (from the beginning if possible)  ... By the way, you might be able to see Akashi-Sama, who is not ‘only scary’ but also has some other colors...  Whoever wants to know more about his charm, don’t miss it!”








(・ω・)“We were cheering him up..., and I was too, of course..  I’m sorry that he couldn’t win 1st place...”



(  'ω') “Way to go though!  It’s no exaggeration to say Season 3 is all for him, right?  I bet more and more people will be his fans after they see him playing the game or living his usual days on TV.  I believe it won’t be long before he takes the throne from Kuroko-Kun.”







(・ω・) “Even though Kuroko-Kun was the one who won the bitter battle, Akashi-Sama did really good too.  Thank you all for the passionate comments, Asashi-Sama’s fans!!”



(  'ω')  “Okay then, (since we’re getting limitation of this article) let’s move on to 3rd place!”



o(´∀`o三o´v`)o “Don’t you worry!  Even though he was right in the middle of the top three ranking’s bitter scramble at the last voting...., he defended his position this time too!”



(  'ω') “Oh?  That means....!”



m9っ`・ω・´) “Let me announce it!  He got 3rd place, defending the bronze medal from his great work of Season 2!  It’s absolutely...!!!!”







3rd place Kagami TaigaThe last 3rd place)




★Comments that we’ve got from his fans★

・He's Cool :D
・He's the cutest!
・I Love The Life of Challenges! Like he does exactly!!
・he's an idiot but i can't hate hiM I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS FEELING and more…!!!


(  'ω') “His charm is definitely....”



(・ω・) “If I speak ambiguously, he acts before thinking with a challenging spirit, I guess.









(  'ω') “If you speak directly then?”



(・ω・)“ Just beat them in full blast!’






(  'ω') “I like Kagami-Kun, since he has a personality like, ‘gives a try first!’.  He has grown so much around the final episode of Season 2, I think.  I came to like him even more then!”



(。-`ω-) “Yes, it was a battle with one of the members of Kiseki no Sedai, Murasakibara-Kun, wasn’t it...?”



(  'ω') “Yeah... but in his case, the battle with Himuro-Kun seemed to be more important than with Murasakibara-Kun...”












(  'ω') “Most of the time, the stories in Kuroko no Basketball basically start with the battles of Kuroko-Kun’s acquaintances (=Kiseki no Sedai), but this time, it looks like his past got in the spotlight too.”






o(´∀`o三o´v`)o “It was such a great episode when his mental growth conveyed to Kuroko-Kun and their combination played as light and shadow got even stronger!  As I showed you a picture above, you will definitely fall in love with such a handsome Kagami-Kun!!!”



(  'ω') “He might not appear that often in Season 3 but I’m sure that he will appear more around the final episode!  Even though he got 3rd place just like the last voting, the numbers of the votes increased a lot!!”



(゜▽゜*) “We just can’t wait to see how he will raise his rank at the next popularity vote, can we, boss! ?”






☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆ “And now!  I will announce 3rd place and below!”



4th place Kise Ryouta (The last 2nd place)


★Comments that we’ve got from his fans★

・He's perfection itself, and also, Kimura Ryouhei ngnhgnghgn <3
・Cute and funny
・He's energetic and never gives up!
・its kise, duh!




5th place Takao Kazunari (The last 8th place)


★Comments that we’ve got from his fans★

・He's sweet, funny, has good sense of humour and his play style and abilities are cool =333
・He's funny and really hardworking. Besides I love how interacts with Midorima




6th place Kasamatsu Yukio (The last 6th place)


★Comments that we’ve got from his fans★

・I've got a crush the size of the Empire State on him.




7th place  Aomine Daiki (The last 3rd place)


★Comments that we’ve got from his fans★

・I just love Aomine's backstory! His tragedy is being the best!
・The only one who can beat Aomine is Aomine.
・He's hot!!! 




8th place  Kiyoshi Teppei (The last 10th place)


★Comments that we’ve got from his fans★

・He's my favourite character, funny and tenacious, he's a amazing guy. But I also like the others, many are very good !
・If I could, I would vote for Kagami and Kasamatsu-senpai too (he's just so cool and cute).




9th place  Midorima Shintarou (The last 11th place)





10th place  Furihata Kouki (NEW!!)


★Comments that we’ve got from his fans★

・He's really cute
・He's a hard worker who knows the extent of his ability.




11th place  Tetsuya 2-gou (The last 11th place)


★Comments that we’ve got from his fans★

・Because Saori-sama likes him! ヾ(゚∀`*)ノ゙三 三ヾ(*´∀゚)ノ゙ Thankyou Verymuch!!!!!!!




12th place  Mayuzumi Chihiro (NEW!!)


★Comments that we’ve got from his fans★

・He's a very mysterious character, and seems to have a very deep personnality! I really like him.




(  'ω') “The ranking’s order has totally changed from the last voting, hasn’t it?”



o(´∀`o三o´v`)o “My loving Tetsuya 2-gou defended 11th place desperately too!!!”



(  'ω') “That’s great for sure...  The reason why Kiyoshi-Kun and Furihata-Kun got ranked up is because they were so active around the final episode of Season 2, I guess.”





(・ω・) “By the way..., who is Mayuzumi Chihiro who got 12th place?”



(  'ω') “Oh?  You don’t know him?!  There are even many people in the world, who knew he had appeared and voted for his charm...”



ヽ(`д´;)/ “Mmmm...”



(  'ω') “He will... appear soon.  We didn’t put his picture wearing his whole uniform, since we didn’t want to expose the story.  To all the fans of Mayuzumi-Kun, we’re sorry about it.  But I bet people who knew him for the first time will want to search for him!”



(・ω・) (Yeah..., I feel like he looks like someone...)






(  'ω') “Oh well!  How did you like it, guys?”



o(´∀`o三o´v`)o “The anime of Kuroko no Basuke is approaching the final episode after the original was finished too!!  The result of Kuroko no Basuke Characters’ Popularity Vote ~PartⅡ~’s 1st place was Kuroko-Kun!



(  'ω') “I wonder when is the next voting...  But it looks like there’s something special even after the final episode?”




“So, this is all for Popularity Vote ~PartⅡ~!  We’ll see you at the next Popularity Vote! Bye guys!”

:*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ(・∀・)人(・∀・)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:







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