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★Saori Press Vol.54★A special article uneven-combination Chara!←New!

★Saori Press Vol.53★A special article for the items of summer!

★Saori Press Vol.52★A special article for summer anime, 2015!

★Saori Press Vol.51★A special article for the "Sea" anime !

★Saori Press Vol.50★A special article for umbrella characters!

★Saori Press Vol.49★A special article for the anime movie 2015!

★Saori Press Vol.48★A special article for Golden Week Holidays!!

★Saori Press Vol.47★A special article “Personification” anime!

★Special Saori Press! Welcome to Otaku Republic! new faces!

★Saori Press Vol.46★A special article the related occupations!

★Saori Press Vol.45★A special article for Sakura characters!

★Saori Press Vol.44★Here are reviews for the new spring anime!

★Saori Press Vol.43★A special article characters fight with gun!

★Saori Press Vol.42★A special article for graduation ceremonies!

★Saori Press Vol.41★the result of KuroBasu Popularity RakingⅡ!

★Saori Press Vol.40★Article for ‘master and servant’ characters!

★Saori Press Vol.39★Sightseeing spots for Japanese anime!

★Saori Press Vol.38★A special article for the Valentine’s Day!

★Saori Press Vol.37★A special article of odd-eye character!

★Saori Press Vol.36★The result of Winter anime ranking 2015!

★Saori Press Vol.35★A special article for the assassin !!

★Saori Press Vol.34★Happy Merry Christmas! A Sacred Saori Press!

★Saori Press Vol.33★Happy New Year  is just around the corner!  Let’s prepare the new anime of 2015!

★Saori Press Vol.32★A special article for Ikebukuro!

★Saori Press Vol.31★Special article about the ‘Ice’ Character!

★Saori Press Vol.30★Result of Yowamushi Pedal character Ranking!

★Saori Press Vol.29★A special article anime moves us to tears!

★Saori Press Vol.28★ A special article for cats’ characters!

★Saori Press Vol.27★A special article of dogs’ characters!

★Saori Press Vol.26★ A special article for Halloween’!

★Saori Press Vol.25★The anime that we can watch being relaxed!

★Saori Press Vol.24★ A special article of Kyoto Animation!

★Saori Press Vol.23★ Haikyuu!! result of characters’ Ranking!!

★Saori Press Vol.22★ Review of the autumn anime, 2014!

★Saori Press Vol.21★ Article for the characters’ combination!

★Saori Press Vol.20★ A special article for light novel anime!!

★Saori Press Vol.19★ A special article for the sports anime!!

★Saori Press Vol.18★ Let’s learn “Comiket?” from Comiket 86!

★Saori Press Vol.17★ special article Ponytail Joshi!

★Saori Press Vol.16★ special article Megane-Danshi character!

★Saori Press Vol.15★ Result Free! Characters Ranking!!

★Saori Press Vol.14★ A special article for the Japanese anime!

★Saori Press Vol.13★ A special article for the horror games!!

★Saori Press Vol.12★ Special article for the magic girls’ anime!

★Saori Press Vol.11★ Saori’s article for cute characters!!

★Saori Press Vol.10★ Let’s review summer anime, 2014 together!

★Saori Press Vol.9★How about splendid love? Otome Game special!

★Saori Press Vol.8★ Saori’s recommendations, RPG Games!

★Saori Press Vol.7★ Saori’s recommendations, Idol Anime!

★Saori Press Vol.6★ Saori’s recommendations, PC and mobile game!

★Saori Press Vol.5★ Slice of life Anime!

★Saori Press Vol.4★ Sequel rush! Anime titles!!

★Saori Press Vol.3★ Waste of talent!!

★Saori Press Vol.2★ It has a special mood!!

★Saori Press Vol.1★ Anime × Olympic Games!



Special Saori Press


■ Special Saori Press!! Let’s review Comiket 87!←New!

■ Special Saori Press!! Happy Birthday Saori & Boss!!!!

■ Special Saori Press! The anime Saori wants to recommend to you!



Otaku Republic Questionnaire

Special Saori Press! Love Live Popularity Vote!!←New!

 Here comes the announcement of the result of Kuroko no Basuke Characters’ Popularity Vote ~PartⅡ~

■ This is a remarkable anime title! Here comes the result of anime ranking 2015!

■ Mount the podium with 15cm high!!!  Result of Yowamushi Pedal character Ranking!

■ Fly higher anybody else! Haikyuu!! popularity ranking!

■ Result Free! Characters Ranking!!

■ The announcement of summer anime popularity ranking 2014!

■ Here is the result of the popular votes of Kuroko no Basuke!!

■ Thank you for waiting! Result of spring 2014 ANIME RANKINGS!!!

■ Danganronpa popularity vote!!

■ Attack on Titan character popularity ranking

■ 2014 winter anime popularity ranking (by episode 1)



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