★Saori Press Vol.42★A special article for graduation ceremonies!


The ceremony of farewell and beginning!  A special article for the anime that shows graduation ceremonies!



(*゜∀゜*) “Hello everybody!  It’s Saori from Otaku Republic, who recently graduated from having tea time (snack time) at 3:00pm for my diet!”



( 'ω') “Hello everybody.  What have I graduated from...?”



( 'ω')



( 'ω')



( 'ω')




( 'ω') “None.... for real?  Nothing.  Hmm.. that’s me.  I’m a boss of Otaku Republic.”



(´Д`υ) “Sigh... it’s hard without tea time though....  I’m hungy.”





( 'ω') “What... really?  Did you really graduate from tea time?  Weren’t you buying chocolates, osenbei (rice crackers) and a banana cake the other day?”



Σ(`Д`;≡;゜Д゜)!! “AAAaaanway! We will tell everybody something very important today in this Saori Press!  Guess what!  It’s about one of the biggest events in Japan!  Are you guys ready?”



★Spring in Japan!  It’s the season for the cherry-blossom!★



(*゜∀゜*) “In Japan, Sakura (cherry-blossm), the trees with pink flowers, bloom in March and April.”



( 'ω') “We, Japanese, think of Sakura as especially important flowers.  We even have a custom which we have a flower viewing (cherry-blossom viewing picnic party), admiring Sakura, when they bloom so beautifully.”



ヾ(-∀・*) “It’s such an important event for us to interact with people whom we meet in spring, eating, drinking and watching beautiful the Sakura!”



( 'ω') “Since the temperature is just comfortably warm, it’s the best season to go on a picnic too.”










ヾ(・ω・`*) “Well, we have another event in schools of Japan, beside the flower viewing in the season with Sakura too.”



( 'ω') “We’ve told you guys a little about it previously in Saori Press before too, remember?”


★Saori Press Vol.5★ Slice of life Anime!




!!(●ω●;) “Whoaaaa!  It’s the one written exactly a year ago!!!”



( 'ω') “Hehehe... I remember this so well.”



(ノω`*)σ) 'ω'))) “Boss!  Don’t humiliate me!  Oh well, here comes today’s special article!”




★The ceremony of farewell and beginning! 

 A special article for the anime that shows graduation ceremonies!★




( 'ω') “Hmm.. what is the graduation ceremony?”



ヾ(-∀・*) “In short, it’s kind of like a farewell ceremony that sends out students who completed school.  It’s the ceremony that sends out the students who have learned what they’re supposed to learn and have permission to go on to the next step.”



( 'ω') “It’s unexpectedly hard to explain the definition of it, isn’t it?”



(σ´□`)σ “Yes, it sure is...  It’s not rare at all for Japanese people, since we experience it when we graduate from elementary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools and colleges, right?”



( 'ω') “It’s a little sad event, since they have to leave schools that they’ve spent a long time attending and even have to say good-bye to their friends too...”



(。-`ω-) “It’s a necessary event for people who go to school...  We can meet great companions that miss the farewell, because we go to schools.”





(*゜∀゜*) “Okay now, are you guys ready?  We’ll show you some anime that show such an important event in the stories!”


Love Live!




















Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo










Angel Beats!





Riddle Story of Devil





( 'ω') “It’s quite common but.... it looks like most of them are school-based anime, right?”



ヾ(-∀・*) “Yes they are!  Although, Angel Beats! and Riddle Story of Devil don’t have actual meaning of ‘graduation’...”



( 'ω') “???”



(。-`ω-) “Anyway, the graduation ceremony is the event that could change the environment of the characters’ lives.  Most of them are the ones that we can’t watch without tears...!”




ヾ(・ω・`*) “To me (Saori), the most impressive graduation ceremony is the one in K-ON!!  Four main characters, out of five, graduate from school.  One of them who will be left out at school is their junior, Azu-Nyan.”





ヾ(・ω・`*) “The thing that four seniors who graduate devote to Azu-Nyan, is... very important, even though it’s not materialistic.”



( 'ω') “I see...”



ヾ(-∀・*) “You have had such an experience, didn’t you, Boss?  The one that you devoted something to your juniors through the club activity that you joined...?”



( 'ω') “Nope..., I didn’t belong to any club activities back then.”






( 'ω') “Spring... It’s the season of both farewell and encounter.  Try to remember Japan when you have chance to see Sakura.”




ヾ(-∀・*) “Okay this is all for today!  Boss!  Be sure to graduate from something until the next Press!”



( 'ω') “No way!”



ヾ(-∀・*) “Well now, we’ll see you guys at the next Saori Press!!”




:*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ( 'ω')人(・∀・)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:


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