★Saori Press Vol.15★ Result Free! Characters Ranking!!


Eternal Summer!! Result Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club) Characters Ranking!!


※Please be careful. You’ll see a few spoilers of episode one to four.


★Commemoration for opening the questionnaire! Free!Champaign★

To commemorate the opening the questionnaire,

we’ll give a present to people who buy items of Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club) by August 31

You’ll never see what you get until you get the item ,so look forward to it(^艸^)!



Well, well, everybody!  Thanks for waiting for such a long time! o(´∀`o三o´v`)o

It’s about time we chose who is the most popular character in Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club)!



Tapestry - Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club)



The number of voting was twice as much as Dnganronpa Characters Ranking, which was the highest until then! 

We have also got the most passionate comments among all the rankings we’d conducted so far・+(*゜∀゜*)+・!

It’s time to announce the result of 【The first Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club) Characters Ranking)】!




We were so honored and glad that we could read your increasing comments every day! 

When reading all of your lovely comments, we really wanted every character to be No1.. (;´∀`)


Ok then, let’s announce it!  Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club) Characters Ranking, the glorious No1 character is…!!



1st place Matsuoka Rin




Congratulations! :*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ(・∀・)人(・∀・)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:



★The comments for Rin-chan★


・Matsuoka Rin is my favorite!! I love his design and his sharp teeth

・He's my fav in 1st season and i still love him <33


・Angry Rin is good. Angsty Rin is good. Adorable Rin is good. All Rin is good.


・I love rin because he's very serious compared to the other dudes. I really liked his backstory in the first season. Seeing his struggle made me really sad! I hope to see him continue to be a good friend to iwatobi team!

・I can relate to him on so many levels. Not only that, I guess it's just because he was the first guy who appealed to me from the beginning (by beginning I mean the first PV). He was my favourite character ever since.

・I love how Rin has overcome the difficulties he faced in season 1. He is a really hardworking and gentle person.The Perfect man! Super recommended!

・He's so incredibly pathetic that he wormed his way into my heart Stupid crybaby loser

・I love Rin with all my heart, there's actually nothing I dislike about him <3

・I really love Rin, because he is a character with a really human personality, he have defects and qualities like the real people, his history is very interesting and I love the evolution of the character, at the beginning with his insecurities but at the end is very kind and he really love his friends, I love rin so much!!!

・He's had such a lot of character growth! I love him and how he's written, and he's such a good captain, too!

・He's my fav in 1st season and i still love him <33



and more…!!



Although Rin-chan showed us his cool attitude or a serious face in Season 1he started to show us his wonderful smile like a sunny day after the rain...! (*゜∀゜)=3!!


We could see his natural personality of being cheerful and kind in Season 2,by showing us how good his take care of his juniors.


For example, he solved a worry that Rei-Chan had! (ノ∀\*)  Hahaha-! 

When Rin-chan laughs like this, we can see his bright jagged teeth!  

But I likes his little worried look furrowing his brow and aggressive looking smile trying to provoke people!








After Sosuke appeared, Rin-chan started to appear more often and the competition between Iwatobi High school and Samezuka Academy has become more real... (。-`ω-)!



The swimmers who are passionate about the medley relay gradually come to Rin-chan who became captain of the swimming club at Samezuka Academy...! 

We could never imagine that Rin-chan who could lead them like that in Season 1(/ω・\)。








He quarreled so often with Haru-chan and other people, having trouble, not being able to find how to enjoy swimming.  

But he overcame all those problems in Season 2!  


I’m so happy to see him smiling with other members and being lively in Season 2 since he looked so sad and worried before that.  I’m so happy that I could see Season 2!  

Especially for people who have watched from Season 1 (including me), the gap of his two sides should be so good(o'ω`σ)σ!!



Not only from his juniors or other members, but all the fans from all over the world surely supported him passionately and brilliantly as he got 1st place!  Congratulations!!





And next, he couldn’t catch up with Rin-chan by a few votes but he was just as popular as Rin-chan too!  

The 2nd place is of course...



2nd place Tachibana Makoto




Congratulations! *・゜・*:.。..。.:*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜・*



★The comments for Makoto-Kun★


・why?!? you're asking me why?!?! girl, have you SEEN that BODY!!!!!!!!

・He's one of the best and cutest sports mamas around

・While Rei has the best growth, I just enjoy seeing Makoto so much whenever he;s on screen. He;s sweet, caring, and a total dork. I hope he becomes more developed as a character in the 2nd season. 

・He's just so adorable! 

・He's an adorable sea otter

・He's sweet, he's string, he always tries to help others (even at his own expense) and he has the best body!


・His caring, dependable personality and charming back muscles!

・I chose this character, because he is willing to do anything for his friends. Plus he is cute

・I chose Makoto because he is sexy :p

・He is a complete angel and cares so much for Haru and the others.


・The sweetest guy, #1 muscles, amazing opposite personality seiyuu and amazing voice


and more…!!


It was so awesome that the captains of Iwatobi High School and Samezuka Academy got the 1st and 2nd place finish!




Most people who voted for him commented about Makoto(Since Haru-chan calls him Makoto, I wanna call him like this too... 

I respect him, of course!)’s ‘kindness’ and ‘the beauty of his body’(*゜∀゜)=3!!





It sure is the best body!




He is surely having a hard time leading all the individual members at Iwatobi High School, being so kind. (;´Д`)。

In Season 2, he appealed how wonderful the swimming club is to get more club members, making his ears red (being embarrassed), eating lunch with lots of protein, and following Rei-chan who hides a secret...












He isn’t passionate like Rin-chan but he is always kind taking care of Haru-chan, solving troubles together. 

I love the mature part of Makoto’s character(´,,・ω・,,`). 

I can’t express well but he is someone who relieves people just being with him. 

As I was thinking this way, I was so surprised at his scary face in Season 2! 

I didn’t know he had that kind of expression on his face((( ;゚Д゚)))!!








I think we can see more various expressions on Makoto’s face in Season 2! 

Though he showed his kind character in Season 1,

I think we can see more details of him like the episode of Rei-chan and Nagisa-kun

I want him to show us more of his true feelings or opinions! 

You can quarrel with Haru-chan too( ‘ ^‘c彡☆))Д´)! 

I want to see his thought that he has for swimming or something so precious for him!



As the number of the votes of Rin-chan and Makoto-kun were so close, Makoto-kun might be able to get 1st place if we do the second vote after Season 2! 

It depends on the content of the episode in Season 2.  

And again, congratulations on the 2nd place for the popularity vote☆*。★゚*♪ヾ(☆ゝз・)ノ!!





Well,, finally, he got in the ranking!  I’ve been cheering him up for a long time!



I’ll announce now!  The splendid 3rd place is...



3rd place Ryugazaki Rei



You made it!!! ★゜.:*:.ヽ(*゜▽゜*)ノ。.:*:.゜★



★The comments for Rei-Chan★


・He has grown the most so far by always trying his best. Rei-kun so lovable~ 

・He would make the perfect boyfriend!

・Rei is a very lovable character, he always makes me smile with his dorkiness and kind heart!! Plus his laughter is great, haha!!! <3

・He's a cute, sweet, dork and I love him. :)

・He's just that comically serious. 

・I really like this character's personality since his first appearance. And in Eternal Summer he's still fabulous, our butterfly! Al the theory is in my head!

・Consistently hilarious, endearing, earnest, dorky, and a total sweetie-pie to boot.

・Megane is the best!

・He's perfect dork

・He's fabulous. Need I say more?

・I love how he tries his best for his friends, Rei is truly beautiful!

・Rei's my favorite for a few reasons. He has a lot of tenacity, and I highly respect him for that. Even when the odds are against him, he gives it his all. When he knows he's lacking in something, he puts in a ton of effort to improve upon it. Second, he's a very trustworthy and loyal friend. Rei went above and beyond, for his teammates, especially in the final two episodes of the first season. Rei was a total bro, and he managed to help fix the broken friendship between Rin and the other boys. That cemented him as my favorite.


and more…!!


When his vote increased was right after episode 3 was televised!

Before it was televised, I was worried, “What, Rei-Chan??  Are you leaving the swimming club... ((( ;゚Д゚)))?”,

but I shouldn’t have worried about it at all! 

The episode was all about his attraction: such as being earnest, clumsy and hard working. 

The episode was just for Rei-Chan’s fans!  I was so happy and relieved to watch it.. 

The smile he showed us in the very end made me glad that I’ve been cheering him up(*´ω`*)!







Since his skill of swimming is not as good as other members, his way of making the effort to catch up with them is so heartwarming..

Unlike Season 1, that effort will be rewarded in Season 2!



I’m sure he’ll show us a beautiful and fast butterfly in the relay( 。・`ω´・。)! 

This time!  This time!  He will experience how enjoyable and wonderful the relay is! 

I have been waiting for the day to come!  I really hope Rei-Chan’s effort will be rewarded someday!








You must have felt heartwarming to see Rei-chan’s work and smile... (*´ω`*)

Rei-chan!  Show us your precious beautiful butterfly from now on!  And again, congratulations of 3rd place!





Well well, I made you guys wait for long(*´・∀・)(・∀・`*)! 

Though they were competing among the tops ornately at first, I don’t know why but from the middle of the competition... 

It was as if they were doing the relay among the club like as anime episode. 

The character who brilliantly got 4th place is...!




4th place Nanase Haruka



I only swim as a free! ( ・ _ゝ・)




★The comments for Haru-Chan★


・Been enjoying his character development and hope for even more of it this season.

・He makes the show. Without Haru, the show and friendships wouldn't really mean much. He has alot of depth and is a well-written character.

・I only vote Haru style.

・Beautiful angel

・Cause he's hot . 

・At the beginning of Season 1 of Free!, Haru was known to hide his true feelings and appeared to act coldly to everyone around him.But as Rin( my second favorite character) approached the group at the old Iwatobi Swim Club building, from then on you could see how Haru learned to open up and show his emotions; maybe even more so in the last episode of Free! season 1. Now, in Eternal Summer, it seems that Kyoani and the rest of the producers of Free! will make even more of Haru's emotions reveal themselves.

・Just love his cool & free

・His eyes sparkle when he sees water, that and he's extremely Tsundere and adorable!

・He's the main character,cutee,tsun >W<)/"


and more…!



After Season 1, he made it up with Rin-chan and we were relieved thinking that he could finally start swimming!  But...




『Don’t ever disturb Rin anymore』




Another hardship attacked him... ((( ;゚Д゚)))! 

He started worrying that he has been making Rin-chan go away from his dream of attending the Olympics, being threatened by the new character, Yamazaki Sosuke.



That’s why he looked worried and depressed so often until the episode 4! (`д´/;)/ 

I don’t think that was only Sosuke’s fault, but I was so sad that I couldn’t see Haru-chan’s smile even though he once started feeling lively... (。-`ω-)。



But I’m sure that he will get over it like Rin-chan told Sosuke about his honest answer in episode 4(・`ω・)!







But he’s got some comments such as,

“I like him because he’s been caring about Makoto, Rin-chan and other members without expressing words even though he’s cool as usual!”,

“I love him because even though he looks cool, he is actually so passionate!”. 

With these supporters from all over the world, he could finally get 4th place!



I’m sure Haru-chan will show Rin-chan and other members ‘the views that they haven’t seen yet’ again! 

I can’t wait for the competition for the relay!! o(^O^*=*^O^)o




And, even though it was so close losing against Haru-chan, the character who got 5th place was of course!!



5th place Hazuki Nagisa









Don’t get that mad!  But congratulations of 5th place!



★The comments for Nagisa-Kun★


・Rei needs someone like Nagisa to make his world a little less orderly and more fun. 

・I couldn't decide between Nagisa and Rei so I closed my eyes and clicked one

・He's so cute!! But Momotaro is second....!

・Nagisa is a precious angel and must be protected at all costs

・Nagisa is always so positive, he is like a lucky charm bringing all the boys together

・He's so cute and funny!

・I'm with you otakurepublic president, nagisa kun is my favourite too <3         ( 'ω'    )  < Thank you so much!

・He brings happiness to everyone!!

・His voice actor and the fact that he is so cheery and adorable.

・he is so cute and i love him so ooooooo much


and more…!!



(´^ω^) Nagisa’s being simple and innocent got grade-up even higher in Season 2...scary boy....
















Actually, in episode 5, there will be a story about Nagisa-kun’s mind. 

So if the vote was conducted after episode 5, the result might have been different...

I deeply think it was bad timing for Nagisa to televise the episode... (。-`ω-)。








Some people evaluated him as comments that “Nagisa is a wonderful boy who is a good leader.  He makes the story happy and fun!”.  I really agree with this too!


Even though there are many characters which are mentally cool in the swimming club, thanks to Nagisa, the gag scenes become so much fun! 

Rei-chan’s eyes are seriously telling us how great Nagisa is when it comes to the gag scenes(´^ω^)。







Even though he was last place among five main characters, he was far ahead from other characters! ( *´艸`) 

Nagisa-kun! Haru-chan! Rei-chan! Makoto-Kun! And Rin-Chan!!  Congratulations all!!



Poster - Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club)



And here are the characters who got 6th place and below.



6th place Mikoshiba Momotaro


7th place Nitori Aiichirō


8th place Yamazaki Sosuke


9th place Mikoshiba Seijūrō


10th place Matsuoka Gou


11th place Sasabe Gorō


12th place Amakata Miho




★The comments for everybody★



Even though Momotaro-Kun is a new character, he got 6th place!  His character is so good, isn’t it? (*´∀`) 

I’m looking forward to seeing the story with his big brother someday!






The story is almost half until the end! 

I’m not sure which will win the relay yet...! (。-`ω-) 

They both have great skills.. oh, no, maybe members at Samezuka Academy have a little better...? 

But we can never know the result!


Exactly, it was such a passionate competition being suitable for this summer!



And again, congratulations on 1st place, Rin-Chan!!! :*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ(・∀・)人(・∀・)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:



Well, we’ll see you at the next popularity vote!  I wonder what is going to be for the next vote! 

I really wanna see the passionate competition again(^艸^)  I’ll see you then!!




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