The announcement of summer anime popularity ranking 2014!


This is the anime which wins the summer! 

The announcement of summer anime popularity ranking 2014!



Happy Summer, guys! ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆  It’s Saori, one of the members!

It’s summer now, hot summer, summer for the fashion, and summer makes all the girls beautiful!!

I wore fashionable outfits to work the other day since the weather in summer is awesome!



(   'ω')   ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆  <  How do I look, boss?



( 乂'ω')   ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆ 



Happy Summer, guys! ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆  It’s Saori, one of the members!

Speaking of summer, we gotta watch anime!

I can’t think of anything but anime!  I love summer anime and I love anime itself!



Thank you for waiting for such a long time! 

We finished compiling each and every precious vote and comment from you guys..! 

And,, here’s the result of summer anime popularity ranking 2014! o(^O^*=*^O^)o!! 



We found out there were less numbers of votes compared to the last spring anime ranking ~ and, we noticed that there was a great difference between each anime’s voting numbers!



Here we go!  The summer anime 2014!  The anime which is expected most from all around the world!  It’s...!!!



1st place  Free! -Eternal Summer-


Congratulations!!!! :*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ(・∀・)人(・∀・)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:



After I watched the episode 1, I could happily say, “Welcome back!

I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” from the bottom of my heart ヾ(゚д゚*三*゚д゚)ノ!

Especially for those who hadn’t watched Season 1 televised last summer, I was worried how they would make episode 1…(。-`ω-)。

But it looks like I need not have done it! 

The story just went well to the new development without any waste, introducing characters efficiently so that people who saw it for the first time could understand it well.



Even though the situation of the characters or surroundings have changed along with the seasonal change from summer to spring, the characters’ essential fascination and the coolness of the story didn’t change at all!



You will be smiling(・∀・) at Rin-Chan’s soft expression and friendly attitude at episode 1 if you watched since Season 1! 

Rin-Chan has become more energetic since Season 1!  Since there are no villains in Free!, it’s great that we can watch them feeling refreshed!



To me, to see Go-Chan(Kou-Chan) with his strong muscles healed me..!

( *´艸`)!! < biceps muscle!!




The comments which we received

・I love everyone in free! I can't wait to see more of them!

・The first season of Free kept my heart thumping, and the 2nd season will only make it faster! <3

・Makes me feel the summer!

・because the free! guys are my husbands~





What is ‘Free!’’s story about? ... because I haven’t read it before…(;´д`)。

I just don’t feel like watching it from Season 2 since I didn’t watch Season 1…(。-`ω-)。



For those who want to know more about Free!, reading this article, you should watch the 1st episode of ‘Free! -Eternal Summer-’ first! (σ´∪`σ) 

I’m so confident to recommend this anime, which I think for sure is the most popular anime in this summer expected by the whole world!  Season 2 is the story which both people who have watched Season 1, and the ones who haven’t, can watch at ease!







And finally, second place is... It seems like my hope that this was going to be in the top of the summer anime popularity ranking (after watching episode 1) came true o(^O^*=*^O^)o!!!

It’s weird that I, who am in charge of this, would say something like this, but I’m so glad that it got 2nd place!



The anime which got 2nd place is... It’s...!



2nd place Sailor Moon Crystal



Congratulations*・゜・*:.。..。.:*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜・*!!!



I watched the 1st episode(*>v<)ゞ!!!

I thought it was like a remake of ‘manga’ published serially in the magazine for the girls in 1990s, rather than a remake of ‘anime’ televised in 1990s!



If anybody who used to watch only the anime back then, they might be thinking, “The design of the characters are different..” 

But if anybody who used to read the manga and who are used to it (including me), I’m sure they are thinking, “This is just nostalgia! 

Yes, yes, Sailor Moon was like this at the beginning(*゚∀゚)=3!” getting goose bumps!



I felt that the features of the characters looked more matured than the ones before, and it looks like the story is going smoothly and with a nice tempo, according to the preview for the next episode(*´д`*)!

Even though I only remember the cool Sailor Moon whom I used to watch when I was a little, I could only laugh at how Usagi acted after she transformed in the 1st episode, thinking, “Ahhh, she was like this(*゚∀゚)!!!

She was the girl who just cried not being able to calm down when she had to fight with the villains all the suddenwww”!




The comments which we received

・ I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!  (月に代わっておしおきよ!)

・Sailor Moon getting a reboot anime faithful to the manga (at least, the first arc) after 20+ years? HELL YES.

Honorable mention goes to the P4: Golden anime, but Sailor Moon is always number 1 in my heart.




Like me, who have the different memory from the anime before, there are many people are like that too, saying



“Tuxedo Mask(Takishīdo Kamen) was not abnormal (he was actually a nice boy who saves the pinch unlike the old memory of mine.”



There are more people who send us comments like this.  I thought the same way too. 

I didn’t know he was this cool…(*´д`*)。Why did he (in my memory) come to change to the idea of the boy who acts like a stranger unlike in the anime...






Oh well, third place is... actually, I was caring about this anime since we had some requests of this anime from its fans before the election began.  I just couldn’t expect that this anime could get this many votes!!



Ok, I’ll announce it!  Honestly, it was so unexpected!  Third place is...




3rd place  LOVE STAGE!!


Congratulations! +゚*。:゚+(人*´∀`)+゚:。*゚+.



Though I watched the 1st episode without any information, the story was so easy to understand! 

It was such a clear story construction, not being too fast and not being too slow(ノ*・ω・)ノ!



The biggest point of this anime is the theme is ‘a love between boys’... Since another anime called ‘DRAMAtical Murder’ which has the same theme didn’t have any extreme scenes like its theme in the 1st episode, I was thinking maybe this LOVE STAGE!! has the same story and will have an extreme scene in the 6th or 7th episode...



At the last five minutes of the 1st episode...



( ゚Д゚)






Oh My God..., I was completely suprised!!

The main character, Ichijō Ryōma who is an idol fell in love with another main character, Sena Izumi who disguised himself as a woman to appear in a commercial...



He is so beautiful(´,,・ω・,,`)



His appearance after disguising is just so beautiful that it is second to none, especially other heroines...

This is(´,,・ω・,,`)… yes(´,,・ω・,,`)…, I know why he fell in love with him..




The comments which we received

・It's cute and has a really nice flow to it. It makes me feel very warm and cuddly and the style of art is perfect for the plot line. It's not my favourite of it's genre but it certainly is good ;]

・can't wait to see izumi and dougo animated *_______________*




This is how LOVE STAGE!! started, but Daigo-San who appeared as a brother of Izumi and also a singer, idol, a brother of the original author and a model of Sena Shōgo said..



“LOVE STAGE!!’s first commemorative episode!  Thank you very much for watching it! 

My sister’s making of the long-cherished animated version after being a cartoonist for 20 years! ~ as her brother,

I’m so glad that she realized it and did it!  And it’s a great pleasure that I was one of the voice actors too!  And the best part as BL anime will be from 3rd episode!!!!! 

It’s just the beginning yet, guys! lol”



He announced that there will be more a shocking story form in 3rd episode than in 1st episode(*ノェノ)!!!! 

As I saw in the comments by an official website maker, all the staff have already finished reading it and they all are eager to make the anime!! 

The director has been having an especially hard time making it, studying various things, reading the original again and again, getting uneasy to make a good one and even having nightmares.., since it was his first experience to be in charge of the anime whose theme was ‘Love between boys’.



Although the content is sometimes extreme, I can’t recommend it to all of you, it’s needless to say that it’s the anime which all the staff has been making with their passion and it’s easy to understand(*゚∀゚)! 

Don’t be prejudiced though, I ask that you read the 1st episode first!







And of course!  There are lots of comments and votes for other anime too(*゜∀゜)=3!!! 

Although I can’t share the details like the top three, they are all being televised now!


4th place  DRAMAtical Murder



5th place  Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei!illya.png


6th place  Sword Art Online Ⅱ



7th place  Persona 4 the Golden



8th place  Sengoku Basara Judge End



9th place  Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Book of Circus



10th place  Tokyo Ghoul





The comments which we received

・because the visual novel was great and I hope the anime is too (for DRAMAtical Murder)

・I'm a major Basara fan and looking forward to the new series! (for Sengoku Basara Judge End)

・Sengoku Basara is the greatest! I hope the new series is a big success. (for Sengoku Basara Judge End)

・I need a reason!? It's Sword Art Online 2!! :D (for Sword Art Online Ⅱ )


More and more ...




To me(Saori), I wasn’t into Tokyo Ghoul much but the fighting scene was so exciting when it comes to anime and it was awesome(*゚∀゚)=3!

Even though there were some violent scenes, the smooth movement reminded me of Shingekino Kyojin…!!



There are so many manga this year, which are superior to the ones last year! (*゚∀゚)=3  I’ve have three more anime which I want to keep reading, so it looks like this summer will be busy…! Well, well,, this is all for this article then!



We’ll share the character’s popularity ranking of an anime with you pretty soon…(*゚∀゚*)!! 

What??  Do you wanna know which anime...?  You’ll see in the next article!



Ok then, see you in the next ranking!  Bye!

:*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ(・∀・)人(・∀・)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:



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