★Saori Press Vol.23★ Haikyuu!! result of characters’ Ranking!!


Here we go!  It’s show time! 

Haikyuu!!  Announcement for the result of characters’ popularity Ranking!





Dear fans of Haikyuu!!...., thanks for waiting for such a long time... (。-`ω-)

It’s a little break time now to move on to the next media turn after the anime, Haikyuu!! ended for now, which lasted for half a year.



( ✧Д✧) Now, we’ll start

Haikyuu!!  Announcement for the result of characters’ popularity Ranking】to make you guys love Haikyuu!! even more!!





Ahhhh...., I wonder how my loving Nishinoya-Senpai and Tanaka-Senpai were ranked ..??





(  'ω') <  I wonder what my favorite Yachi Hitoka-Chan got ranked in...?







(  'ω')



(  'ω')  (。・w・。 )

Why this picture?  There should be a cuter one, I guess....



(  'ω')  (○゚ε゚○) <  Why?  Because the popularity voting became such a hot battle as if it was a jungle full of fierce animals!!!




Especially, a battle for 1st and 2nd ranking was so hot(*`д´)σ=σ!!!!

They were running neck-and-neck, having almost the same numbers of votes!

It even lasted after the ending time until either one of them got ahead since they had exactly the same numbers of the votes!




Now, I’ll announce it... The splendid 1st place of Haikyuu!! characters’ popularity voting is.....




1st place  Hinata Shoyo-Kun!!!!!

Congratulations:*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ(・∀・)人(・∀・)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:!!!!




【Comments from you guys】

・Hinata is always energetic and wants to try his best. He is not perfect and he knows this. So he wants to improve and give it his all. He is not someone who gives up easily and although something doesn't work at the first try he continues and trys even harder. He is always cheerfull and an important friend for Kageyama.

・As his name says it, He's like the sun :***

・Hinata is just too cute (>w<) and also I adore his 'never give up' personality

・Just too cute


・he's like a little angel <3

・I love Hinata, hardworking and very cute

・Cause he is uber cuteee and funny! Also kageyama is my 2nd fav and I totalty ship them! Kagehina <3 When they are together shouyo becomes super duper ultra mega cute (kawaii overload *\(^///^)/*) and they have the funniest moments together i.e usually when kageyama gets angry at shouyo ! XD

(I think what I wrote counts as a reason, its hard to explain.Anyways Shouyo #1)




Many people commented that ‘they love his straightforward personality and smile!’

I really agree with some of the comments saying ‘he is like the sun, as is his name’ * ゚ + 。・゚・。・ヽ(*´∀`)ノ!!!!





He is so nice crying or smiling more than anybody in the anime and manga! 

I always feel glad or sad since he expresses his emotions gently, when he feels glad or disappointed!!!!!





Especially, I (Saori) love episode 24!!! 

I felt so sad to see him looking disappointed so often, since he’s always cheerful... (´;ω;`)!




I just couldn’t help but cry when I saw him eating in this scene...!!!

As he knew how regrettable it is to lose or how great it is to win more than anybody, he could try with his full strength. 

Of course he was not the one who was crying but I just couldn’t hold myself when he got close-up in the screen...

(´;ω;`)  Even thought I knew a whole story, I just couldn’t stop crying...





(´;ω;`) I’m almost crying even now...

(´;ω;`) Please don’t cry!  Hinata-Kun!!!!!




Hinata-Kun always has ambition and runs to unknown places with his full strength!!

All the fans from all over the world get courage and energy from you!!

1st place of popularity voting!  Congratulations!!!





Aaaand!!!  Guess who was competitive with such a cool character, Hinata-Kun...

You guys all know it, don’t you? ・+(*゜∀゜*)+・!

He couldn’t reach No.1 by only one vote!! 

Though he lost that close, his nickname, ‘King’ was still strong being with him yet!!!




2nd place  Kageyama Tobio-Kun!!



Excuse me...., but can’t you have a little more pleasant expression??ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)!!!!!






There you are!!  It’s much better!!!  Conguratulations!!!!!




【Comments from you guys】

・I relate to him a lot and his character development is very interesting.

・he's so cool >w<

・Lovable, skilled, good character development, dork

・he's my king

・Kageyama has changed so much since the first few chapters and I think it's completely wonderful how much of a difference you can see in his attitude towards others.

・My Bae

・He is awesome




Kageyama-Kun is cool and curt. 

He’s just not good at being friendly but he is actually so kind and even changed gradually throughout the games. 

I think if Hinata-Kun grew technically, Kageyama-Kun grew mentally!





It made me smile to watch Kageyama-Kun changing himself by having great teammates or keeping winning. 

It’s more moving if you see it in anime than in manga, especially those two totally different boys in their personalities, understand with each other through all the games... (´;ω;`)!!





What’s more! 

We have an item that I want all the Kageyama fans from all over the world, to know! 

It’s a CD jacket of the ending song at the last Season of the anime, which became so popular, being said ‘It’s so wonderful’ among all the fans in Japan!!!





He gave up on being ‘a king’ and started walking with Hinata-Kun looking at the same scenery. 

Those two are in the jacket. (above)  It really matches with the final episode of anime, doesn’t it?! (*゚∀゚)σ



Kageyama-Kun has still been growing along with Hinata-Kun!!  He is never friendly and smart. 

But he is so cool thinking that efforts are not the efforts and the way he tries so hard on games with his teammates!!



Kageyama-Kun!!  Hinata-Kun!!!  Splendid 1st and 2nd place!  Congratulations!!!








No fighting!!!!!!!!




Well well, after the two main character’s combination is gone, who became 3rd place...




Hehehe... (*^m^*)

I (Saori) knew that it was going to be like this!!! 

Unfortunately, he couldn’t reach 1st and 2nd place, but he got 3rd place persistently!!!





Now, I’ll announce it!!  Splendid 3rd place will go to..., of course!!!!




3rd place  Nishinoya Yuu-Senpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiヽ('∀`)ノ!!!!!!!!!







【Comments from you guys】

・I like the same characters as Saori-san! Nishinoya has a positive attitude and he's always fun to watch. I'm cheering for you, Noya-kun!

・He's really cool but is still really cute!

・i chose him because he is very funny and brave. He's not easily scared and he does his best for the team when they need help~ and he's a very good libero and senpai !

・Because he's can put his team member at peace by assuring them that he will guard their backs during the game.

・Noya-san is pretty cool, manly and energetic :D also one of the best liberos in the series!!

・Nishinoya is so cute!  He's seriously like my spirit animal or something... He's very inspiring!




How about that?? 

Even though he always sighs about how unhappy among girls, he got so many lovely messages from all over the world!!! 

Yes, all the fans in the world know that he’s so attractive!!!





His charm is his ‘manly’ personality on the contrary of that tiny body!!!  

His defense position, sweeper in the court, made him even more reliable than anybody else!!





Eeeeeee!!!!! He’s soooo..... Cool・+(*゜∀゜*)+・!!




My favorite scene about him....

Of course, it’s that!!!!


『Ace!  One more call for the toss!』





『皆、前だけ見てけよォ! 背中は俺が守ってやるぜ』

『You guys, just look ahead!  I’ll defense you guys’ back.』





(*゜∀゜*) These two scenes have made you understand what kind of person he is, even for people who don’t know him at all!! 

He is such an inspiring person not only for his overwhelming defensive ability but also for being able to encourage his teammates with what he says!! 



He is the one that all the fans from all over the world, including me, want beside us when we’re disappointed!!!! 

Among all my favorite senpai(senior), Nishinoya-Senpai got ranked in first!!!  Congratulations( *>∀<*)!!!!




(  'ω')  ( *>∀<*)




(  'ω')  ((((((((>▽<;;)

Ok... maybe it’s time to go next....




Ok!  That was all for the top three!!

And now, let’s check other ranking below 4th place together with some comments we’ve got!!




4th place  Kozume Kenma

・he is absolutely adorable and precious and i love his hair and overall design

・Because he's quiet and apathetic about everything and not good at making friends. Basically he's a character I can really relate to haha...Also I think him and Kuroo are cute together.

・Too many reasons




5th place  Sugawara Koushi

・marry me

・I want to make Sugawara my boyfriend! He is so nice

・He's like the soft wind, makes everyone smile :)

・moetherly caring and CUTE




6th place Tsukishima Kei

・idk why i like this tall asshole

・It is so hard to pick just one!! I really love Tsukki's cynical way and the friendship between him and Yamaguchi <3

・Because I really like characters like Tsukishima!  The ones who think on their feet and are really cheeky. ///




 and, more  6th place Oikawa Toru

※There’s nothing malicious on the screen.

・He's really cool and smart! But he's also very sly ;) I had a hard time choosing between him and Kageyama

・He's an under appreciated member of Karasuno and deserves way more love (along with the other second years no one remembers). That boy's going to be the next captain!

・very powerful charm!





7th place  Sawamura Daichi

・I love how he's almost like the teams mom! But he's also really funny, a great upperclassman, and goes well with the captain

・He's a really admirable captain and a cool and handsome type of guy. I like his playing style and how he provides support to the team too! :)




8th place Tanaka-Senpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiii!!!!





9th place  Kuroo Tetsurou

・I like how he's always teasing the others, but also a hardworking captain who gives good advice no matter who it is! I think his wish to have a battle of the trash heap with Karasuno at nationals is really touching!

・Kuroo is funny and good looking and the best blocker and so special



10th place  Yamaguchi Tadashi

・Freckled cutie who gives his best

・so cute perfect freckles always supporting tsuki!!



11th place Bokuto Koutarou



・He's a lovely dork, I also like his character design a lot!

・Boukuto is so loud and incredible! Hes the kind of person who has such a big personality his team grew around it. I love characters that other adapt to. Best owl ace!



12th place Ennoshita Chikara

・He's an under appreciated member of Karasuno and deserves way more love (along with the other second years no one remembers). That boy's going to be the next captain!



13th place Yachi Hitoka   (  'ω')v


・Yachi is so cute (Your Boss has good taste!!)                       (  'ω') < Thank you so much !!!

I hope there's a second season so she can be in the anime!!



14th place Iwaizumi Hajime




15th place Inuoka Sou


・Inuoka's really adorable! He's very sweet and cheerful, and he's definitely someone I'd like to hang around with.



How were all the results?

There were so many people who sent us passionate comments, so I shared them with you guys and made a form so that you guys can see those comments from each character more easily!.



Looking back like this..., it was so fast to pass the half year when all the anime were televised゚(゚´Д`゚)゜。。  You could also read his stories with ‘Weekly Sounen Jump’ even now.



I believe that the time when I can finally see them will come.

I really wanna see them moving, running, laughing and crying in the anime one more time again! 

We can never end if we’re still losing( ;∀;)!!


Ok then!  The next Haikyuu! popularity voting will be...when they come back to anime for sure!! 

It won’t be too long until then!!  Just a little goodbye until we can see their smiles!!  See ya!!!

:*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ(・∀・)人(・∀・)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:





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