Uta no Prince-sama (うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪)

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“Uta no Prince☆sama♪” series is originally from game and became very popular.
“Elements Garden” is a group of music composers. (They contribute songs to Nana Mizuki and Minori Chihara and “Bodacious Space Pirates” and so on.) The head of this group is Noriyasu Agematsu and he creates “Uta no Prince☆sama♪”with importance of music. At Mr. Agematsu workplace, related CDs and character goods are lined. And he displays 2meters flamed illustration which princes are drawn. It is obvious Mr. Agematsu is totally smitten with characters and music.

The story begins with main character, a girl Haruka Nanami who dreams to be a composer someday. She enters the Saotome Academy famous for performing art school. Then Haruka meets princes with various types of characteristics who dream to be an idol. This is an adventure game, but there are mini music games called “Rhythm Lesson” at some points, you can listen to each character song.
A sequel to a game, characters are graduated from school and fully get into the world of entertainment. Four sempai characters appearance became a hot topic.
Beautiful visual and high quality music is as always. Mr. Agematsu concerns about music, so the quality of characters songs are first-class. And he gathers voice actors such as Mamoru Miyano, Kishou Taniyama and so on who are trusted with singing talent.
On July, 2011 it has been adopted into anime. Fans have been waiting for it for a long time. At the beginning of the anime, live performance scene was brought and fans were in total shock. When live performance part was officially uploaded on Nico Nico Douga, number of play became massive number (it’s about 5million times played so far.)
From then, “Uta no Prince☆sama♪” gets lots of new fans. When the CDs are released, usually they are in top 10 ranking. Because of popularity of this anime, in 2013, the second season aired and the third season will be aired in 2015. Its popularity is going at furious speed…
Fans wonder how the story goes afterwards, and support the anime with all their heart and soul. Their heart beats are bumped up so much.

When you talk about this anime, you cannot forget about the music.
My favorite song is an audition song “Knight no Kiss wa Yuki yori Yasashiku” and next favorites are these three “ROULETTE”, “DOUBLE WISH”, and “GO! GO! JET COASTER”. They are from duet dramas CD.
Anime version was my first touch to “Uta no Prince☆sama♪”, and listened to past songs. For me, earlier songs are more impressed me so much. The song “Knight no Kiss wa Yuki yori Yasashiku” is amazing with clear tones of the piano melody and Mr. Suzumura (voice of Masato)’s fine singing voice!
Then famous saying (?) word, “Kokoro no Damu (mental dam)” was made!
Three songs from duet dramas CD, even the songs are for duet but each character insists on their characteristics! I think the trick is Kishou Taniyama is singing a song as Natsuki Shinomiya with cute voice.
But sorry, my favorite character is Ringo!
He is super pretty man who does cross-dress as a woman but Yuichi Nakamura plays Ringo’s voice. How dare you are!! lol “Ohayappu-” is a greeting word of his fans.
And lastly, please please please, put Ringo’s (and Teacher Ryuya’s) character songs in the third season!

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