Syo Kurusu

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Name:Syo Kurusu
Image color:Pink
Class:S class
Instrument of speciality:Violin

Syo Kurusu is very lively and cheerful boy who says things straight. As well, his hat is his trademark, and he has a twin brother.
He is short, and he himself is really bothered by this. By the way, the reason he wears his hat is to misrepresent his height.
His roommate in the dorm is Natsuki Shinomiya.Natsuki Shinomiyais his acquaintance from when he was very young. They often mess around with each other, but they get along.
He also really admires the S class homeroom teacher, Ryuya Hyuga, who was also an idol.

Syo Kurusu is really lively and a hard worker, so he is a character that makes even me feel lively when I see him!

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