Otoya Ittoki

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Name:Otoya Ittoki
Image color:Red
Class:A class
Instrument of speciality:Guiter

Otoya Ittoki is a boy with a cheerful and kind personality.

In Anime, he gives nicknames to Natsuki Shinomiya and Masato Hijirikawa on the first day of school,he has a very friendly side.
His roommate at the dorm is Tokiya Ichinose , and sometimes he asks Tokiya Ichinose to help him with his study.
He liked singing since when he was little, and he hopes to be a singer who can encourage someone with his own songs.

I have a strong impression from the anime, but in the anime, there are many scenes where he saves the heroine, and his figure as he positive approaches is also very cool, so he was the very first character in UtaPri that I was captivated by!

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