Ren Jinguji

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Name:Ren Jinguji
Image Color:Orange
Class:A class
Instrument of speciality:Sax

Ren Jinguji has an adult-like and freewheeling personality.
He is the son of the distinguished family, Jinguji, and has one older brother.
Ren Jinguji appears to be very kind to girls and is loved by them. For that reason, girls are always gathered around him. Ren Jinguji often calls girls "kohitsuji-chan" or "lady" rather than by their names.
His roommate in the dormitory is Masato Hijirikawa.
Masato Hijirikawais also a son of a distinguished family, Hijirikawa, but because of differences in values, they do not get along very well.

When I myself imagine Ren Jinguji being kind to me, my heart throbs! He is the character I like the most in Uta no Prince-sama !

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