Haruka Nanami

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Name:Haruka Nanami

She is a main girl character in this story, and she is a big fan of HAYATO, who is an Idol.

In the animation, she had hard time reading and witing musical scores, but with Otoya Ittoki cheering her up, she got herself to be able to read and write scores. From this, you could tell that she's a hard worker.
Also, she is a person who is willing to help people out when they seem to be stuck. A really kind girl. She is clumsy in times, but that's one of her loving personality.

I really like to recommend the episode where Otoya Ittoki ,Ren Jinguji and Shou Kurusu ask Haruka to be the partner for the Graduation audition.

It's like a dream, that 6 cool, fine guys are asking out.I wish that would happen to me.
On that episode, I put myself in Haruka's position and see the animation.

There's are many Doujinshi with Haruka and members of ST☆RISH. It might be fun to find the one you like the version of Haruka and your favorite member.

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