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Let’s have a break between autumn and winter. 

A special article for the anime that we can watch being relaxed!


Good evening, guys!  It’s Saori, from Otaku Republic!

It’s completely autumn here in Japan... 

We’ve been able to see a beautiful sunset in the lengthening nights of autumn!

This is a picture I took from our office! 

Do you see the Mt. Fuji which is one of Japan’s symbols??  It’s such a great view, isn’t it?



This sunset sometimes makes me (Saori) want to watch anime that can make me happy and relaxed with a cup of coffee after I get home from work being exhausted... _(:3」∠)_



So!  We’ll share these anime below for the special article this time!!!




A special article for the anime that we can watch being relaxed with a cup of coffee!!!!





Here are some rules of the anime that we can watch being relaxed!



★The story is to be finished in each episode and we don’t usually have to watch it every week.

★The story is to show less serious scene, so that we can watch it relaxed.



Since this is my recommendation for both men and women, just feel relaxed reading this article too...

~~旦_(-ω- )  Ok then, get ready with something hot to drink in your hand...!





Soni-Ani (Super Sonico’s Animation)




I guess that you guys have once heard of the name, Super Sonico, since you visit us here. (∩ ゜ω゜)つ。



And most of you guys would answer, “I have an image of sexy figures.”, when asked, “What would you imagine from Super Sonico?”



Yes, you’re not wrong.



Wow, such a well-proportioned girl... (´,,・ω・,,`)。

I agree to my boss saying, “(Even though I basically don’t like to put figures on my desk),

I’d love to if it’s Sonico-chan’s.”....



(  'ω')

I’m not dirty-minded AT ALL, ok??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well, I guess that most of you would think that it would be ‘a little sexy anime’, if you heard that Super Sonico would be animated.



You are wrong.

It sure has some sexy scenes too, but people who have watched this anime said,



“(Even though it sells with sexuality), it made me have a heartwarming feeling.”

“There being no enemies in this anime, kindness of people and cats put us at ease.”

“Somehow I keep watching it every week without being forced to watch it.”

“If I was asked if it is interesting, I would answer.., ‘it depends.’, but I want to recommend it as a great anime.  It’s kind of weird.”



Yes, it’s got good reviews, including mine(*゚∀゚*)!

I actually watched it too and thought it was ‘the one that we could watch casually’!

 Having no unpleasant feeling, I looked forward to watching it every week! 

It’s such a wonderful anime since all the pretty girls make us happy and ease!



And, some of you guys must be wondering what kind of anime Soni-Ani is.



Sonico-Chan is just a normal college student.




She does a part-time job as a model of some advertisements or magazines between classes.




She loves macaron so so so ... much and




she wakes up in such a baaaad temper.

(She turns off the three alarms unconsciously and goes back to sleep.→She finally wakes up being woken up by her five cats.)




Well, what does she live for?  That’s when she is playing the guitar in the concert as a member of ‘First Astronomical Velocity’ that she and her best friends formed.




Sonico-Chan, who is kind to anybody and polite, feels kindness in her everyday life, shares something fun with people,




cosplays for work,







becomes a victim of a murder case,




is forced to get on the floating hotel where there are full of zombis,




and travels alone to compose good songs.  This is all about this anime.




And now, here is a comment about the charm of Soniko-Chan by our boss.



(  'ω')

Her charm is not only how sexy she is but also how soft and gentle her smile is. 

It’s a gap.  You know, it’s a gap.




Though it’s a heartwarming anime, we can feel satisfied so much after it’s finished! 

I’ll recommend this anime first as one of the anime that we can watch casually!




Kill me Baby!




Stupid, Killer, and Ninjya.  Girls’ weird everyday lives.




There are two main characters in this story.



One is Oribe Yasuna-Chan.





She wants to try to do if she feels it’s interesting, or she challenges Sonya-Chan, knowing that she can never beat Sonya-Chan....and most of the time, her stupid ideas make others get involved,


and ends up being a victim in most of the cases.



And her partner is Sonya-Chan


Yes, she’s a killer.



Although she is a professional killer who belongs to an organization, somehow she goes to a high school where Yasuna-Chan goes.

Even though she is good at the classical form of martial art (especially a battle with a knife), there’s not so many cases where she can use the ability(to use her skill for the assassination).


Basically, she is somehow strict (to Yasuna-Chan).




I mean, really strict.







Why is she this strict to her?





Because every time there’s an incident, she always gets involved with it.




But actually, they’re basically buddies.



And today too, Yasuna-Chan teases Sonya-Chan cheerfully.



“I can beat Sonya-Chan with this equipment!!”




And there she is. Yasuna-Chan gets attacked in return.




They’re so close. (*´∀`∩)



This is the 30-minute anime which has two parts, A and B (15 minute stories each).



This surrealistic gag of this anime reminds me exactly of Haré+Guu! 

Honestly, I can’t say this is a slow and relaxing anime which has so many surrealistic gags, but there are so many funny scenes of two girls’ combination in each 15 minute story, which make us burst out laughing!



I saw many comments posted in the Internet at the beginning, such as

“I don’t know why I spent 30 minutes on such a silly anime...”

“I don’t think it’s bad at all, but....”,

but now I can see comments like these...!

“I really split my sides with laughter this week too. Lol”

“I’m getting used to this anime.  The girls are so adorable.”



So, are you ready? 

Let’s go visit the world of the surrealistic gag anime, which is not slow and relaxing at all...!






Shirokuma Café




If anybody wonders what kind of Shirokuma Café is, here is the picture I can help you with knowing it.







Yes, it’s easy to imagine, right? 

It’s this kind of anime!!!!!







Here is shirokuma-kun who runs his own café. 

Unlike his loose and soft appearance, he is so good on business and he actually makes a lot of profits from his café. 

But he often teases his customers since he is ‘pseudologia fantastica’.



Here is Panda-Kun

He is a regular customer of Shirokuma Café and he always orders a cup of coffee and a jumbo size of bamboos. 

As he was scolded by his mom saying he is always lazy at home, he started to have a part-time job twice a week at the zoo close by.




Other than them, there are many more animals in this anime, which are basically kind to people and oddly real.






I don’t even know how to explain it to you guys....  I

t’s a totally different type of anime from the one I shared at the beginning of this article.





The view of the world is anyhow surrealistic.

Human and animals exist naturally and talk and play together.





It’s surrealistic.





It’s surrealistic.




But the animals are super ultra cute.






They’re just so cute!!




There are no battles between animals and it’s a surrealistic, warm, and comfortable anime because of its typical view of the world!

If anybody gets tired of your everyday life... 

What if animals run café? 

What if animals in the zoo spend the lives humans do? 

I’ll promise that it’s going to be such a deep 30 minutes for you guys!





Ok now!  Why don’t you enjoy watching it with some snacks and coffee just like the animals are doing on TV!



And here are more loose and soft anime whose stories finish in each episode!

Basically, this kind of heartwarming anime has all important elements in the first episode! 

So I recommend to you guys that you should check the first episode first and see if that’s the one you want to keep watching!






Non Non Biyori




Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? (Is the Order a Rabbit?)



Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends)



Tantei Opera Milky Holmes




How was all the anime I shared with you...?

I think we don’t willingly watch the anime that we can watch casually. 

Maybe you just start watching it when you hear about it from other people or when you know they have a good review on the Internet?



It’s good that we get excited to look forward to what’s gonna happen next week but I also love to just casually watch them!  Why don’t you guys get at ease by a little bit of surrealistic anime in the lengthening nights of autumn!!



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