Shirokuma Cafe (しろくまカフェ)

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Shirokuma Café is a heartwarming manga with animals working in the human world as the main characters.

This manga's feature is the animals are not distorted.For example, one of the main characters of this manga is the polar bear Shirokuma-kun, What sort of character are you thinking of now? He looks like this. Panda-kun, Penguin-san and Grizzly-san also look realistic like Shirokuma-kun.

This work has very many character items. Items such as towels and stationery printed with designs of the main characters are popular! I even like the items with Llama-san out of those. He has a very cool voice and is very cute with his long eyelashes and short legs. The scene in the anime where he touches a smartphone is interesting!

This is a mysterious anime in which animals are the main characters, but they feel human in some respects. How do animals who have doubts about human life think? This sort of thing is displayed very uniquely. First, everyone, please watch episode 1 of the anime!

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