Super Sonico (すーぱーそに子)

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Sopuer Sonico is a character who has an interesting carrier.
She is originally the face of a live “NITRO SUPER SONIC(NSS)” hold by Nitroplus Co., Ltd (game company). From then she gained popularity and PC game “SoniComi” in which she portrayed as the heroin. Many related products such as CDs and figurines were released and it has been broadcast as TV anime from January 2014.

Skelton of this game is that a central character becomes photographer in contract of Sonico, who is a begging idle and have contact with Sonico during doing job of photographing. Don’t underestimate it. It is difficult than expected to choose her dress. Photographing was difficult until I grasp the technique. As may be expected of Nitroplus! Mr. Urobuchi, who is the scriptwtiter of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, is not with the company for nothing!
Let’s do your best. Sonico on the screen is 3DCG and movies slimy will encourage you!

I wish the anime to be what I can love Sonico’s daily life softly such as college, idle and a band First Cosmic Velocity (第一宇宙速度, Daiichi Uchū Sokudo) activities. I’d like to see many cute aspects of Sonico (´∀`*)

Speaking of Sonico, her outrageous glamorous body! I feel creative staff’s extraordinary obsession unilaterally not only from her big breasts but also from her fleshy belly and thigh. Yay, do more. But if you look at her with leering eyes, her manager gets upset with the face of prajna!

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