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Family restaurant “Wagnaria” in somewhere Hokkaido forms the setting of this anime. Central character Takanashi Souta works as part-timer at Wagnaria. He gets all fired up from day one but he felt just panic being bombarded by crazy stuffs including manager and Inami-san. But there is a silver lining!! That is senior stuff Popura. Takanashi is pervert who likes tiny things like a water flea. Mini complex as we say. What is more, Takanashi has Lolita complex and his philosophy about woman is girls over 12 years old are old. He decided to work as part-timer being drawn to senior Popura, who has short height. This pervert often dresses like a woman. It is introduced as “most beautiful” in the anime. It has quite a reputation from male customers. Well, honestly, it is cute (^ω^)

But Personally I like Inami-san. She is high school student of slight build like stick. She is androphobia and she cannot stop punching male irrespective age and spices even only if a man comes close. Takanashi is often punched by her. I envy him (´ω`*) Her androphobia is extreme. She destroy even snowman if she notices it is male (`Д´) She has so strong arms that she can easily break wall and power pole. But she is very cute. She has short hair, wears a hair pin and has small breasts (´ω`*) or more like no breasts. The author said the reason why he sets her up as a girl with small breasts is “clear a great cliff”. I cannot understand the meaning but if the author said so, that is just the way of it (`Д´) She is the clear number one in popularity ranking of the author’s website! That is just what we’d expected from her. I guess there are many gentlemen who want her to punch them!!! Of course I want!! (^ω^) Bokodere (becoming spoony after punching) has been came to realize as a new category of moeヽ(・∀・)ノ Is Japan okay?

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