Non Non Biyori (のんのんびより)

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The clear blue sky. The greens of land. The sound of the water from the stream running gently. The sound of a recorder playing about a simple song. This is countryside Japan. A simple place. A heavenly place where troubles are minimal. The small village of Asahigaoka is a wonderful place that will easily ease your heart. Let Hotarun guide you in. Let’s meet with Renge, Natsumi, Komari, and Kazuho! What’s that? Oniichan’s there too?
Let’s wave to Oniichan too! Oniichan! Hey! Oniichan! Hey!

Non Non Biyori is a manga series in Comic Alive by Atto in 2009. Well regarded as one of the best “healing anime” of the year, it is a show that will easily ease your heart.

Main Characters
/ Miyauchi Renge / Ichijyou Hotaru / Koshigaya Natsumi / Koshigaya Komari /

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