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Madoka Kaname is an existence which can be considered as a main character of this story.She is the center of the story and her conducts are hugely involved in the ending of the story.

She is a a kindhearted person, cares about friends, frankly speaking she is depicted as an ordinary existent,but later she is disclosed as a special existence with big secret.The key to the story is whether she makes agreement with Kyubey or not, so there are various endings in Anime, movie and Manga.Her dresses are pink, so there are many cute Character Items and Fashion Accessory.Also she is very cute, so there are many figures like mascot available on sale!

In Doujinshi, she is often depicted together with Homura Akemi. Her relationship with Akemi is a big secret linked to the end of the story, but in you can see their close relationship which could not be seen in Anime.There are many Doujinshi with her best friend Sayaka Miki, and Mami Tomoe, too!

...Despite of being a main character, characters surrounding her are relatively strong, making her presence less stand out. When something happens, in many cases she can do nothing so I sometimes get irritated, but I believe that was the ending because I saw the entire story with my own eyes.It'll be a big spoiler, but...I think her figure in certain dress is very good among all I've seen recently.

Knee high socks are great, aren't they! Knee high socks are great, right!!!!

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