Sayaka Miki

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Sayaka miki is active, energetic and has strong sense of justic, a character exactly describes the destiny of magical girl.

In Anime, she makes agreement with Kyubey to transform, but in some Manga and game stories, she does not transform. Her cheerfulness and sense of justic as her enchantments often chokes herself in the stories, leading to a worst result.

However, the only thing that never changes that her girlish mind to admire her favorite boy, a friend since her childhood. She is a gentle girl who acts and cares about the boy in any story.

Her image color is "blue" and she is depicted as active person in Figure and Doujinshi.Especially in Doujinshi, she is often found with Kyoko Sakura, who is also in close relationship in Anime, and there are many that describe the relationship of these two. They come in a set like Homura and Madoka, and they are highly popular among fans.

Many fans love her personality and behavior. Therefore, many fans suffer from the ending or situations she gets involved,

I think most people want to make her happy. I, too, also feel that it would be better if Sayaka could be happier. By the way, in Japan, the phrase "Did you think she was a cute girl? Too bad! She was Sayaka!" is popular, but it is not something that she actually said, so please be careful when using it!

(*For example, when told on the web that there is a link to a picture of a cute girl, when you try clicking it, it is not a picture of a beautiful girl but a picture of her, this line is used by people who were fooled.)

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