Homura Akemi

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Homura Akemi is another protagonist in this story.

She is a perfect girl who has good looks, excellent grades, and is good at all sports. Even so, she is somewhat mysterious as she avoids contact with those around her.Toward the end of the story, her purpose and way of thinking are revealed, and we learn her sad past.We also learn why she gets in the way of Kyubey and gives advice to Madoka Kaname.

However, she is known familiarly as "HOMU HOMU" by her fans.

She has more figurines than other characters, and it was in the news when they debuted in Japan.

Also, you may find more her Doujin items and Caracter Items with Madoka. They are often paired up like Sayaka and Kyoko. Not apply only to her, there are many items decorated with Soul Gem! They are very pretty, so I recommend them as Fashion Accessories.

When I saw the episode10, many fans were surprised that the song of Japanese opening version "connect" actually expressed herself.I myself repeated listening to the song after watching Anime, and I was astonished to find out the foreshadowing of the work!The song doesn't use many difficult Japanese words, so please study if you want to know her more! When you understand the lyrics of this song, you will find more profoundness of her and this work!!

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