Natsuki Shinomiya

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Name:Natsuki Sinomiya
Image color:Yellow
Class:A class
Instrument of speciality:Viola

Natsuki Shinomiya wears glasses and has a gentle and kind personality.
His dorm roommate is Shou Kurusu and they have known each other since they were young.
Natsuki Shinomiya likes small and cute things, and he likes Shou Kurusu for being short and cute.
As well, in the anime, he also loves Piyo-chan, a chick.

His hobby is cooking, but its taste is.... Oh, and he has a big secret, if you want to know what that is, check anime or game!

Personally, I feel like the personalities of Natsuki Shinomiya in anime and game are different. Both are great, but Natuski Shinomiya in the game is really cool!

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