Nanase Haruka

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Nanase Haruka is a boy who loves water more than anyone.

His character is curt rather than cool, and as soon as he comes up with something, he carries it out in his own way and bothers everyone around him.

But he looks very lively when he hear particular words, for example, "water" or "swim". He takes his clothing off in a hurry, he jump in anywhere in the swimsuit(which was already wore), whether it's a bath or a pool filled with cold water, a pool which belongs to a different school.

Makoto, who is his best friend, says "he can't live without water". Thus, he persists in water stubbornly and can swim very fast.

His charm is "a lively expression with which he swims", I think.

He's not interested in whether victory or defeat and a time record at all. I don't understand why he persists in "swimming" so much, but he is charming for his mysterious mood when he swims with Rin in episode 2.

His beautiful muscle makes him more charming in particular, please watch the animation!

There are few Doujinshi published by fans, but there are many stories in which 5 man group gets close to each other, including Makoto and Nagisa, Rei.

...a naked body in a swimsuit apron? What is it?

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