Hazuki Nagisa

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Nagisa is a boy who is bright, good spirited, a bit of a blunder.

Come to think of it, in Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club), his suggestion of "Let's go to the closed swimming club!" and "Let's create a swimming club!" was the turning point which is what moves the story.

The good thing about his brightness and good spirit is that it moves the people or things, and there are many moments that will make you smile! There are many times when he talks to G,...Ko, who is Rin's sister and a freshman like him, and when they are bickering, it just makes you smile!

So when he gets to meet up again with Haruka and Makoto who he looks up to, he is very delighted.

He is also very happy to be able to swim like long ago, but he was given the cold shoulders from Rin whom he had just reunited with, which left him pretty down.

What made Rin change? To find out, and to reunite again with him, he is determined to create a swimming club.

His charm is his "innocence and simplicity, and his courage to not fear things".

Not only Haruka, but his liveliness also gives energy to us! And his character is fabulous, like his goofy side is very cute, just like we're watching our little brother!

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