Masato Hijirikawa

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Name: Masato Hijirikawa
Image Color:Blue
Class:A class
Instrument of speciality:Piano

Masato Hijirikawa is a serious boy who is composed and quiet. Masato Hijirikawa is the son of the distinguished family of Hijirikawa.
He has a sister who is much younger than him and is an older brother who thinks a lot about his younger sister.
Persuading against his father's resistance, he has been alloewd to attend Saotome Academy for just one year.
His roommate isRen Jinguji, who is also a son of a distinguished family, Jinguji, but they have differences in values and do not get along well.
With a Japanese style as the tone of his room, he is often seen writing calligraphy in the anime.

Personally, he looked very cool as he secretly supported and worried about the heroine in the anime!

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