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Everyday-style anime? 

Fantasy anime?  Ask anything!  A special article of Kyoto Animation!



Well, well, well.. hello everybody~~☆*。★゚*♪ヾ(☆ゝз・)ノ!

Have you found your favorite anime yet since the autumn anime began...?




Well, I’ll change the focus of the theme a little bit for Saori Press this time.

I usually introduce you guys to anime characters, manga, anime in each theme..., but I’ll introduce you guys to a wonderful anime in a different way this time(人´∀`).☆.。.:*・°!




Guess what the theme is!!  It’s 【Kyoto Animation】!!!


What is Kyoto Animation though...?


It’s an anime making firm which can make any genres such as fantasy or gag anime!



“No way!  You have to tell us what anime you’ve made!” 

You might be thinking like this, wanting to know, but I’m sure you know some of them that Kyoto Animation has made already゚.+(〃ノωノ)゚.+°!




The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya




I’m not interested in just a human-being.

If there is anybody who is an alien, Homo futurus, a man from parallel universe, or a man with supernatural power, just come to me!!






Suzumiya Haruhi is a high school girl who longed for an abnormal life being self-righteousness, arrogant, rushing recklessly and hating to lose.






One of her classmates, Kyon is just a regular high school boy and gets involved in Haruhi,

and has to make the new club activity called, ‘SOS Brigade= the club where they find something fun to do’ with her.



Even more, they scout three other students who seem to be interested in the club since only two of them will not be enough to have fun!





Guess what!  Those three were the one with supernatural power, the alien and Humo futurus!


Haruhi is the only one who doesn’t know their true colors.

And, Haruhi herself has a special ability that she has never known...!!

The ability is that she can make what she thinks reality, even if that is something absurd!


“If that could happen, it would be interesting, wouldn’t it?”

She could ruin the world by imagining like that.  That is Haruhi’s power!

Do you think Kyon and other members could get over the “abnormal life” that Haruhi creates???






This is famous for one of the original light novel anime, so I guess that most of the people who visit this site know this already.





You don’t know…?




We can see the generation gap here... 

This is the anime from about ten years ago, and all the staff in Otaku Republic would eventually become the Otaku world seeing this anime.... 

This is a fully worked-out anime that Kyoto Animation expresses even more interestingly than the original.



That is one of the charms of this anime, so I’m not going to tell you about the charm here! 

When I watched it for the first time, there were so many scenes that made me wonder, “What?  What does it mean...?”. 

But I was like, “Oh, I got it!!”, after I watched all 14 episodes!!






This anime includes gags, serious parts, mystery, school life..., and a little bit of a love story! 

I especially like the scene where they are locked up in the school festival and a desert islandヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙ 

And I really want people who like anime songs to watch the one of the school festival...!






The episode of the desert island is exactly the deep mystery! 

As soon as Haruhi said, “Locked up desert island...it sounds like something bad will happen!”, such a horrible incident actually happens...!






This anime is one of the ‘legendary anime’ that has been passed on to today! 

This also made Kyoto Animation famous, so please check it out!










To anybody who doesn’t know Lucky Star

You should have watched this OP before.









Since this is a little newer than The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, I’m sure many more people know this anime(●´3`)~♪? 

It’s a sweet memory... I (Saori) used to watch this every week back then too!












If I was asked what kind of anime it is, I would answer,



・Heartwarming life by cute high school girls

・Many things in common among Japanese high school girls and Otaku

・Anime that we should watch, relaxing in PJ



There’s no such thing as a fantasy or serious part in this anime, but it’s the anime about the happy, slow and everyday life of Japanese high school girls.ヽ( ´¬`)ノ






This is said to be the original for the everyday-style anime, and it’s about the slow daily life by Japanese high school girls!



You might not be able to learn something from this anime but I’m sure it will ease your tired mind in 30 minutes!



By the way, do you guys want to know how many things are in common among Otaku in this anime?






There are so many that you will actually go to Fuyu Comi (Winter Comiket)



If anybody wants to see an ordinary life by a Japanese high school girl, or anybody is looking for an interesting anime that you want watch relaxing,






just enjoy watching this anime relaxing over a cup of tea









Ok now! 

Since we made an everyday-style anime, let’s make the one which is about high school girls who try  hard performing club activities, next!



And the result is...













the anime which is about high school girls who try hard performing club activities has been made.



They’re not trying to be professionals.

They’re not trying so hard to take part in the competitions either.


They just get together every after school, compose the songs and sing them together.

They just enjoy their everyday life.  This story is about the club activity by only girls.






To me (Saori), K-ON is such a wonderful anime. 

I actually started watching this anime after I graduated from high school...,

I thought so many times that I wanted to go back to my high school days again, watching it.



It doesn’t mean that they have something special everyday but they just spend their time ‘just normally’ like anybody has experienced.








The girls are just so cute and they put us at ease.

This anime (thirty minutes each time) is more slow and relaxing than Lucky Star in which I just introduced.

It can’t be said it’s a ‘music anime’ since they don’t sing much, or, can’t be said it’s a ‘club activity anime’ since they don’t try that hard on the club activity either.





But they enjoy living more than anybody.  This is a wonderful story by such girls.  I really want to recommend this anime to ‘people who have already finished their scholastic life’. 


Amagi Brilliant Park




Welcome To Wonderful World!!!!



Now you know a little bit about Kyoto Animation

Here’s another autumn anime, 2014 that Kyoto Animation introduces!



It’s Amagi Brilliant Park!!



Actually, I (Saori) don’t know anything about this anime since it’s still new... (。-`ω-)。

I guess that there are so many of you guys that haven’t seen episode 1 yet.



Oh, that’s not good!!

Then I’ll explain it to you clearly, specially and clearly to you guys(●ゝ艸・)!



The main character, Kanie Seiya-Kun is asked out from the mysterious beautiful girl, Sento Isuzu-Chan who just got transferred to his school!



“You’re Kanie Seiya-Kun, right?  I know it’s too sudden, but why don’t we go to a theme park next Sunday?”






Looks like this asking out is way too different from the one we imagine, doesn’t it?



Of course, how can Seiya-Kun refuse it, being asked out by such a cute girl?






And here comes their date on weekend.

They are in the wonderful park, Amagi Brilliant Park which is full of dreams and hopes!!






Seiya-Kun tries various attractions being guided by Isuzu-Chan!!!






He almost falls down from the ride since its rail is old...,






he plays the game competing ‘the number of dead mice’ (by himself), which is not appropriate for kids...,






he rides on the ‘D-Cup’ with an incredibly fast speed with her!





and he enjoys the stage where pretty ladies perform!






It wasn’t an enjoyable and satisfying holiday for Seiya-Kun, honestly.



He just can’t stand this old and dirty theme park since it was his first date with a girl.

Seiya-Kun finally gets mad at her, who made him go there.






When he is about to go home, she buys him a croquette which is famous in this theme park!









Since Isuzu-Chan asks him, “Do you want to see who made this?”, he follows her.






There they meet Latifa Fleuranza-chan who is a manager, a queen of Maple Land (self-appointed).  She is so pretty (*´∀`)



She says that all the casts in the Amagi Brilliant Park are inhabitants of Maple Land, which is a parallel universe, a magic world.



And that if they can’t get 250,000 visitors in three months in Amagi Brilliant Park, it will close..., in short, all the casts will die having nowhere to go for living.





Seiya-Kun just can’t believe such a fairy tale even though he likes their croquette and Latifa-Chan is so pretty!!!



Then Latifa-Chan suddenly says to Seiya-Kun, “I’ll give you a magic power.”, asking him to believe that story...





What is the magic power Seiya-Kun got??

What is the destiny of Amagi Brilliant Park that has to have 250,000 visitors in three months??





Continued to episode 2!!!!!!!!!!!



That was all about episode 1!



Good tempo!

Good gag!

Good beautiful girs!

Theme park revival anime that has so many mysterious things that we want to ask! (`・v´・ )ノ=☆・゜:*:





I watched episode 1, but it was a fun anime that I could watch with a good tempo!

Not only it is the one made by Kyoto Animation but the story itself is so fun, so I’d say it’s one my recommendations among all the autumn anime(*`д´)σ=σ! 

Let’s cheer up characters which try so hard to revive the deserted theme park together!! 

This is not only an everyday-style anime!



Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club)




Kyokai no Kanata




Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!




Tamako Market





By the way, have you guys heard of 【Kyo-Ani Pose】?



This is a pose which we open both hands and put our heads a little to our side...

All the characters in the anime that Kyoto Animation made do this pose secretly...!











You might be able to see this ‘Kyo-Ani pose’ in Amagi Brilliant Park which is now on air too...! 

I’m sure you’ll be able to find it if you become a great otaku by

+reading this article!!!  Check it out!




:*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ(・∀・)人(・∀・)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:

Ok then, see you at next anime special article!




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