If you don’t have characters’ goods, why don’t you build up GUNPLA?


Hi, all the GUNDAM fans. (´_ゝ`)ノ


One of my friends who go to like GUNDAM for the first time after watching IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS said to me, “they don’t have much characters’ goods”! In the case, GUNPLA! We can just start GUNPLA!





Actually, I introduce GUNPLA last time as well.






This time, I would like to explain the kinds of GUNPLA for those who don’t know what to do because there are too many goods in the corner of GUNPLA!





Among GUNPLA, there are some series called “grade” depending on the scale and concept. Just check 2 kinds of them and you will be alright!


HG High Grade

MG Master Grade


This is based on the actual size of mobile suits (18m). The height of 18 meters almost equals to the one of 6th floor’s building. Although the same GUNPLA in some kinds of scales are sold, not only the size, but also the forms and the designs are also a little bit different so you will feel like collecting all of them!






・HG High Grade


HG Gundam Barbatos





This is the standard model of GUNPLA, which is a scale of 1/144 (about 13cm)!


This grade has the most various kinds! You might feel a little small as a hand-size, but this GUNPLA is free to move and a lot of fun.


Also, since the price is affordable and no painting but only building up is required, I highly recommend that GUNPLA beginners should buy this model first.





MG Master Grade


MG Strike Freedom Gundam





This is GUNPLA which is a scale of 1/100 (about 18cm)!


Compared with HG, this is very detailed GUNPLA. There are many kinds, for example, from the main machine, the enemy machine, to the rare mobile suit which appeared in the anime for a few seconds!


Each part is colored individually and the movable score and details including gimmick are made very well. So, they can pose in many ways, which means they are so cool GUNPLA!


However, the too many parts make us feel difficult to handle. \(^o^)/




IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS has a series called 1/100 full mechanics series to be sold, without labels like HG or MG. This is easy to build up more than MG so please give it a try!



(´_ゝ`)ノ This is Kimaris, a GUNDAM frame of in a scale of 1/100, that BOSS was recently building up.  





Other than these, there are more series such as…



RG Real Grade

This is a higher model of HG which represents the real mobile suits in a scale of 1/144 (about 13cm).



PG Perfect Grade

This is a huge GUNPLA in a scale of 1/60 (about 30cm). Soooo cool but unattainable…







You can see and think of your favorite characters’ GUNPLA, or you can just get excited at the cool form. You can also enjoy by decorating or playing.


It may be a good idea to make a cool posing and represent a scene during the anime.






(´_ゝ`)ノSomehow, the below photo that BOSS took looks like guys of GUNPLA are chatting with each other.





Don’t buy too much and do TsumiPla!

(TsumiPla: the condition that you just pile up the GUNPLA boxes after purchased.)




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