Let’s enjoy Christmas with anime goods!


Let’s enjoy Christmas with anime goods!




Mafuyu(^q^): Hi, our friends. It’s Mafuyu from Otaku Republic!


It’s already in the last half of December! The annual big event, Christmas, is coming soon!





Recently, I went to an event collaborated with Uta no prince-sama, and saw a special tree designed with the images of ST☆RISH and QUARTET NIGHT!


It was so beautiful! Tokiya, who went there with me, was also happy. lol




I went to the event and saw the Christmas tree…


All I have to do is to enjoy the day of Christmas




When I thought so…

Unfortunately, I am single. ・゚゚・o(iДi)o・゚゚・。


*In Japan, the day of Christmas is well-known for couples to spend together.






However! Every year, I’m determined that I want to enjoy Christmas, or more like I will definitely enjoy it!!


So, this time, I would like to introduce how to enjoy Christmas in Otaku way to make your Christmas with a lot of fun!




~Enjoy Christmas with anime goods~






1. Let your stuffed toys wear different costumes




Among Japanese Otaku, it is popular to change stuffed toys’ costumes.


For example, someone made the same costume with Tokiya’s costume worn in the anime, for Uta no prince-sama’s official good, Kuma Pri and get it to wear,





and another person lets the very popular good, Omanjuu Niginigi Mascot, wear my handmade costume.





Like this, Otaku people cutely decorate goods with their own ideas.


I also would like to make my handmade costumes for stuffed toys some time, but I am not confident enough to make them as I am clumsy…



For those people, we can recommend the costumes for stuffed toys that we can buy!


This one is the costumes for stuffed toys, made by a maker called Gift.

These are specially made for Gift’s toys so they fit perfectly! Special costumes for Halloween and Christmas, for example, are sold depending on the seasons, which is one of the best features!



I also purchased them so let my stuffed toys wear straightaway!


They are Tokiya Deer and Tokiya Santa♥ They are so cute!



Now, our Christmas becomes perfect☆



However, some of you might think like “what if we don’t have Gift’s stuffed toys?”.


In that case, see this! Accessories like Rubber Bands and Bobby pins are recommended.





You can just put your Rubber Bands on stuffed toys as they are, and you can only attach any ribbons to Bobby Pins so to tie around toys!


These are actual images!




They are very easy to use for not only big stuffed toys but also small ones♪


Please try to get your toys in Christmas theme.





2. Decorate trees



Let’s decorate small Christmas trees to be sold with anime goods!



What you need is below★☆


Christmas Tree




Decoration items


Goods for decorations should be small-sized mascot key chains as the below photos are shown.







If you get a Christmas Tree and goods ready… all you have to do is to decorate the tree!



Such a cute Christmas Tree is just made!






Please try to make your special and unique tree, which is only one in the world, with your favorite characters’ goods♪





3. Get goods in Christmas patters



This may be limited to some anime works that sell Christmas patterned goods

A lot of anime and game works have Christmas patterned goods to be sold!









I also have Yowamushi Pedal’s Can Badges in Christmas version☆

They look very cute and seasonal if you hang it on your Ita-bag or something when Christmas is getting closer.


(For details about Ita-bag, see Article about Ita-Bag★)




You must check goods in Christmas patterns.



Goods Republic has a lot of anime goods. A lot of Christmas goods too! Please check it out



That’s the way how Otaku enjoy Christmas with anime goods!




Mafuyu(^q^): Cool! I will work hard today too, just hoping that I will spend a very sweet Christmas with my partner next year!


5 days to go until Christmas

Have a wonderful Christmas!



That’s it for this time! See you again





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