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Let's Try GUNPLA!?


Mafuyu(^q^): Hi, our friends. It’s Mafuyu from Otaku Republic!



Aoi( ´_ゝ`): Hi, our friends. It’s Aoi from Otaku Republic!

Mafuyu(^q^): It’s still been hot but the summer is almost over with day time getting shorter, huh?



Aoi( ´_ゝ`): Yep. By the way, I recommend a summer anime this year, GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS Try : Island Wars, aired as a special version for the summer holiday. It was super fun!


001.jpg (470×264)



Mafuyu(^q^): (God... here comes a robot again... You can check out Aoi&Mafuyu Times03 for more details. Aoi wrote about the Robot Anime there.)



Aoi( ´_ゝ`): Everytime I watch the BUILD FIGHTERS series, I always feel like making GUNPLA, you know~? So I’ll feature the GUNPLA today!




GUNPLA is a shorter way of saying the Gundam’s plastic model in Japan.

Not only do we enjoy building them but some people are also eager to make their own original GUNPLA. We even have the world competition called GUNPLA BUILDERS WORLD CUP(GBWC)every year.





Other than Gundam or ZAKU, some cute GUNPLA have recently been released too!





Here are some other plastic models of the characters, Figure-riseBust!






Actually, I haven’t made any plastic models before even though I love Robot Anime... I always feel like making one when I watch the GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS... but I’m kind of worried... I have to get all the tools too... MG?HG? They’re so confusing, huh...?






I really wanted something easier~ then I happened to find GASHAPON SENSHI (Warrior)! GASHAPON SENSHI DASH05 is one of the airframe’s lineups which appear in IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS and THE ORIGIN.





It’s a GASHAPON(GACHAPON) [capsule-type toy], which has a toy inside. If we put a coin and turn the knob, the capsule will dispense!





I got Graze (ARES: Commander Airframe) and Gundam Gusion Rebake after I did it twice! I really wanted Gundam Kimaris but... I guess GASHAPON is fun because we never know what’s gonna come out, you know? Once I start doing it, I can never stop doing another one...



Since it’s the GASHAPON’s SD Gundam, it’s easy to build it up with fewer parts. I was able to finish it in such a short time! Even though it’s small, it looks so cool!




Oh? Maybe I can do this thing! Maybe I even want to try a little harder one next... Then I happened to find a little toy coming with some snacks! Some snacks have a GUNPLA inside! (Maybe GUNPLA has some snacks????) You can find them in the snack area at supermarket. I bought it at the Gundam Café though.



MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UNIVERSAL UNIT! This is one of the airframes appearing in IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS and THE ORIGIN as well.





The inside was Char Aznable's Zaku (Antiship Rifle Equipment) !

Since it’s removable, it’s much more detailed than GASHAPON SENSHI, huh~~?




There were so many parts that I (as a beginner) had a little difficulty making it but I kind of understood what it is to build the GUNPLA at least! This time, I tried a basic one (Out of the Box or straight from the box) but I can do a custom one next, I guess!




Aoi( ´_ゝ`): Phew... This is all for today. Maybe our Boss, who has been into GUNPLA since little, can show me how to build them. Then I might be able to level-up!



Mafuyu(^q^): I didn’t know that there are various kinds of GUNPLA other than the ones sold in a toy store~.



Aoi( ´_ゝ`): The GUNPLA world is deep and vast... Why don’t you give it a try, Mafuyu?!



Mafuyu(^q^): Mmmm.. I don’t think so.



Aoi( ´_ゝ`): Sigh... Alright then, let’s watch BUILD FIGHTERS!



Mafuyu(^q^): Mmm.. I’ll think about it.



Aoi( ´_ゝ`): (I don’t think she will...)





GUNPLA World Is Infinity! (Maybe?)

Why don’t YOU try to build a GUNPLA too?!




M&A*・ω・)ノ*・ω・)ノ: Sayonara~




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