Yata Misaki

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Yata Misaki is a member of HOMRA, a short-tempered group who cares about its friends. In many scenes that characterize this anime's beautiful images, he appears on a skateboard and fights against Fushimi Saruhiko.

As he is an important member of the group, he appears in Dojinshi talking to Suoh Mikoto, Kushina Anna, and Kusanagi Izumo as if they were a family.

Also, most often the dojinshi depicts his fateful relationship with Saruhiko. These two do violent battles or arguments in the anime, but they don't have that kind of dangerous relationship in the book.

If the "gap" is considered as Saruhiko's charm, then Misaki's charm may be "honesty". He's not two faced, he connects with anyone while emotional, so I like his honesty a lot. So in the last episode, his behaviour or expression, especially the "song" was very impressive.I think that he symbolizes exactly what kind of organization "Homra" is.

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