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“K” is one of the most tightly-plotted and complicated story in these days’ original anime, I think. But it is no wonder since this anime was created by a group of anonymous seven authors “GoRA”. Now, the group members became cleared on official sites and others. Members’ lineup is very impressive, such as Kohei Azano of “TOKYO RAVENS” and Yashichiro Takahashi of “Shakugan no Shana." They are mainly famous for light novelists. Setting is detailed and characters personalities are abundant naturally. I was totally shocked by prereleased anime promotional video because the illustration was too beautiful. So I was excited about story but on the other hand, to keep that quality, creative staffs get into a big mess I thought. I know it was unnecessary worry tho.

The story is set in present-day Japan but different history from actual one. A friendly and warm-hearted high school student, Isana Yashiro is attacked by men with red aura when he goes and gets some stuff for school festival at a store. Yatogami Kurou who works under seventh king “Colorless King” saves him. Yashiro thanks him but somehow Kurou points a sword at Yashiro, then the story starts running over Kings. I received the impression that the story is good of course but more than that, image is so beautiful and camera work is excellent. There is a scene that Tatara gets on a skateboard and moves but it seems like real movement surprisingly. What an amazing work creative staffs did!
Then each character’s personality catches my eyes when I get used to the images. Shiro as Yashiro always knows what to say and Kuro (Kurou) is honest but hardhead, so their different personalities’ communications are so much fun to see.
And I highly recommend you to watch trailer.
And Neko… How can you be so pretty!!?
There are some forces, so many attractive male characters appear on but I want to recommend you Neko! She acts as she likes and is very innocence. Also she alters her facial expressions and it catches my heart! But Neko, you need to wear clothes. lol

The original is written by a group of authors, so some novelizations have been released. Not all the kings are on anime, so there will be more Novelizations ike “Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica” series.
And little did I dream, the otome game has been released…! If TV game would have been released, I thought it would be an adventure game along with Yashiro’s viewpoint and anime story. The title is “Gakuen K”, so Reishi and Mikoto also goes to high school. Um…? Huh? Aren’t they over 20year-old? Oh my imagination grows bigger and bigger!
And a sequel to anime has been adopted into a movie! TV anime is already theatrical quality I think, but we can watch the powerful battle scenes and cute and erotic Neko on a big screen. I cannot put my feelings into words!

After watching TV version, I was like finishing reading a novel. People who are about to watch this from now, I want you to watch this through at once.

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