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TIGER&BUNNY is a hero anime for adult in which Tiger-san and Bunny-san (lol) play an active role. The story is set I near future where there are people who have specific ability NEXT. Not “a knight in shining armor” nor “hero” but “Employed hero” system is fresh.
Actually, during the first half of the season, anime folks advertised for sponsor’s logo of hero suit. I got comfortable secretly in knowing that sponsors of a cow and ninja ware increased. I became happy in front of TV. I remember I felt admiration it is as expected of near future anime, it is cutting-edge ()

Well, you feel free to watch TIGER&BUNNY since it is a one off story basically. But there is charade in the latter half. My recommendation is to watch through! Black development of the story such as murderer of Bunny-san (Barnaby)’s parents, birth and background of a dark hero, the back side of calculated “hero” business and so on which is impossible in “hero anime for children” tickles adult’s mind.

I talked about settings story and new trials to tell “this is not just a character moe anime!” But moe degree of each hero and heroine is enormous.
Especially, nuts middle-aged guy Kotetsu, who is heavy-bearded and father of a children, is realistic lol Even if he said he can self-catering, the menu he can only cook is fried rice. Even if he said he would make it to his daughter’s recital, he couldn’t make it and got scold by her. He deflated when he saw his mother used barrette which he presented for his daughter... . You will absolutely adore him if you like middle-aged guy having pensive back(*^_^*)
As for the rest, apprehension of Bunny (Barnaby), who is a partner of Kotetsu, due to his gravity is attractive! He actually pursues the killer of his parents trusting his memory. I felt something Barnaby gradually loses his belief in his memory and is driven to the last ditch. He pushed back at Kotetsu at first and then made a commitment to him and then forgot him and finally opposed! TIGER&BUNNY is chock-full of moe point of duo (*><*)! I recommend TIGER&BUNNY★

\宣/<Thanks and Thanks again!!

「行きますよ、オジさん」 「ワイルドに吼えるぜ!」

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