Barnaby Brooks Jr.

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Barnaby Brooks Jr. is a main character of Tiger & Bunny and a super rookie hero.
As Kotetsu Kaburagi's partner, they grow together.

Barnaby doesn't have a good character at first, but he gradually opens his mind, which makes him lovely.

Of course, they both are extremely popular in dojinshi.

Among many heroes, he's the only one who reveals his face and uses his real name.
Despite being a narcissist, he couldn't confess to his first love (lol).
If you have an unrequited love, you don't have to feel sorry for yourself!

Actually, he has a reason not to hide his face and to use his real name.
When he was a child, his parents were assassinated by an organization named Uroboros" He's trying to nail the organization.

Isn't he wonderful? Barnaby is so cool.
There are so many goods, Doujin Items and Doujinshi of him.

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