Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (マギ)

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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is a brisk magical adventure written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka and serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday with acceptance!
In this world, Rukh connects all living beings soul. Magi can power their magical from the Rukh around them, greatly increasing their capabilities and chooses a king. Boys have far to go in the world. They grow psychologically though various meetings and sad partings to be a kind leading the world better.

Aladdin, who is a mysterious boy called Magi, meets Alibaba who is a young man aiming to one day explore the nearby dungeon to get rich quick in the course of his trip. Alibaba fixes on Aladdin’s “Djinn in the metal” and became friend with Aladdin plotting dungeon capture together. But into the dungeon they tried to capture, ruthless liege Jamil busted with fiercest slave Morgiana. They avoided pitfall, were engaged in mortal combat with Jamil and captured and got out of the dungeon. But Aladdin was transferred to different place. Aladdin was helped by horseback races by chance and ate and slept together. He saw invasion of Kou Empire with his own eyes and notices what is happening in the world. After that, Aladdin met Morgiana again, then met Sinbad and finally arrived the capital of Balbad. He met Alibaba again at the capital where security situation was deteriorated due to complaint against kingship. That was a beginning of a world-shaking frightful war. Abnormal changes happen all over the world. There is an organization works behind coup. Can they take each other’s hands as friend?

One Thousand and One Nights served as a primary source of inspiration to the story. The world magic and dungeon are widely accepted is depicted actively. Afterword is in flavor of Doraemon. Collapsed drawing in allowance frame is funny cute (*^-^*) Serious story line and breather are well modulated. It holds readers attention.

There are many characters whose name came from “One Thousand and One Nights”. Firstly, the protagonist “Aladdin”. He is a mysterious boy who makes a journey with huge Djinn in recorder and possesses strong supernatural powers. He is one of “Magi” who choose a king leading the world. He does not look a day over 10 but he is judicious and does not to like conflict. He is philanthropist going beyond races about breasts (/Д`*)(.人.)←breasts He is uncertain age. He finds cabaret at where beautiful and glamorous women are by himself and have a whale of a time on there by acting on instinct♂ more than older Alibaba∑( ̄Д ̄;) He was supposed to be a female gladiator at first. Voice actress of Aladdin is a university student Ishihara Kaori made her debut 2 years before. Her freshness to see a whole new world matches Aladdin who has just gotten out from seiguu.
The other protagonist is “Alibaba Saluja”. He met Aladdin when he drove wagon in prospect of dungeon capture. But he is actually illegitimate child of the former Balbadd king!!! They challenge dungeon together in the wake of this meeting. His attitude is frivolous as social politics but he actually has a strong sense of responsibility and does not mind self-sacrifice to help others. His nature was found out by fire Djinn Amon and became the owner of the Djinn. He is inseparable from “a bottom-line kind of a No.1 nightclub hostess (o≧ω≦)○))`ω゚)!” and so dense that he doesn’t notice a girl gives her heart to him. His female relationship is a little bummer (-。-;) He was supposed to be a gloomy and tough character like Masrur king Sinbad leads at first. The voice actor of Alibaba is Kaji Yuki who is a hot voice actor also plays Eren in Attack on Titan. He has handsome features and gift for painting and beautiful voice which Tamori praised when he appeared on “Waratte Iiomo”. As just described, he is talented but he is often gets teased. This point overlaps Alibaba.

Personally, I like the episode 19 of anime first season and 82 to 84 night of the original (o^∇^o)ノ Sinbad was suspected of abduction and going to ned with princess Kougyoku as a drunken lark during diplomatic trip to Kou empire. Kougyoku felt abashed and made a raid to Sindria being furious (▼皿▼#) Even Sinbad insisted upon his innocence, he is an ex-convict that he treated a local woman as a wife of him. All of his fellow insiders eight generals gave him the eye (;¬_¬);¬_¬);¬_¬);¬_¬) and recommended Sinbad to marry to her to take responsibility. Did Sinbad do his stuff as “high king of the sea” or “leaf king!”, or what? This episode is an absolute gem embroidered with playful mind of the author and stuff and music budget. Through the whole story, the setting of the story is a little different between the original and anime. However, as you can see from the change of subtitle from “The labyrinth of magic” to “The kingdom of magic” between first and second season, main theme of both media moves dungeon capture to battle against Ath-thamin to core component of the story. How will the fate of convulsion involving continent be? What Aladdin is? You are unable to tear your eyes more and more as go through episodes. I want to know what will happen in the next episode soon!! ((o(^∇^)o)) Please enjoy together with spin-off titled Adventure of Sinbad.

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