Eren Jaeger

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The hero of this work, is 170cm tall and weighs 63kg. On the other hand, the heroine Mikasa's height is 170cm and weighs 68kg. Eren became the source for the jokes that he is the heroine of this work.

He, about 15 years old, has the ability to transform into a giant. And he also violently hates the giants because he lost his home and family in the invasion of giants.

It is not inborn revelation of his capability for metamorphosing into a giant; it is developed from outburst of his rage in the giant’s stomach when he was preyed on during some battle while trying to save his friend.
Out bursting a rage in stomach, how stiff his spiritual strength is!! I also want to have special power by exploding anger in stomach. Well, that’s an story if I am preyed on a giant.

As his funny episode, do you know what he shouts when a opponent grabbed him by a collar in fighting?

"Hey, don’t grab, you want to tear my shirts!!"

That’s it I shall make butting in…like that, well leave it there cuz it’s funny.

By the way, Doujinshi is popular among his items. Many of its contents are especially with Levi.

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