Armin Arlelt

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Armin Arlelt is a soldier who does battle with his intelllect.

He is an old friend of Eren and Mikasa. He is one of those who had their hometown attacked by Titan.

Thought he is a little bit shy and passive, he makes top 1 in the written exam. He thought of himself as "coward", because he can't have the leadership to fight against Titan like Eren and Mikasa.

However, when he was attacked by Titan, he survived many times making right decisions and using intellect strategies which is unusual for a new soldier. Actually he is trusted by his fellows very much, because he uses his brain to save their lives.

I don't think his intellect is the only attraction.

There is no meaning to a wonderful scheme if it cannot be carried out. Armin was also depicted as "weak being" first, bullied by children in the neighborhood.

However, when Eren was almost killed, he decided to risk his own life to protect his friend and convinced the solder. The reason why he could do it was because he came to know that his 2 childhood frinds who seemed distant until then relied on him.

Armin after that is really cool!!

In the beginning, I thought over and over that "will he survive..." but now he leads his friends and supports Eren and Mikasa!

In doujinshi, he is often depicted as a group of three, with Eren and Mikasa!

In the story he appears with Levi and Jean, since he is smart, in many cases he is described as "Tsukkomi".

His face is so cute people think Armin is a girl, so actually there are many cute merchandise! If you haven't seen it, please check it out!

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