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The protagonist (Anime version; Amamiya Ren) is in a second-year-student, attending Shujin Academy.
Being accused by doing nothing criminal, he ended up leaving his hometown. Then he transferred into Shujin Academy.

He currently lives in the attic of the café, “Leblanc”, which his parents’ acquaintance, Sakurra Soujiro owns.

Even after he transferred to the new school, he was the odd-one-out in his class because of what happened to him before, and he happened to have the Persona Skills by the trigger of one incident. Then he formed the group called “The Phantom Thieves of Hearts” where he and his buddies (who also have the Persona Skills) clean up bad adults’ acts.

※Persona is another self that hides in the bottom of the heart. Only those, who are able to face and admit their true selves, who had looked away from themselves, are able to use the Persona as the Skills.

Usually, one person only owns one Persona but when it comes to the protagonists, they are able to own multiple Persona at a time.\(^-^ )

He usually doesn’t talk much and looks like a quiet person but he is such a dependable leader with a righteous mind.
The reason why he had to move into Tokyo is due to being framed for a charge of injury by a man when he was trying to save the woman from the men.
He was accused just because he did a good deed and he believed that what he did was the right thing to do. (Depending on what the choices are) My God… he’s so cool.( T_T)

Even though he is cool like that, he also has a little cute personality, joking around or playing the fool…

For instance, the very first thing that he said after he came back from his school trip to Hawaii, was “Aloha” (even with a lei around his neck). He even takes his time to Ryuji’s over-the-top actions seriously.
Don’t you think such a cute personality which cool guys show us only once in a while is lovely???? I know why he’s so popular among girls!!!(゚∀゚) (In the game, you can go out with 9 people at the same time)

Like this, this protagonist shows us various colors depending on what choices the players choose in the game.
I just cannot wait to watch the anime-version.
Why don’t you enjoy watching various kinds of “him” in the game or anime?

Let’s keep watching his great work together! (*´▽`*)

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