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Sakamoto Ryuji is a 2nd year high school student at Shujin Academy, in which Amamiya Ren (Protagonist) also attends.

His favorite food is ramen noodle. He is a playboy who loves pretty girls so much that he always tries hitting on them. And he’s a little clown, silly and simple. (That’s why Morgana calls him a “golden snub-nosed monkey”…)

To me, Ryuji is the most high school student like boy among all the characters in Persona5.
Ryuji is known as a disruptive “problem student” at school, as his bad behavior causes all sorts of trouble for the teachers. But he soon got along well with Amamiya Ren (Protagonist) who just transferred to his school and was a little out of place.

After they established the Phantom Thieves Hearts, he became his first buddy. His code name of the Phantom Thieves Hearts is “Sukaru”.
His figure on the huge black ship full of muzzle guns is characteristic.

Beneath his seemingly delinquent-like behavior with a bad first impression, we find the reason why Ryuji is out of place at school, clearing his past as we involve with him.

In fact, he was an ace runner of the track and field club, but he ended up leaving the club because of an incident.
In the game, we are able to see how he related with the club and how thoughtful he was of his friends, which made me like him even more.

He is usually a clown but he makes things work when it’s necessary! You must be touched by him trying to protect his buddies, sacrificing himself.
I don’t even know how many times I murmured, “What a good boy he is…”, playing the game… lol

I cannot tell you much because of the spoiler alert, but I’m sure you will be touched by his action when he tries to escape from the Palaces (the enemies’ hideout), especially towards the end of the game.

Furthermore, he is very considerate to his mother, who has raised him all by herself, and has a strong sense of justice when he stands face to face with his unreasonable teacher!

So everybody, I really want you to know more about how good Ryuji is, which we could never imagine just by watching him in the game or anime.
Together, let’s cheer up “Sakamoto Ryuji” who is clumsy, but honest and passionate! (≧∀≦*)

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