Souda Kazuichi

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Kazuichi Souda is a Super High School Level Mechanic who can repair, build a robot, and more.

He is a loud very character! Whenever he runs into cases, he screams, gets a scare, and becomes panicky because he is a "timid" boy.

However, when everything is under control, he is the one who is very much like a typical high-school kid. He tries hard to win favor with much-loved Sonia with the help of Hinata Hajime. Also, he talks to people in a friendly manner.

You will find him speaking for us many times since he is similar in many respects to us as gamers with the way he acts and thinks!

In coterie magazines, there are many books that describe love triangles that involve much-loved Sonia, Gundam and himself!(However, Sonia doesn't particularly think of him as a man, and Gundam doesn't understand why Souda is upset with him. So he remains unrequited...)

His personality, such as "tsukkomi" when stories take wrong turns, isn't treated well in the main story. That makes me sad! Hold on Souda! You are very loved by your fans!

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