Yatogami Kurou

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Yatogami Kurou is young man who is honest and polite, and puts great importance on justice.

At first, he was the enemy of Isana Yashiro and tried to kill him, but the days he spent with Yashiro and Neko gradually changed his personality.
He changed in a good way and as the story proceeds, he gets to gain more and more human feelings.
However, he loves and respect a specific person, and when he refers to him, he falls into rapture and starts to talk about the person in the way different from what he usually is.

When it comes to Doujinshi, there are many books in which he is with Yashiro and Neko, who are deeply related each other.

Not like in the first part of the story, it depicts their relationships which are tied with great trust like they showed in the last part. He is so-called "straight man", so he is necessary to be in a funny heartwarming manga like this.
Since he is good at cooking and doing housework, he plays an active part in the story as he were a mother!

In the anime, I think he grew up in a different way from Yashiro did. Yashiro started to change because he detected his hidden secrets and remembered some memories.

However, under the influence of his new friends, he started to change not in a sense of his characteristic but of things he believes in. Their close bond of trust is described especially in the last episode.
I like this scene the best because you can tell their close relationship from his words. As I don't want to spoil the story, I can't tell details, but you can't expect this kind of words from him in the first episode, so I was touched very much!

I want to see him again in the next sequel soon!

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