Mouri Motonari (Sengoku Basara)

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Mouri Motonari is a a very wise but cold warlord who pursue any means to win.

He treats his people as 'pieces' (tools) and never shows mercy to both his side and the opposite side. He worships sun, so in his deadly technique include movements which attach weigt to sun.

In this manner, he is serious person, but occasionally he appears as Sunday Mouri who worships Zabi more than sun.

His rival is Chousokabe Motochika.

In the animation, we can not find any discription that he keeps fair with his subordinates, because his thoughts and values are different from their's. As Motochika has a little bit boisterous nature, he does not get along with Motonari who prefers a quiet and calm atmosphere.

He fight heavily to Toyotomi Hideyoshi who attacks his territory, as he places importance on secure his territory and his clan.

Being this kind of person, his subordinates understand that their country has been peaceful thanks to this insight, so surprisingly they put a strong faith in him.

Because his hat looks just like "Okra" (angled loofah), he is called and known familiarly as OKURA in a coterie magazine and among the fans. He often appears in cartoons because he can play both the role of Boke and the role of Tsukkomi in the gag cartoons.

He is portrayed with a cold impression in the game, but because he is often portrayed in a lovely character in books, please buy the gag cartoon of the coterie magazine, if you love him !

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