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Kotetsu Kaburagi is the main character of Tiger & Bunny and is a veteran hero.
He always fights crime together with his partner, Barnaby Brooks Jr., who has the same power as him.
The two of them did not get along very well at first, but with time, they become extremely good friends.
Consequently, these two are very popular as a couple in doujinshi, and there is plenty of variety.

The voice actor is the same person who voiced Sanji in One Piece, and the voice is extremely dandy and charming.

What draws readers to Kotetsu is that besides being a hero, he's Kaede Kaburagi's father who cares about his family. As he doesn't want to worry him, he's hiding the fact that he's a hero. Even so, she will find it out later (lol).

Kotetsu cares about his family more than anything else. What a man! I want to be like him.
Incidentally, he eats a hamburger once after mincing it.
Can I be like him if I do the same?

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